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Title : what are you made of?
Pairing/ group : Sakumiya / Arashi
Genre : Fluff, romance
Rating  : my friends said this one is M. But I don't know either. So I'll make it as PG-13 or Teen. Is it fine?
Length : one shot / 1051 words
Warning : Sorry for all the grammar mistake, sorry for to short, sorry for being not able to write properly. I’m so sorry  ( TT—TT )
Disclaimers : just the plot
Summary : Sho couldn’t take his eyes from Nino and kept thinking about Nino’s made of to be able to seize all his attention


We 're in the greenroom, waiting to take the next scene. And nobody noticed me staring at Nino from where he sat. I absolutely can’t take my eyes off of him. But whenever Nino caught me looking at him , I tried not to look nervous. I immediately looked into his eyes and smiled . He will smile back and looked back at his Nintendo DS . He will be busy with it again.

"Sho-chan ? You did not read your newspapers today?" Aiba asked, looking at the two newspapers on the table near me .

" Eh ? Oh my ... it's been read before," Aiba looks tilted his head, confused by my answer. But I just smiled at him and looked back at Nino again.


Finished filming and we back to greenroom, Nino came up with a cheerful face from behind me. Instantly he embraces my arm and put his cheek to the arm. Instantly I felt ... there was something that jumped happily in my chest

"Nino ? What’s wrong? You seem very happy today? "I asked. Nino looked at me . He smiled and shook his head and turned back toward the front.

Geez ... his face . what is this one made of? Why his face was so radiant as the moon. And ... and that lips . What is it made of? Why so beautiful until I have to resist myself to attack that lips?

"Sho-chan ..." he called still hugged along the corridor toward the greenroom, make me back to reality.

"Yes ... what is it, Nino? " I asked .

"Throughout the day you're looking at me. Is there something wrong with me?" I was surprised . He was aware of it.

"Not really," I said. Little lie may be not a problem. But frown Nino seemed to make me feel guilty telling lies to him—in a way that somehow feel funny. Geez... he deliberately cheeks puffed like that, it looks tempting to pinched that cheeks.

“Uso ~  Sho-chan," Nino looked at me with pouty face.

Suddenly he pressed his lips were on mine. I felt the warmth of his lips. Our height may be different , but not too far away for him to be able to reach my lips. He pushed me, made ​​my back against the wall behind me. I held onto his cheeks, didn’t want to let it go to release this kiss .

I can feel it. Suddenly he became so bold. I felt his tongue licking the edge of my lips. Asked me to invite him into my mouth . I knew he was deliberately teasing me like this. But I love it. I liked how he struggled me open my mouth.

I opened my mouth, and our tongue like as if we dancing. Intertwined and mutually rotating . He cocked his head, trying to find the right angle to be able to enjoy the mouth cavity. I helped him. After he roll every inch of my teeth, now my turn to play in his mouth .

After a while, we started to run out of breath. Nino let me go. He looked at me, trying to catch as much air as he could. His face was covered with sweat. I do not know since when the air around us became so hot that we were both sweating.

He tilted his head, looked mischievous grin smile as usual. Geez ... is he the devil, or even an angel? His smile was so tempting to me.

"Well... you’re right. I confess. I am looking at you, all this day," I said, give up.

"Hehe ... I already know that. But what do you think of when looking at me like that?"

"I think, what are you made of?" Nino looked confused by my question.

"Me? What is me made of? What that is mean?" I chuckled see how confused the younger one, then gently stroked his hair.

"Well... what I mean is, you are not made from sugar but so sweet if seen. Especially when you kissed me like before, it was even too sweet." Nino looked a little giggle.

"And then?" He asked.

"I also think, you are not made of light. But why is so bright and shining in my eyes. Especially when you're smiling, like this" I caress his lips with my thumb. Nino mumbled happy listen to me.

"Then..." I continued,"... you are not silk but why are so soft when I touch you. You are also not something that scares me but somehow..." I paused staring his eyes, "... somehow for some reason I was scared. I am afraid to lose you.".

Nino seemed surprised by my last sentence. He smiled. His smile was so sincere. His face was so soothing. He put his hand on my hand that was stroking his cheek, following the movement of my hand. He closed his eyes, enjoy it.

"If you know, all this time, I... I was afraid to lose you too," he said back to me.

He kissed me again. This time not tease me for telling the truth, but kiss filled with the sweet taste of our respective feelings. When we release our kiss, I could see a tinge of red in his cheeks again. Even cheeks feels hot in my hands

"If we do that here again, other people can see it," I teased. He looked even more flushed.

"Okay, okay. All right, then," Nino stepped back, look into my eyes.

"Oh, yes... you have to remember this. I am Nino. Instead of sugar or silk," says Nino continued while pretending to pout. I am surprised. But I know he did it on purpose to hide the happy feeling. I just laughed at his behavior.

"Yes, yes. You are Nino. Made from all the nice, sweet and cute things in this world. And also a little bit devil" I said with a smile teasing him. His face was getting flushed. Even his ears go red. With exasperation he pinched waist.

"Come on! Maybe they were already waiting for us." Nino tugged my arm.

Yes ... and now I know what you made of. You made of all the nice, sweet and cute things in this world, Sho  thought as he  follow Nino from behind.


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