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Title : Foreplay and Please More
Pairing : Nino-centric (a little Ohmiya, a little Sakumiya)
Length : one-shot

Rating : NC-17 (?) because the languange 
Genre : fluff, 
Warning : this is my first time to write something like... this. so i'm sorry if there are so many things that should not be there like if I'm wrong with giving the rating and genre.(what am I talking about? I'm so embarassed!!) ; already Beta-ed by Maki Tachibana-sama (hountou ni arigatou gozaimashu~)
Summary : the rest of Arashi members (Ohno, Sho, Aiba and Jun) always looking at Nino with a huge grins and that make Nino a little scared.

Please enjoy (?) ehehehe... ^ - ^ 


Nino feels so insecure for one week now. One day,he was the last to come in the green room, he didn’t understand what atmosphere the members are giving him. They looked at him with big smiles, grins and smirks. At first, Nino didn’t care and shrugged it off. He just thought, maybe they did something fun or gossiped something before he arrived.

The next day, when they started working, Nino could sense that they became so strange. They became super touchy-feely with Nino even on air. Nino thought it was just for fans service. So he did not really mind it.

The next day, Arashi’s eyes pinned on Nino mischievously. Nino felt scared but at the same time creeped out.

The another day came, the others made the same faces again. Smirking, grinning at each other, and huge smiles behind him. Nino felt all that. And it did not feel nice. When he turns around to look at them, all of them quickly goes back to their own businesses with their normal expressions. That really made Nino so uncomfortable.

All the time, Nino felt haunted by them—Ohno, Sho, Aiba and Jun. With their ‘scary’ face that only appear behind Nino. And Nino felt so uneasy about it.

One day in the green room, Nino couldn;t take the anxiety and uneasiness the members are giving him. He can’t face them if they still make those creepy faces. They made his life a living nightmare where he can never wake up.

“Guys... excuse me. May I ask you something.” Nino finally got the guts to ask the question in his head for almost one and a half week.

“What is it, Nino? It’s rare for you  to be polite like this.” Sho chukcled

“Well... um... I wanna ask you, why do you guys look at me with a weird face?”

“What face?” Jun asks, joining the conversation.

“That face. With all that smirk, grinning and huge smiles like a devil’s.”

“Eeeh? Really? We are?” Aiba said. Nino just nodded. He hoped that it was only his imagination playing with him.

“You guys looks like a little group of devils, actually ...”

The others looked at each other. And they looked at Ohno. Ohno smiled, not like his usual smile. This time it was a really big smile. Just like what Nino said—like a devil.

After that, Aiba jumped from his sofa and locked the room. Nino was so confused. The others came closer to him trapping him on the sofa.

“Wh-what are you guys doing?” Nino asked when Sho brushed his cheeks gently.

“You know why almost a week we’re gazing at you, Kazu?” Ohno said when he sat in front of him. Nino shook his head. He know this is will be a danger to him. Ohno suddenly change how to call his name. From Nino to Kazu. And that’s a danger, very very danger signal for Nino.

“That’s because we... have a “great and wild” imagination about you, Kazu...” Sho whispered on Nino’s ears. His deep and sexy voice made Nino shiver.

“You don’t have to do anything, Kazu. We will do that for you,” Jun joined them. He sat next to Nino. While Ohno sat in front of Nino on a little chair and Aiba stood at the back of his sofa.

“Just let us... taste you, Kazu” Aiba kissing Nino’s nape from behind. Makig Nino tremble. He want to release himself from them but his arms was grabbed by Jun and Sho.

“You don’t have to rush like that...” Jun whispered on his right ear

“Just enjoy this thing, Kazu...” Sho whispered on his left ear. They lick Nino’s earlobe and wrapped their arms around his body. Suddenly another sensation came from his under member.

“AAAHH!” Nino screamed, surprised when he felt that sudden sensation. Ohno grabbed his hard member suddenly.

“You’re already this hard, Kazu? And we just began, but you're already this hard…” Ohno teased Nino who was patting his hard member. Nino tried to catch some air to breath. Ohno already unzipped his jeans and took it of. Making Nino half naked.

“Wh-what are you guys doing...?” he asked in horror.

“Sshh... it’s okay. You will enjoy it next. That’s it... relax Kazu. Relax...” Ohno’s crystal clear voice somehow made him relax. While the others lick his body, Nino saw Ohno’s hand grab his hard member and pump it, up and down. He couldn't control himself anymore.

“Ugh... O-Oh-chan...” Nino moaned his name.


“St... stop it. Guys, pl-please st-stop it...” Nino begged.

“No. We can’t stop. We want you...” Sho said when he, Jun and Aiba undressed him.

“We want you... so badly, Kazu...” Nino’s already naked. Helpless and moaning. Jun teased his right nipple. Pinching it and making Nino scream his name.

“Ahh... Riida. You want to taste him, right?” Aiba suddenly asked. Making the others look at Ohno who was still doing his hand job.

“Um. I want it.” Ohno looked straight to Nino’s eyes. Then he smiled at him. “Let me, Kazu..” Ohno said, not like he was asking for permission, Ohno opened his mouth and licked it making Nino feel another electric sensation to all his body.

“Aanghh... Oh-chan.”

“You like that, Kazu?” Aiba asked. “I will change with Oh-chan when he finishes.” Aiba grinned at him and Ohno just smiled.

Nino can’t believe it. All his band mates doing this to him? His brain can’t process it anymore. He want to stop, but half of his heart want it more. Yes... he want it more than he can think.

“aangh... fast-faster, Oh-chan. Fast...er...” Nino mumbled his words without thinking anymore. He wants more and he’s sure all his band mates will do that for him.

The others just chuckled because of the reaction they got from Nino. They knew it, Nino can’t handle this feeling.

“Well, Oh-chan. This means you will be the first. And who will be the second, now?” Jun asked as he looked at Sho and Aiba.

“We should do jankenpon, then.” Aiba said. Sho nodded.

“EH? Wh-what do you... aaaaggghh...!!” Nino groaned again when he felt Ohno suck his member so hard. Nino know what that meant. Ohno didn’t want Nino to pay attention to the others.

While they jankenpon, Ohno’s still busy with Nino. And Nino shamessly stroked Ohno’s hair. He already forgot about running away from this crazy game. He already enjoyed it. He enjoyed every time Ohno sucked his member, playing his tongue around Nino’s. Making the younger moan, groan and call his name.


Ohno just stared at him from down there with a very seductive gaze. He knew it. Nino want more. More faster, more harder, more passionate. He will give that to this little one.

“Aaarrgh... that’s right... aaaahhh!! Aaah!! I can’t handle it anymore, Oh-chan..” after a few hard suck from Ohno, Nino finally can’t resist that. He already squirted in Ohno’s mouth. Making Ohno swallow them all. After cleaning it with his tongue, Ohno looked at Nino’s face and kissed his temple gently.

“Thank you Kazu. Maybe another time we will do that again. With a different level, of course.” Ohno whispered and a wink when the others were still busy touching each other. Nino just nodded even though he didn’t know what it meant. And now he got some confidence to make the others taste him.

“So... who’s next?”



“Kazu...?” Sho asked after they finished their game with Nino (because Sho is the last person when they did janken). Nino looked at Sho.

“What is it, Sho-chan?”

“We’re really sorry. We didn’t mean to..” Nino placed a finger above Sho’s plump red lips.

“It’s okay. I enjoyed it.” Nino smiled and pecked Shp’s lips. Yes... I really enjoyed it.

“May I ask you something?”

“Hmm? What is it?”

“Do you... Do you want to take another level with me?” Nino tilted his head pretended like he didn’t understand what the latter said. He loved Sho’s expression when he panics.

“I... I mean. Well... in the green room we just foreplayed ah! I mean it’s like a taste... Ah no. What is the good word for that? Playing? Do you want to take a further... level?” Sho said in nervously.

Nino chukcled.

“I don’t get the reason why you guys use the word ‘level’ to me today.”

“That’s because we knew you really like playing games.”

Nino hummed in response. He thought about the next ‘level’. He already enjoyed the foreplay. That must be great if he can make a big pleasure for himself. Especially with Sho. Sho is very sexy with that sexy lips and sexy deep voice and...

“How?” Sho made Nino snap back from his daydreaming.

“It’s okay. Yoroshiku-nee, Sho-chan.”

“Haai.. yoroshiku.”

“Where will we do that?” Nino asked curiously as he grabbed Sho’s arms and circling with his arms. Sho chukcled. Suddenly Nino became childish and that was the cute side of Nino.

“Well... you choose,” Sho said as he helped Nino dress himself.

“Hmm... what about your home today. And the next day will be in my home,” Nino said again.

“Eh? Today?”

“But! You have to buy me a new game that I want first.”

Sho frowned. But after that, they both chuckled. And Nino really looked forward for more than today.


I'm sorry!!!!!!!!
forgive me for my stupid and pervert mind. I just wanna tried to write this and it become like this and I don't know what should I do and said after sending this to my beloved beta-reader and posted this.
I'm so embarassed!!
/ want to hide now /


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