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Title: full moon night
Pairing/ group: Yama/ Ohno Satoshi, Sho Sakurai
Genre: Fluff, romance
Rating  : little supranatural, fluff?
Length: one shot/ 1263 words
Warning: Sorry for all the grammar mistake, sorry for to short, sorry for being not able to write properly. I’m so sorry  ( TT—TT )
Disclaimers: just the plot
Summary: Ohno can't do anything since it's full moon night and that mean he have to suffered with his abillity


Tonight is the full moon night. The night with the most beautiful month in every months. But not for Ohno. Full moon night is the most frustrating night for him. All the things he could still distinguish during the mid day will be so real to him on the night of the full moon. Everything is so difficult to distinguish, which one is real and which ones are just ride through this world.

Ohno sat on couch, hugging his knees, clutching his knees to the chest and put his head between his knees. Trying to get all the warmth that can earn as much as he can. He did not want to move from her seat even for a glass of water.

"Tadaima ~" Sho voice sounded from the front door. Ohno could only see from where he sat in the direction of the sound of Sho.

"Okaeri, Sho-chan..." Ohno replied quietly. Sho walked and sat nearby. Ohno stared at him intently, as want to asking for something. Sho pretended not to see it. He immediately took a remote control television on the table.

"Ah... what is interesting news today?" Sho said while changing the TV channel which Ohno watched before he came home. Ohno directly pouting. Sho saw it and chuckled. With exasperation he pinched Ohno's cheek and asked, "What happened?"

"I think you really know what's wrong, Sho-chan" said Ohno still pouting.

"I’ll take shower first" Sho kissed Ohno and immediately take a quick shower. Soon after dressed, he returned to where Ohno sat waiting for him. The older was still in the same position, hugging his knees. Sho just shook his head see him like that.

"You want to drink? Coffee? Warm milk? Tea?" Sho asking him. Ohno just shook his head. "Just want you" Ohno whispered briefly. His eyes remained fixed on that broadcast TV variety show.

"Then warm milk is good for you" Sho passed into the kitchen as he continued, "And also great for your height" and a moment later a cushion drift quickly towards Sho. With a chuckle Sho catch the cushion. While Ohno increasingly sullen.

Sho give a glass of warm milk to Ohno and put the coffee cup on the table in front of him. Ohno accept the cup contents of milk and then blow it. Somehow he looks cute in Sho's eyes while doing it.

"What?" Ohno asking sarcastically, glancing at Sho who kept staring at him.

"Nope. Nothing." Sho took his coffee cup and sip it little by little. Sho’s hand still do same channel scanning. Ohno was no longer staring at the TV, he concentrated on the contents of a cup of warm milk in his hand.

Sho occasionally glanced at Ohno completely noiseless. Only occasionally he heard Ohno blew on the contents of the cup.

"Is it still hot?" Ohno shook his head. And he keep do that. This time Sho shaking his head. He knows for sure why Ohno behave like that. He immediately put his coffee cup to the table and sat more closer to Ohno. There was no response from Ohno.

"Here" Sho took the cup belongs to Ohno. Ohno initially wanted to protest, but he said nothing. Sho put the cup on the table, near his cup. Sho looked back at Ohno who pulled his legs, back hugging his knees. Sho sighed.

"Here, here..." said Sho again, hugging the Ohno’s body, Sho stroking his arm and back gently. Ohno quickly improve its position in Sho's arms so he is more comfortable. He closed his eyes enjoying the warmth of Sho.

"How? Still cold?"

"Warm" said Ohno briefly anyway. Sho still stroking Ohno ’s back gently.

"Oh-chan... how does it feel?" Asked Sho again.

"Hnn? What feel?"

"How does it feel ... can feel 'they'?" Sho asking. Ohno eyes staring of the direction where he rested his head on Sho’s chest. Then he smiled.

"That feel was... sometimes annoying and sometimes it’s fine" Ohno replied back and buried his head on Sho’s chest again. He did not want to be separated from this embrace, especially for tonight.

"What do you mean with annoying and fine, Oh-chan?" Sho ask again.

"Seriously, I think we've talked about this before," Ohno didn’t move from its position.

"Hmm... but I want to know more. Well if you want to know what I think, Ohno, about the full moon night is the best-" Sho not finished his words because Ohno had looked at him with a sharp look as if it would kill him. Sho immediately shut his mouth. Oops!

"You don't know about it, Sho-chan!” Ohno start yelling at him. “They are exist, all around you, but the others can’t feel the same way I feel. You know they are so noisy, shouting, talking and whispering to one another-sounding in my ears-but other people do not hear them! You know they are passing by, drifting and sometimes appear and disappear, makes startled throughout the day. But other people don’t know about it!! They’ll think I’m crazy!!" Ohno shouted hysterically as he covered his ears. The tears out of his beautiful eyes. He bowed before Sho, began to cry.

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry, Oh-chan..." Sho said, he couldn’t bear himself to look at crying Ohno. He tried to make Ohno calm again.

"You-you don’t know how that feel... Sho-chan. It was very, sucks..." Ohno whispered between his sobs. "It's too terrible even on a night. Especially this night like this. They are look so real for me... I-I was annoyed..." said Ohno still sobbing.

The younger pressed both his hands to Ohno ’s hands which is still covering his ears. He pressed their forehead and hugged him tightly.

"Gomen-nee, Kazu. I will stop asking about it again. I'm sorry, Oh-chan... sorry" Sho said, kissing Ohno’s forehead to calm him. And Ohno began to calm down, his sobs began to decrease.

"I just want to be around you at a time like this. So I don’t need to see them. They can’t bothered me when I’m with you." Ohno whispered behind Sho’s warm embrace.

"I will always be by your side. I promise " Sho kissed leader head gently.

"Arigatou, Sho-chan."

"Hnn... Gomen-nee. I shouldn’t ask it."

"You're just asking at the wrong time" Ohno hug Sho tightly. Once again buried his head in the warm embrace it.

"Want to sleep?" Sho ask after several time they hugged, warmed each other. Ohno nodded. "We have to brush our teeth first, then.”

After preparing theirself and change their clothes into pajamas, they are cuddle on the bed, under a thick blanket. Ohno looked comfortable in Sho 's arms. Sho occasionally patting and stroking the back of Ohno. Occasionally he also kissed Ohno head gently. Just to make him relax and forget about 'the other'

"Oh-chan... you 've slept ?" Ohno shook his head .

"Sing me for me, Sho-chan” Ohno said, smiling .

"Eh ? Sing? What song should I sing for you" the younger looked confused .

"Anything. Just... sing . I don’t want to hear them. Just your voice is enough to make me sleep" Ohno said while he come closer into Sho’s embrace.

Then Sho start with muttered something. Remember a few tones. Then begin to sing some lullaby until he heard Ohno is so quiet breathing . He stared at Ohno, smiled and kissed his top hair head.

“You must be have suffered for all this time,” Sho mumbling. Ohno looks give some little movements in his arms. “I’ll always beside you. Always...” Sho give Ohno another kiss.  

And then he follow Nino to the world of dreams


P.s. when I post this, it's already 01.45 A.M. That mean, too early morning and still night. I can't sleep because of the same reason with Ohno in this fic, even when this night is still not the full moon night yet. (๑╯ﻌ╰๑) =3


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