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 Title: Oyasumi, Nino
Pairing/group : Sakumiya (Arashi)
Length : Oneshot
Rating : General
Genre : fluff, friendship
Disclaimer : Just the plot, not the Arashi :P
Warnings : This is (actually) my first fanfic. But I did it with my mother language and now I translated them now. Sorry for the grammar mistake m_ _m and self-beta.
Summary : Arashi was on vacation and Nino could not sleep next to Sho.


Arashi go on holiday that day. They stay at an inn. Because it has become a habit of being on vacation together they will ask for bring one room with mattresses for each of them, as well as they do at the inn this time.

That night, everyone was fast asleep. Ohno quickly fell asleep shortly after lay down on the mattress. Aiba with his movements unpredictable. Jun who sleep in peace. Same with Sho.

Except for Nino, who still awakened in his bed. He is still busy shifting positions. Rolled to the left, rolled to the right. Sometimes he supine and sometimes it face down. Sometimes and then he hit the pillow to be more comfortable even he reversed his pillow to feel the other side of the pillow. Nino really couldn’t sleep.

"Haaa ... it looks like I will not be able to sleep until morning," Nino whispered to himself.

A beam of light bulbs in the street outside their lodge room trying through entered though only the dim light. Nino looked at his left. Aiba asleep with a position that is difficult to explain. Nino then turned to his right. Sho also has been sleeping. Looks so peaceful and quiet. So rare this time Sho did not snore. Nino smiled a little. Sho looked at the opportunity as the beds are very rare and rare, because usually the other will be busy to make a joke on him. Nino will not regret that he couldn't sleep as long as he could see the face Sho peaceful sleep next to it.

"What is it, Nino?" Suddenly Sho whispered that his eyes were closed. Nino immediately frowned. Sho Is not asleep?

"Eeh ...? I thought you were asleep," said Nino half whisper. He didn’t want to risk waking the other members.

"It was already. But woke up again. It feels like there had been an earthquake," said Sho as he opened his eyes, glanced at Nino. Nino's face blushed, embarrassed as seen by Sho and because it woke him up.

"Ah ... I’m sorry, Sho-chan. Am I too disturbing you? "Asked Nino whispered.

"Not really," said Sho slowly. He smiled. After that, silence returned. "You can not sleep, huh?" Asked Sho again at Nino.

"Yes. It seems so, "Nino replied with a sigh.

"Want to play magical banana?" Asked Sho again.

"Why should it be magical banana?" He put a frowning face. "How if the others woke up?"

"And don’t so loud, then. Who knows after that you sleepy and could sleep, "says Sho. Then they both played the game, magical banana. With a whisper and slowly. But Nino still yet feel sleepy.

"Ah ... this is not going to work, Sho-chan. I'm not sleepy," Nino protest.

"Maybe the pillow is too hard for you, so you can’t sleep. Want to exchange with mine?"  Asked Sho offer. Nino agreed and they exchanged pillows. Nino back trying to sleep. But Nino still could not sleep. Nino returns Sho pillow.

"Or you have to wear a blanket?" Asked Sho. Nino mumbled moment.

"Maybe ..." said Nino then he pulled the blanket. But what happens, Nino more even feel uncomfortable with a blanket covering him. He then kicked the blanket, get rid of his own body.

"I forgot I don’t like to wear the blanket," said Nino quietly.

"Then, you want to try to sleep in my bed? Who knows maybe that mattress makes you uncomfortable," Sho advice again. There was no answer from Nino.

"Sho-chan ..." Nino calling softly.

"Yes, what is it, Nino?"

"You ... you want to know why I can not sleep?"

"Hmm ...? What is the reason you can not sleep Nino? Not good for you if you don’t get to sleep" said Sho with worry.

"Actually ... actually I ..." Nino paused, glancing in the direction of Sho. "I couldn’t sleep because I am was on your side. And being beside you ... make me thump, "said Nino. Sho could see the expression Nino is shy and slight tinge of red in his face.

"Thump?" Asked Sho again.

"I ... yes. Being beside you make my hard thumping. I was not able to sleep, "said Nino again.

"So ... I have to stay away from you? So you can sleep after I stay away for you," said Sho.

"No... not like that, Sho-chan," Nino prevented. His voice was almost shouting. Aware of the changes in his voice, Nino directly over his mouth alone.

"Ooh ... Thank goodness ..." Sho said softly.

"Eh? You mean? "Asked Nino confusion. Suddenly Nino Sho felt a hand gently hold of his hand. There is a warm feeling that they feel.

"You can not sleep because it was on my side, right?" Asked Sho clarify their situation.

"Yes," said Nino short.

"But what if you sleep next to me?" Asked Sho. There was no answer from Nino. Nino silent. Sho could see the facial redness Nino. Whether it's because of embarrassment or for fear of his own feelings. Sho also could feel a hand grip Sho Nino reply.

Not wanting to wait for the answer will not be felt immediately out of the sweet lips Nino, he immediately pulled the arm along Nino Nino to his mattress. Sho Nino clutching tiny body that was still shocked. Nino initially wanted to escape but when Sho's arms tightened, he changed his mind. Sho Nino touched and stroked the head gently with his fingers. At that moment, Nino increasingly leaned on Sho. He did not want to be separated from the warm embrace Sho.

"This is not ‘Sleeping near me’ Sho-chan. But in your arms, "Nino protested with mock pout face. Sho chuckled. Nino leaned his head on the chest of Sho. He could feel the beating heart Sho so close to him.

"Do you want me to sing the lullaby?" Asked Sho. Nino shook his head. Sho kissed Nino head gently.

"Oyasumi, Kazu ..." Sho said softly, kissing the head of Nino. Nino smiled a little. He improved his position in Sho's arms. Seek warmth in it and did not want to embrace it regardless.

"Oyasumi, Sho-chan ..." Nino whispered softly. Soon Sho and Nino were already asleep in their dream world respectively.

~ * ~

The next morning, while others have not wake up, wake up early Nino. He was still in his arms Sho. Nino looked towards Sho are still asleep so soundly and peacefully in his sleep. Slowly, Nino escape from the arms. He didn’t want to wake up Sho who still sleeping. Before he back to his bed, once again, Nino looking Sho’s face and smile

“Arigatou-nee, Sho-chan...” Nino whispered on Sho’s ears and then kiss his cheeks and back to his bed before the others wake up. 

A.n.  : wuah... finally I translate this one. Once again, i'm sorry for all the grammar mistake. Feel free to give your comment here so I know what you think about this one. (o⌒∇⌒o)

Date: 2015-05-31 04:34 pm (UTC)
ext_1791142: (Default)
From: [identity profile] izasakumoto.livejournal.com
This fanfic was so sweet! This is one of my favorites OTP, as always Sho-kun being like a charming prince with the sleepless Nino <3
At the end he could fall asleep in Sho-kun's arms, I really love it.
Thanks for sharing dear~♥

Date: 2015-06-01 12:32 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yumn-yumi.livejournal.com

Wuah... glad you like it. (^▽^)
Really? Is it sweet? Kyaa~ thank you. Your comment make me fly now. (≧∇≦)
In my head Sho-kun always being charming prince. Hope he can pop out from my head and being real one in front of me right now. *I want to be Nino when I wrote this* (*´∇`*)
I'm happy with your comment. Thank you for comenting here dear. 💕


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