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Title : Awake Ohno Up for A Date
Author : me~ XD
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Pairing : Yama (Ohno x Sakurai)
Length : drabble
Rating : PG
Genre : fluff, comedy
Warning : un-betaed, it would be so much mistake in grammar and wrong words from the title until the end. *I'm not sure what genre and rating too for this one, gomen m_ _m. I'm really sorry m_ _m
Summary : Sho arranged a date for him and Ohno but to wake him up is a hardwork.

-- Enjoy ^ - ^ --

“Satoshi! Satoshi-chan!” a familiar voice calling Ohno, pull him back from his dreamland. But Ohno keep closed his eyes since he still want to sleep. Because today is his day off and the bed feels so comfortable for his body.

“Oh~ chan~” another sweet yet clear voice on his ears. With a warm breath from that person.

“Satoshi Ohno! Moou! You promise me we can go for date today! I already arranged everything!” Sho said as he pulling the blanket from Ohno’s body. But Ohno only curling his body and keep sleeping.

“Oh-Chan!!!!” this time Sho yelling at him.

“Today is to cold being outside, Sho-chan. I want to sleep...” and Ohno continue his journey back to his dreamland.

“Well... there is no other way than...”

Sho crawling on Ohno’s body and pressing his lips on his boyfriend’s lips. At first there is no sign from Ohno if he will return the kiss. So Sho make another step forward.

Sho lick that beautiful lips, sometimes bite it softly. Or nibbling it. No respond but he is not give up from that and trying to make Ohno give his permission to open his mouth. With force, Sho succeeded to kiss him deeper than before.

He absent Ohno’s teeth one by one with his tongue. Playing his tongue into Ohno’s mouth until Ohno open his eyes and kiss him back.

Finally he awake... Sho think. He keep continue for a moment and decide it’ll be enough to make him wake up. So he trying to back away from Ohno’s lips.

“You awake now,” Sho said after a while trying to breath after that hot kiss.

“Thanks to your lips and tongue. They are really skillful,” Ohno rubbing his eyes with his back hand.

“Now. Take a bath and get dressed. We will go,” Sho trying to get off from the bed but Ohno’s hand already gripping his hand, prevent him for going any further.

“Who said you can go after you wake me up?” he said with a deep voice. And Sho really know what that voice mean.


“Who said you can go freely after kissing me like that, huh?” Ohno said again with looking straight into Sho’s eyes.

Ah! Yabaii!

Ohno already pulling Sho back on bed. Even Sho’s body is bigger than Ohno, Ohno always can be stronger than Sho when he want something. And now Sho can see his boyfriend’s eyes clearly. Full of lust... and horny?

“Let me punish you for waking me up with your sexy hot kiss from your lips. Sho-chan already being a bad boyfriend today...” Ohno keep Sho’s hand around his head as he kissing Sho back.

“N-no! Satoshi... we have-have a schedule of date-”

“Who care about that. Ah... and now your schedule of date is more important than me. You are really a bad, bad, boy. Should be punish you now,” Ohno shut his mouth with a deep kiss until Sho out of breath while Ohno’s hand playing around Sho’s body.

That day, they finally didn’t go for the important date that already arranged by Sho. Because, Ohno do Sho for countless time. But of course... Sho didn’t complained, instead enjoyed it.



how~ how?
hisashiburi, minna~haven't posted anything for a long time. i miss writing but the ideas refuse to come. (TT--TT)
btw, let me know what do you think about this one, nee... don't forget to leave your comment ^ - ^/

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