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Title : Wrinkles
Length : one-shot
Pair : Sakumoto (Sho-Jun)
Rating : G
Genre : fluff, a little humour
Beta by : [livejournal.com profile] nin_nin15
SummaryJun dissatisfied for his drama and make him rewatch his drama because of a simple reason (Ah... gomen. I'm bad with making summary m_ _m)

Enjoy the story~ ^ - ^


"How many times do you have to rewatch your drama, Jun?" Sho asked as he stood behind Jun who was still focused on the TV. 

"Until I feel satisfied, Sho." 

"What are you looking for exactly?" Sho asked as he sat beside him, pulling Jun into an embrace, only to fail from distracting Jun from his drama. 

"Not now, Sho. There's something that makes me feel dissatisified about myself in this drama."
Sho sighed. There was no point in arguing with Jun, so instead he joined Jun in watching the drama. 
Moments later, Sho was surprised but the sudden annoyed groan Jun made as he stood up from his seat, pointing at the paused TV screen. 

"What?! What did you figure out?" Sho asked. 

"Look! Look how awful looking I am!" Jun screamed as he pointed at the screen. 

"What? I don't understand!" Sho just couldn't see Jun's point. 

"Can't you see that, Sho?! Oh god, I'm so ugly! This is why I hate close-ups!" Jun screamed.

Sho squinted his eyes as he tried to find what made his boyfriend act like that. 

"My face, my wrinkles. Oh god..." Jun said as he let himself fall back to the couch, bringing his palms on his face. 

Ah... Sho finally understands. 

”It doesn't look like wrinkles, Jun. Don't worry, you still look good, young, handsome and-"

"I'm getting old, Sho! And these wrinkles-” Jun screamed as he pointed at his face, "These wrinkles are the proof!"
Sho took Jun's hand and pulled him next to him. 

"Look, all you have to worry about is your performance. Your face is already handsome, you don't have to worry about it. And also..." Sho touched Jun's face gently, “... i'll never leave you just even if you get old and have a lot of wrinkles. Don.t you trust me?"
Jun looked at the floor, avoiding Sho's eyes, trying to take in and process Sho's words. He blinked. Once... twice.... He bit his lips. Then he felt Sho's warm hand make him realize. He looking straight to Sho's eyes.

"You don't have to worry about it, Jun." Sho said as he gripped Jun's hand tighter. 

Jun nodded, hesistantly, just like a child who had no choice but to agree with his mom. Sho smiled in reassurance and hugged him. 

"There, there." 

"Now you sound like my mom, Sho.”

”I'm you boyfriend who cares about your life, your moods and everything." Sho said as he combed Jun's hair lovingly. 

Jun can only chuckle silently nestled in Sho's arms. 
Sho is right.

There is nothing to be worried about these wrinkles, right?


"Neee, J. Don't you have something to do?" Nino asked him one day when they were gathered in green room for shooting. 

"Somethng? I think I don't have anything important schedule after this," Jun tried to remember his schedule 

"Nope... not about your schedule. But..." Nino gave a smug look. It made Jun feel like there was something wrong. 


"About your body?" Jun frowned in confusion. 

"Your... face?" said Nino again. 

"What's wrong with my face...?" Jun was already touching his face. 

Then he heard Nino laughing at him. 
"Wrinkles! Wrinkles everywhereee~" Nino sang a song while teasing--no! mocking-Jun 

Jun's cheeks became red in no time. 
As soon as Sho entered the room, he was greeted by a flying pillow htting him square on his face. 

"What's going on here?!" He asked, sligthly angry. 

"Shoooooo!!!!!!! NINO IS CRUEEELLLL!!!" Jun said as he kept running to catch Nino who was running away from him. 

"What happend?" Ohno asked from behind Sho, tiptoeing to see what was happening in the room 

"Oh-chaaannn!! Tasuketee kuddasaiiii!!" Nino screamed as he kept laughing in victory as he ran to Ohno. Meanwhile, Sho kept Jun far from away from Nino. 

"Calm down, Jun! Calm yourself or you will get more wrinkles!" Sho said, trying to calm Jun inside his arms, who kept struggling, trying to escape. 

Jun stop moving, widened his eyes, looking at Sho in surprise. For a minute, Sho did not really know if there was something wrong with his words, and then it hit him. 

"I'm sorry. I didn't... i didn't mean to..." 

"Sho-chan! BAKAAAAAAA!!!!!" Jun screamed from the top of his lungs. 


I hope everyone who read this, enjoy the story. ^ - ^

If you wondering what drama that Jun watched, it is 99.9 drama. For me, there are so many zoom in, and some moments I can see those "wrinkles" on his face *that make me realize he already old but why he still look handsome?* 

This is my first time asked help from someone to be my beta reader. Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] nin_nin15 for your help. you help meeeee~ *hug her*

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Title : A Book
Length : One-shot
Pairing/Charcters : Ohno Satoshi/Sakurai Sho. (Yama)
Genre : Fluff
Rating : G, PG
Warning : maybe it'll be bad story with many mistake with grammar. I'm sorry, but english is not my mother language. m(_ _)m *edited : some friend from FB give me many correction for this. hehe... thank you~"
Summary : Ohno always read a book that he never leave. The book from someone. and from that book someone come out. (Ah... gomen. I'm bad with making summary m_ _m)

enjoy the story~ ^ - ^


Ohno closed his book and placed it on his lap. Took a deep breath and breathes out. And he smile while looking out from the window. The wind breeze gently, come in towards him. Bring a smell of spring that will come in few days.

“I wonder if I can meet someone like him from this book. He must be a very gentle person… just like him” Ohno mumbled to himself and once again took a look to his book with a smile.

Until he felt he has to go and leaves his book on his chair. Alone…


He just came home with a tired feeling after working in his shop. He never said ‘Tadaima’ to himself. It always remind him that he never get any answer from anyone.

Yes of course… he lives alone here now.

“Why you didn’t said “Tadaima”?” asked a deep voice from somewhere in his apartement. It’s enough to make him feel shocked.

“Who’s there?!” Ohno shouted and immediately turned on the lights.

“Hello, there…” said the same voice as the bright light illuminated the room. Showed him who has the deep voice.
“Who are you? Why you can get inside my home? What are you doing here? What—hmmmph!” suddenly a big hand closed his mouth.

“Be careful. Too much questions can make you confused,” said that person.

He doesn’t know why… but Ohno’s heart feels like he can trust this person. Even if this is his first time to meet him, but for Ohno it’s like he knew this person for a long time ago. When did he meet this person? Why can he be so confident that this person will not harm him?

He can trust him. Yes… that's what his heart say.

“You must be Ohno Satoshi, right?” asked the person as they take a seat on Ohno’s couch in the living room. Ohno just answered it with nod.

“Do you know who am I?” asked that man again. This time Ohno shook his head.

“That’s why I asked you first…” Ohno fixed his eyes to that man.

His face. So handsome and beautiful. His plump red lips looks so full. His eyes, sparkling like stars in night. His chubby cheeks look so fluffy. His black hair looks so soft. And his skin that once touched Ohno’s body is soft and warm. Don’t forget this man’s smile that so so so beautiful, too.

“I’m sorry. I just came out of the book and I don’t know how to introduce myself in appropriate way to you. My name is Sakurai Sho. Nice to meet you…” he said as he gave Ohno a beautiful smile. While Ohno keeps on looking at him just like he got under a spell.

“Sakurai… Sho…” Ohno repeat the man's name with his lips. That name… it's so beautiful once it comes out of his liips. And it sounds familiar to him. But where did he hear this beautiful name?

“This is not our first time meeting, Ohno-san. You always read me…” it's like this man—Sakurai Sho—can read Ohno’s mind, he told Ohno.

“Read…? Wait. You said you came out from a book?” Ohno’s brain still can’t process it. This is just too difficult for him now. He is tired and found this handsome man inside his house. How can he supposed to understand all of this?

“Un…” Sho nodded. “I’m from the book that you always read. The Wind give me a chance to meet you. It’s an honor, Ohno-san… to meet someone who always reads me,” he said again with a sheepish smile this time.

Ah! Ohno remembers. A book that he always read even only a few pages or just a page before he sleep, or when he wakes up, or before he goes to somewhere, or when anything special happenes in his life. That book from his lover that he always loves. A book as a present before his lover is gone, forever. He left him alone in this world to live his life alone.

Ohno’s hand suddenly trembled when he brought it up to touch Sho’s face. The skin… it’s soft and warm. He looked at Sho in disbelief face. He can meet him. The man from the book. The man that he always wanted to see and meet. Once again. Just like how he imagined and he envisioned.

“You feel so… real…” Ohno’s said as his fingers caress Sho’s face. The man can only smile towards Ohno.

“Am I as you imagine?” he asked tilting his head to one side. Ohno nodded.

“Even too real for me to imagine. You feel too real for me. More better than I imagine…”

“What happened Ohno-san? Am I doing something wrong?” Sho ask again with an innocent tone as he sees tears streaming down Ohno’s cheeks. As Ohno remember everything. Everything... even the guilt that he always carried in his heart.

“No… nothing wrong. Nothing… you didn’t do anything wrong, Sho-chan. No…” Ohno tried his best to hide his tears but fails. It only make his tears come out more. He feels like an idiot now. He keeps on wiping his tears with his two hands. Crying in front of stranger that looks a like his imagination from his lover who's already gone. This feels so stupid. Even he's not sure if he still remember his lover’s face anymore.

Is he exactly like this man in front of him? Or maybe even this could be his lover for real?

Suddenly, Ohno felt there is another fingers that brush his cheeks, lovingly, to wipe his tears away. He felt like time stopped immediately for him only. He opens his eyes and saw Sho bring his thumbs, wiping Ohno’s tears away with a concern and sad face. The moment was so precious until Ohno felt like can keep crying because he can miss this moment everyday for the rest of his life.

“Don’t cry… don’t cry. Go away pain… go away… God please make him smile. Smile like a sunflower…” Sho singing with a soft voice as he closed their distance, keept brushing his beautiful fingers on Ohno’s cheeks to wipe tears away. Just like Ohno’s lover always did when he cried in his arms.

“Sho… chan…” Ohno called him between his sob.


“Can I… can I…” the word can’t come out. But Sho seems to understand what Ohno wanted to say. So he hugged him who immediately clenched his fists on his back. Crying all the words that turn into tears, that never come out from his lips before his lover was gone.

“Gomen… gomen, Sho-chan… Gomenasai, Sho-chan! I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” he kept repeating that words again and again between sobs while hugging Sho back. Sho who's still hugging him, only smiled while rubbing Ohno’s back gently.

“No, Ohno-san… you didn’t do anything wrong. No…” Sho said. “Even you did better than me until now. Thank you for taking care of me, Ohno-san…”

“NO! I’m the worse! I can’t save you! I’m so stupid. I deserve to die! Not you… not you… this is all my fault… my fault…” Ohno release himself from Sho’s embrace. Looking right into Sho’s eyes.

Don’t know if this time is real or just dream, for Ohno this is so real to become dream. Don’t know if it is Sakurai Sho from his imagination or his lover, he didn’t care anymore. No… he think this is the time for him to said this. To say the words that never comes out. He just want to deliver his apologize a long time ago before he was gone.

But never got chance.

He can’t let this chance go to waste again.

Just like how he let his lover go before.

“Don’t say something like that. We never know what will happen,” once again that warm thumb brushed his cheek. The feeling of Sho's warm fingers on his cheek made him speechless

“It's not your fault. It’s already a faith from God. We never know Satoshi… we never know…” and again Ohno pulled by Sho into his arms. He felt safe from anything inside Sho's embrace.

Ohno’s heart felt a little happy when he heard Sho call his name with “Satoshi” with his warm and deep voice. The voice that will never be heard anymore calling his name, once again, this night… he can hear it.

“It’s okay, Satoshi… it’s okay. You don’t have to feel guilty for the rest of your life. Believe me, all of these are not your fault. Trust me… I'm never mad at you. Never… and I will always love you… love you…” suddenly the voice sounds like its getting far away as Ohno’s eyelids feel heavy.

“You have to remember that I always love you… forever… Satoshi. I love you…”


Ohno woke up at the morning, just when the sunlight touches his skin with its warms. And he realizes he woke up not on his bed, but on his couch. In living room.

He feels a little confused as he tried to sit properly and lean on his couch. He looked around. Not sure for what he was looking for.

But then he felt something under his hand. He frowns a moment, trying to caress it with his fingers and he looked at it.

A book.

A book as a present from his lover. A book that he always read with a guilty feeling inside his heart. A book that he always keep like he keeps his soul.

And he remember something. Something that can lift his heaviness from his heart. His guilty suddenly removes from deep inside his heart. Last night…

He took the book and takes a look for a while. And then he brought it into his embrace.

Why did he realize it just now? Why can he feel the warmth of the book just now? Just like the warmth from someone he won't forget. No… he even can’t meet that person anymore, he still can feel the warmth—just like how the book feel now. Even he's unsure about it, if he still can remember him perfectly because… time erases him slowly from his mind. But he still can remember him.

After he took a look at the book once again, he smiled. And Ohno kissed the book.

“I love you, Sho-chan… I always love you. Forever and ever. Love you…”



Do you know something we forget about anything we have in real life when we are inside our dream. That' why Ohno didn't remember who is the man inside his dream.

And~ I hope this is okay for you. Don't forget to give your comment, nee..... ^ - ^
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Title: Satoshi's Mood Swings

Length: Drabble

Pairing/Characters: Ohno Satoshi, Sakurai Sho. (Yama)

Genre: Fluff

Rating: G, PG

Summary: they are sitting in living room. Everything is okay until Ohno asking something.


They just sit there, in living room that night. Sho search for his News Zero and Ohno watching TV, silently.

Just like their ordinary night.

"Nee... Sho-chan..." Sho can heard his lover calling his name with a tiny voice. But Sho can't give him full of his attention, since he still do some research for his news.


"Am I a bad boyfriend for you?"

Okay... this time his voice sounds like someone who desperated and that question seems too weird from Ohno. So Sho look at him.

He can see Ohno who sit near him while hugging his pillow with a sad face. Looking straight to TV but not with his mind.

"What are you talking about, Satoshi?"

"Have I done something to make you hate me so much?" Ohno ask again.

Okay, this time his question is reallyweird.

"No, of course you not. Why you asking me like that?" Sho finally give his attention to his Satoshi.

He kneel in front of him, so he can see his lover more clearly, face-to-face.

"Because... because..."this time Ohno's eyes looks teary, his voice trembling.

"Satoshi...?" Sho feel more worried about him now.

"Because... why I didn't get any single kiss from my lover today?"


"I make my love breakfast, his clothes and our apartement already clean, even I also prepared his warm water for bath. But why he didn't give me a kiss?"

Sho frowning

"Is he... didn't love me anymore? Is he... already forget that I'm his boyfriend?" Ohno's voice sound more sad now.

This is not his usual Satoshi, this is Satoshi-in-mood-swings.

Sho sighed.

"I'm sorry. I didn't notice it, Satoshi" and he move closer to Ohno's face and lean a kiss to his lips.

"Gomen, nee... I just really concentrated with my work" he said again after pull a back his kiss. Brushing his thumb to Ohmo's chubby cheek.

But Ohno still make a sad face. With pouty.

"What is it? With this face?"

"I want... more..."

"More?" Sho frowning again.

"I want more. Moreee~. I want you insideme now..." and without Sho know where is Ohno's strength back, Ohno already pull his hand into their bedroom. Locked him for their night activity.

Well... Satoshi in mood swings can be wild too, nee?

But Sho nevermind with it.

Afterall, he want this too...


Note :

It's a long time I'm not posting any fanfic. Hahahahaha.... wattpad make me always want to update there.
Oh! If you can read Bahasa Indonesia, you ca go to my wattpad. My wattpad account have a same name with my LJ. ^ - ^

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Something is wrong with my Tabbi (my Tab have a name and it's name is Tabbi)

I charging it since Saturday night but at Sunday morning it's off and I can't turn it on!!

what should I do? what I'm gonna doooo??

All my pictures and Arashi pictures and videos are in internal memory!! my e-books for my school also there!! and... and... and my Line account!! I can't have any inmportant informations from all my friends since they love using Line *honesty, I love using texting message and telephone than Line*

Why you have to die now, Tabbiiiiiiii?!!
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Well... hihihi...
I don't know what happend inside my head. Suddenly I want to make this, a meme of Oh-chan

This one, Bahasa version, is my first thought. I mean, the original.

And... this, For english version, I'm really sorry if my grammar is wrong. Really, really really sorry for my grammar mistake.

But... you get what I mean right?XD

A Glass

Sep. 2nd, 2016 12:58 pm
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Title: A Glass
Pairing : Yama
Rating: G
Genre : fluff
Length : drabble
Diclaimer : just plot, only.
Warning :I'm sorry if there is many mistake in grammar. Engkish is not my mother language  m(_ _)m

Enjoy the story~ ^ - ^/


Ohno just walk to a sofa after take a glass of water in his hand, with a plastic glass. After he sit, he take one slow sipping his water. And take it on table in front of him.

Without Ohno knew, there is a pair of eyes watched every his movement until now.



"Can I have water too?" Ohno looking at him in confused.

"I mean, from your glass."

"Oh? Of course. But why don't take your own water?" Ohno asking as he give his glass of water to Sho.

Sho take the glass with a smile, not answering Ohno's question. He rotate that glass and drink from same spot as Ohno's lips drink before.

"Because I want to drink from same glass with you, from former of your beautiful pouty lips."

"For what?"

"It'll become an indirect kiss for me."

Ohno blushing. "Why?" he asking

"You know we can't kissing in public's eyes, don't you?"

"You can kiss me here. Now."

"Why?" this time Sho who asking.

"Because there is no one here. It's just us no--"

Before Ohno can finish his words, Sho's lips already seal it. Stop him with a long kiss without tongue battle. Just lips on lips. But thats enough to warm Ohno's body and heart and of course, also his cheeks.

"There your kiss," Sho said as he step back and smiling, looking at Ohno who already blushing even more now..

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Title: Fall in Love with Baka Riida
Pairing: Ohmiya (Ohno Satoshi/Ninomiya Kazunari)
Rating : G / PG
Genre: fluff (?)
Length : drabble
warning : maybe it'll be bad story with many mistake with grammar. I'm sorry, but english is not my mother language. m(_ _)m
Summary: Nino always staring at Ohno and Ohno know it, but Nino never know his Riida will be a baka Riida for him (you know the summary is not good (TT -- TT))


Nino could only stare in awe toward Ohno, always. He couldn’t take his eyes off Ohno, never. He always thinking to always get the shadow of Ohno in his eyes even if he could only glance from the corner of his eye.

Nino really know what is this. This is what they call with “Love”. He really sure about it. About his feeling.

But, Nino never know if Ohno know what he didn’t know. Ohno notice him. He notice how Nino looking and staring at him. Sometimes, Ohno can imagine Nino drooling at him everytime the younger staring him. That moments always make Ohno chuckled. He notice how often the younger staring at him in awe. How the gamer eyes shinning everytime.

He notice it. But he didn’t understand what is that mean.

One day—Nino never know if that day is his unlucky day or even maybe his luckiest day ever he have—he was caught staring at Ohno. By Ohno himself.

“Nino?” Ohno walking towards the younger while Nino bet at a loss to avoid Arashi’s leader.

“Haii?” Nino trying to said something. But then Ohno didn’t say anything. Just stand in front of Nino.

“Wh-what’s up?” Nino try to calm down as he asking again.

“You... drooling, you know?”

Is that even a question? Nino think.

“I’m not drooling Ohno-san.”

“Yes you are...” and Ohno stoped at moment and said again, “...especially when you staring at me.”

Nino’s eyes bulged.

“Hah?! Are you day dreaming again Ohno?”

“Nope. I’m awake now.”

“Then why you said I’m drooling? And even worse saying I’m staring at you,” even so Nino said like that, actually his heart cursing. Why did he know?

But his mind stop talking as he heard Ohno chuckled.

“You maybe think I never knew it. But all this time, you always staring at me,” he give a sheepish smile, like always he did.

“If you have a problem, please tell me. I’ll give my best to help you, Nino.”

Nino staring at floor. Holding his anger. Why this person is so idiot? Why he didn’t understand my feeling at all even he know all this time I staring at him?


“Eh? Nino?”

“BAAKKAAA!!” Nino shouting at him.

Ohno want to asking more to him but suddenly there is a lips that distrub his own lips to say anything.

Nino kiss him.

Quickly, Nino pull himself from Ohno. Run to take his bag and packing his belongings into his bag while he grumbling,

“I’m a stupid man who fall in love with you! Why I have to fall with someone like you?! Riida wa baka!”

And he take his bag, running from greenroom. Leaving Ohno who stand in dumbfounded mode.

“What?” he asking to himself while his cheeks blushing.


P.s. I hope this is okay. I'm not really productive with fanfic lately even I have my holidays now. (TT--TT)
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Title: Cherry Blossom
Pairing: Yama / Sho & Ohno
Genre: fluff
Rating: PG
Length: Drabble
Disclaimer: I only have the plot,
Summary: they have their day off together for picnic

Please enjoy the stoy ^ - ^


Sho and Ohno have their day off. They agree to use it for going picnic together. Since early morning Ohno prepare everything, foods, drinks and mat too.

Because it's a day off, Sho didn't turn on his alarm. Make Ohno have an extra task to wake him up.

They laying on mat under cherry blossom tree after have their meals. Ohno laying on Sho's arm. While the cherry blossom colouring their lovely day.

Then Sho can heard the older sighed.

"What is it?" Sho asking.


"Tell me, Satoshi. It's okay..."

Ohno then sit and facing at Sho's face who still laying.

"I just remember something."

"Something? What is it?"

"When our first meet. And hearing your name. Remind me of cherry blossom"

"Really?" Sho look interesting as he rested his head with his arm.

Ohno nodded.

"Even now, cherry blossom always remind me of you."


Ohno looking at the cherry blossom tree as he said,

"Because in your family name there is "sakura" from "sakurai". I love it. When I see cherry blossom, it's reminds me of your smile and laugh. When I see cherry blossom, I always remember..."

Ohno fixed his eyes to Sho again and continue, "...I remember that I already have my cherry blossom in my life. I have you as my cherry blossom which always blossom in my heart."

Sho blushing to hear that. So do Ohno because he said that sweet things to his lover.

"And I love to have my captain in my life."

Ohno chuckling heard that.

And they smiling to each other.

Enjoying the rest of their day off together.


How? Hehehe... don't forgt to give your comment so I know how is it from your opinions.
I'm still learning for making drabble. It's really hard, nee?

Oh, you can find me and my fics in Bahasa version and some of them in Engliah ver too at my wattpad. I have same usernam with my LJ *cause i'm so lazy to find another usernam*

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Title: Kiss Practice
Pairing/group: Sakumiya (Arashi)
Length: Oneshot
Rating: PG
Genre: fluff
Warnings: (Not-beta-ed / Beta-self) English not my mother language. I’m really really sorry for (alot of) the grammar mistake, for bad summary, bad story, bad plot. please bear with it m_ _m )
Summary: when they still juniors, Nino always looking at Sho for all time because there is something bothering him

It's Nino's birthday! Yatta~~~
Hope all the best for Ninomiya Kazunari. Oh... and Please enjoy the story ^ - ^/


Nino looking at Sho from afar. As far as he could but still could catch his shadow swept his gaze. Occasionally he ventured to look at him directly when he felt Sho really did not see it.

Even when the shooting took place, not normally for Nino would steal a glance at Sho. Usually he will immediately say what was in his head. But until the shooting ended and he found himself and Sho in greenroom make him restless.

"What is it, Nino?" Asked Sho looked at him. Nino looked directly at him. His lips open to say what he would say, but then he came back to close it.

"There's something bothering you?" Asked Sho again. Nino simply bowed, nodding.

"Just say it. We are one group, friends. From now on, all members problems will be ours problems" Sho pat Nino gently. The younger just look at him with sheepy smile and he looked down to the floor again.

"Well ... Sho-san. I want to know something..." Nino finally decided to say what is disturbing feelings lately.
"Something?" Sho repeat it. Nino nodded.

"I really wanted to know about it..." Sho increasingly looked at him curiously that makes Nino swallowed itself. Shortly Sho's face became so close he could remember.


"About... hm... how do I say it, yes..." Nino looked glanced in different directions trying to avoid the approaching of Sho’s sight.

"You know, if you like it, it just make me became more curious. Just say it."

"Hmm... but I..." Nino looked at Sho then dropped his gaze back to the floor, "I... I’m shame ..."

Sho frowned, puzzled. "Shame? Shame why? Why should you be ashamed?"

"It's something that-that that's ..." Nino face getting flushed with embarrassment. How could he tell right away that he was eager to know what it feels like... kissing.

Sho then distanced himself, stands in front of Nino, smiling.

"Whatever subject we are talking about—anything—I will listen and provide solutions" Sho smiled. He touched Nino chin and lifted the face of the young to be staring at her. This time Nino could look at him, though her face was flushed.

"Well, Sho... I really want to know how it feels..." he looked at Sho glance, gulp for a momment, then here’s the word come "... a kiss"

Sho’s eyes bulged, surprised that he did not think Nino would talk about it. While Nino realize direct expression changes Sho frantically. He knew very well that Sho would give it expression.

“B-but it’s okay, Sho. It’s just... well-I know you’ll be like this. But-but... I just curious and I just-just” Nino was silent when she heard Sho laughing.

"So you've never been kissed?" He asked. By Nino nodded shyly.

"And never kissing?” Nino nood again

“And you ask me how does it feel?" Nino nodded—again.

"Well, why do not we practice it?" Nino tilted his head, confused with Sho’s words. "Kiss. We practice it. So you know how it feels" Sho smiled.

"Oh?? EH! N-No! No, no, no, no, no!! It's okay Sho. It's okay. Really. I just asking, not asking for practice. No, Sho" Nino outright refused. Now if Nino could see his face, he is very confident that his face already looks like a boiled crab.

“Hmm... it’s okay, Nino. Really. I just give you some idea for that” Sho chuckled at him. But Nino shook his head quickly.

“That’s a bad idea. Very bad bad bad. A crazy idea, Sho” Nino said. But Sho hold his hand and push their body, until Nino’s back touch the cold wall behind him.

“Sh-Sho?” Nino call his name, but the older just smile at him. Somehow, that smile is really gentle. But at sometime it’s look scary for Nino.

“It’s okay, Nino. Just take it easy” Nino can feel Sho’s breath near his ear, make him shivered. Sho’s voice so deep and.. what is it again? Deep and sexy? Even can make Nino feel good with this close distance between them.

“B-but people can see us” the younger’s can feel his voice trembling. But Sho look like know about that. He stroke Nino’s arm softly.

“The others already go home, Kazu” once again Sho speak softly on Nino’s ears.

Suddenly, Nino can feel something wet around his ears. He can feel Sho’s tongue licking his earlobe. This time not just his voice but Nino can feel his body also trembling.

“S-Sho... it’s... tickle...” Nino shoulder up to relieve the tingling he felt. But Sho mumbles while continuing his activities.

“Sh-Sho?” Nino call his name. Sho stop his activity and look at Nino’s face. press his and the younger forehead, so their face so close. Even Nino can feel Sho’s breath in front of him and Sho can feel this man in front of him trembling.

“What is it, Kazu?” he ask Nino. He just gulped. Actually he want it but at same time he want to stop it.

“I-I don’t know what I have to do” he said with shy. Again, Sho smile. Or maybe this time that’s smile is smirk.

“Just like I said before, relax. And feel it, Kazu” Sho’s hand already travelling around Nino hips up to his chest. Nino can’t breath properly. He don’t know if Sho’s touch can make his body reacted so much.

Sho’s lips, without Nino realized already touch Nino’s lips. Why this thing can make me trembling? The younger think again.

That lips feel smooth and warm. That’s only before Sho’s tongue find way into Nino’s mouth. Slowly counting the younger’s teeth.

At first, Nino didn’t know what to do. What he can do only out of breathing. It’s like Sho take all his air from his lungs.

“Breath, Kazu... breath like you always do” Sho said after release the kiss.

Even you told me so, I can’t do that because you make me like this.

“How is it?”

“Hmm?” Nino humming.

“The kiss? How it feel like?” Sho asking again.

“Hmm... I don’t know” Nino shruged. Sho knew this gamer only want to teasing him.

“Eh? Still don’t know how is the feel like?” Sho pretending surprised.


“How if we do that again?”

“EEHH?!!” but it’s late because Nino already traped between Sho’s body and wall behind him.

“You said you still don’t know how it feel like. You seems still confused...”

“Eh?! But-but-but..”

“How if we do morethan kiss? Perhaps... we have to practice it here? Maybe after that you know how that feel?” and Nino can see how Sho’s—perfect—lips forming a mischievous smile.


And here I am after (maybe) 2 months(?) without posting fanfics. hihihi... my campus really busy.
how is it? this fanfic? I hope you enjoy it. please tell me with your comment, nee~
see you again~ ^ - ^

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Well... i'm sorry but this time is not about my fics. As you see the title, it's about my lecturer. Hihihi... ^ - ^

Actually, now I'm in 4th semesters. That mean, I already studying in my campus for 2 years now. And.... all this time, I just knew one of my lecturer have a same hobby with me, watching Japanese drama. XD

I knew it when one day, suddenly, he told me that he finish downloaded few dramas. Because I really want to watch some new drama (not in my harddisk), I ask him if maybe... he can give me some copies of his new dramas.

And~ we talking for a minutes. He agree to give me his new dramas. As he looking through my special folder for dramas, he asking me if I have some japanese movies or dramas. And of course I said yes, I have many of them.

The end is... he copies all my japanese dramas and movies. Well.. actually its exchange, nee? Hihihi... even he said, if I have the new one he want too. And that's make me laughing in front of him. XD

Oh my god... I'm feel really thankful because me and my lecturer have same hobby. Hahaha...

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 Title: What If I Gone
Pairing/group : Yama
Length : oneshot
Rating : PG
Genre : fluff, romance, angst  
Warnings : Death character. (I’m sorry about that) ; (Beta-self/unbeta-ed) English not my mother language. I’m really really sorry for (a lot of) the grammar mistake. I’m sorry for bad giving rating, genre and plot.
Summary : one day, Ohno asking ‘what if’ to Sho. But the real is different...

Enjoy the story... ^ - ^/ <3 <3


Is rare for Arashi members to have their day off, especially for Showho always have a very tight schedule. Once he got his day off, he ask Ohno to date. Because it’s already six month after their last date. And finally, that day, Sho and Ohno have their date. At first, they just walk around the city, shopping at some stores, go to a giant aqurium because Ohno force him to see stingrays and get some lunch at the expensive restaurant because Sho insist to take his boyfriend there.

And the end, after their date walking around city, they finally decide to go to a beach. They walking around the beach. Both of them waiting for sunset while sitting next to each other on bench.

Ohno sit beside Sho and lay his head on Sho’s shoulder.

“hmmm...” he hummed softly as he close his eyes.

“What is it, Satoshi?” Sho fingering his hair.

“No. Nothing. It’s just... I love your sloping shoulder after all.”

“Why? It doesn’t look good for me, you know...” Sho tilted his head to Ohno’s, so they head touch each other.

“Because I’m shorter than you.”

“So?” Sho sounds confused now.

Ohno take a deep breath and look at Sho with full of his attention.

“So... if you doesn’t have a sloping shoulder like this, it’s difficult for me to lay my head on yours. Your shoulder make it easy for me to lay my head on yours shoulder like this” Ohno lay his head again on Sho’s shoulder and close his eyes, smell Sho’s scent next to him while the other just chuckled at him.

The sun come down minute by minute. The light became weakened. Orange tinge began to appear in the darkening sky. The nature so beautiful and so peaceful.

“Nee... Sho-chan” Ohno call him softly.

“Um... what is it, Satoshi?”

“What if... someday... I suddenly dissapear from this world? From you?”

Sho jumped from bench. Ohno almost fell before he managed to hold his own balance.

“What are you thinking, Satoshi?! You are not plan to going anywhere don’t you? Right? You’re not died so soon, don’t you? You are not going anywhere!” Sho half shouting in panic to Ohno. Ohno just smile. He can hear Sho’s voice cracked, disbelieve, afraid, shocked. He can see his lover give him a scary face... No, maybe afraid.

“I just say, what if. If... Sho-chan. What you’ll do when I gone and-”

“NO! Don’t you say something like that! I don’t wanna hear that again, Ohno! Never ever you say something bad like that!” and now he fully screaming and shouting at Ohno with his hands closing his ears, like he didn’t want to hear that anymore. But the other just smile at him. Actually, he afraid of angry Sho.

A second later, after Sho see Ohno’s face clearly, he understand the sight of that eyes. He close his eyes and take a deep breath. And face Ohno again.

“I’m sorry. I don’t meant to...”

“It’s okay, Sho-chan. It’s my fault too. You are right. I’m asking something bad in our beautiful day. I shouldn’t ask that. I’m sorry...”

Sho take Ohno to stand and take him into his embrace. Hug him tightly like he doesn’t want Ohno go away from him. Like he want Ohno to always stay with him.

As Ohno do the same thing. He burried his face on Sho’s chest, hug him back tightly as he can. He want to always feel this warmth of Sho, this smell, this scent from his lover. That make him feel save.

“Don’t you ever ask something like that again. Okay, Satoshi?” Sho hummed that and kiss him on Ohno crown.

Ohno nodded in silent.

“Never... ever... saying something bad like you’ll gone from my side. I’ll never leave you...” Sho said again as he kiss Ohno’s crown head.

Ohno nodded again.

I promise, Sho-chan... I promise.




It’s already a year after the funeral. Sho died when he and News Zero crew take a shoot for outdoor activity. That time, the bomb from no where exploded and he became one of the victim’s death.

And Ohno forget how he could attend Sho’s funeral—which he keep silent with a blank sight until the rest of Arashi members think he is not Ohno Satoshi anymore. He couldn’t remember how he can still alive without his lover, his boyfriend, his half-live, his breath until now. He never count how many time he came to Sho’s grave with a bouquet of flower in his hand and forced himself to keep smile while he walk to grave and going back to work.

He always try to do that when he came out from car and walk to Sho’s grave. He said it is the best thing he could do for Sho, to always give Sho smile in rest of his life.

“Hello, Sho...” Ohno sit next to Sho’s grave as he put the bouquet flowers on the grave. He put his palm together and start to pray.

“Ohno-san. I’ll wait in car, okay?” his manager say after send a pray to Sho. Ohno just nodded.

After his manager gone and a long silence, Ohno take a deep breath.

“It’s been a long time Sho-chan”

“Do you still remember our date when we walk around the city? When we walk on long beach after that time?”

“When I said I love your sloping shoulder? I really miss your shoulder Sho-chan...” Ohno said even he know Sho will never answer him again. His single tears touch the ground.

 “And... do you remember when I ask you something bad like ‘What if I dissapear from this world’ and you are so so angry to me” Ohno chuckled at himself.

“You know, I’m really scared when you shouting with angry face like that time...”

“But you said sorry and hug me so tight. until I can’t breath. And I really love that moment” Ohno’s voice trill.

“But...” his voice suddenly cracked.

“... that time I... I never think ‘what if you go before me’. I never... think about that...” the tears suddenly make a fast flow through his cheek and he begin sobbing. He try so hard to not crying, but failed.

“I... I never think you will go away from me... I never think, ‘what should I do without you...’” he swept his tear with his back of hand.

“I tried so hard to hide my sadness. I tried so hard to keep singing on stage. I tried so hard to keep smile even in front of the others. I tried so hard to do everything even for breathing. I tried so hard, Sho-chan...” he already swept his tears with his hands, but the tears still running down.

“I... I tried so hard to not forget all about you. But... but I... almost forget your scent, your smell, your warmth when you hug me, your nice sloping shoulder when I lay my head on that. I... I don’t want to forget that, Sho-chan... never... I-I...”

He sobbing so hard. He don’t know when he started and when he can stop. Even he don’t know if he can stop. What he believe is he can’t stop to keep crying.

“Sho-chan...” he call that name softly after he was able to calm calm down himself.

“I’m sorry for talking something bad again. I’m sorry Sho-chan. I already promise you that we never talk about bad things again. I’m sorry...” once again, he swept tears on his cheek.

“Oh... you know. We’ll launching our new album. This time, I tried my best to make a song for you. Nino, Aiba and Jun help me. They said that’s a beautiful song. I hope you hear that from there” Ohno stroke Sho’s gravestone gently with smiling.

“Sho-chan... I have to go now. I’m sorry. I’ll visit you again. What flower do you want me to bring for you? Just tell me, nee...” Ohno stand up from his seat and smiling.


And he leave the grave with a smile and trail of tears, again...


So? I'm sorry if there are so many wrong words or grammar mistake, nee... m_ _m
Please give me your comment about this fic so I know what do you think abou this. ^ - ^

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Title :Clinging Nino
Pairing :Sakumiya
Rating: G/PG
Genre: fluff
Length: drabble
Disclaimer: I only have their pictures and this plot (TT—TT)
Summary: Nino become so spoiled at Sho starting this morning. He always clinging on Sho's arm.
Warning: not beta-ed, bad summary, bad story, bad plot, bad english (really bad, there is so many mistakes with grammar, words, please bear with it m_ _m )


Almost all day since this morning Nino clinging to Sho, wherever Sho go Nino will follow him with his hand clutches Sho's arm. Even when they take a bath, Nino didn't want to far away--even to separated by a wall--from Sho. At first, Sho didn't protest since he know Nino. The younger sometimes can be so spoiled at him, just like today. But when they have to work Nino still clinging at him. All the time and didn't want to loosen his arm. That's make Arashi members thinking there is something wrong with Nino.

"Anoo... Sho-chan. What happend to Nino?" Ohno asking him as his eyes look at Nino. Same as Sho's eyes at the same direction. Nino looks still clinging on him, circling his arm on Sho's arm and he looks so tired until he sleep with that position. His lips a little open make a litlle O, his eyes closed so tight. Sho smile.

"I don't know, Ohno-san, he already like this start from this morning"

"I wondering, why he being like that today"

"But he is so cute like that, isn't he?" Aiba said as he poked Nino's cheeks. Jun just nodded with a little chuckled. 

"And he didn't playing his game too" Aiba said so as he looking at peaceful Nino

"And I'm so worried about him now" Sho sighed,

"Yeah... I think he got fever at first" Jun look at Nino who still sleep.

"Hmm... Same as me" Sho run his finger on his lover's hair. Caress his hair smoothly.

"Take care of him, nee... Sho-chan" Aiba look at Sho, giving him a worried face.

"Of course I will, Aiba. I'm his lover, don't you remember" Sho smile at him

"Just in case if you forget" and they laughing with a tiny voice for not waking up Nino from his dream.




Nino... Are you allright?" Sho asking him when they alone at lift. Nino look at Sho's eyes and nodded.

Oh... He didn't talk to much since this morning too. It must be something wrong.

"Are you sure?"

"Um..." Nino answer him with nodded and humming as his back of hand rubbing his eyes. After a few minutes, he yawning.

Sho take his back hand and place it on Nino's forehead. Nino frowning,

"What happend Sho-chan?"

"You are not get fever don't you?" Nino shake his head.

"I'm fine. Really. I just..." Nino stop a moment and look to other side. He avoid Sho's eyes.

"Just what, Kazu?" Nino still not answering him.

"Kazu?" Sho take Nino's chin to make him look at him. As soon as they face each other, their eyes meet too.

"I just love you..." he whispering with a very tiny voice.

"I can't hear you, Kazu" Sho teasing him. Now Nino make a pouty lips and Sho can't resist him anymore, with a quick movement he peck a kiss at the younger pouty lips,

"Sho-chan!" Nino hit Sho's arm slightly, make the rapper chuckled.

"I'm sorry. Your lips... I can't resist it. And that's lips so delicious, Kazu" he cupped Nino's cheeks which is already blushing.

"I love you Sho-chan" Nino said it again as he hug him

"Um~ I know" he hug Nino. "And I love you too" he mumbling it on Nino's crown head.

"I love you more and more everyday" Nino said again.

"Umm~ me too"

Finally they arrive at parking area. They enter their car.

After they settled their seatbelt, Sho stop for a moment and looking at Nino again. His eyes fixed on the younger. Nino blushing. Well, Sho really know how Nino never said I love you to him. So... Today is a rare situation for him.


"Are you clinging on me from this morning because you want to said that?" Nino avoid Sho's eyes again and nodded in silence.

Sho chuckled.

"You know... Sometimes, you are really cute" Sho start the engine. Nino cupped his his arm, pretending being mad. Sho just give him a light laugh.

"I'm sorry for not always like that"

"Nope. I love it. Really. I love how you said your love, with a different way. If I can ask you, I want you to be like this everyday" he chuckled again.

"I'll think about it again" Nino look at their front car with a sheepish smile.

Sho just give him a very big smile as return

Well, to have Nino clinging on him is really good thing. Maybe after they arrive, Sho will give something as return of Nino's love.


Another short story, everyone? I'm sorry for my bad english. I know there is so many mistakes here and there. I hope you can bear with it. m_ _m
Thank you for reading and give your comments ^ - ^

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Title:Just Want To Cuddling With You [Short Plot]
Genre:fluff, romance
Length : drabble
Disclaimer:I only have their pictures and this plot (TT—TT)
Summary:Nino already playing for 4 hours and Sho want to cuddle with him
Warning:not beta-ed, bad summary, bad english (really bad, please bear with it m_ _m )

Please enjoy the story, nee... ^ - ^


Nino playing his game. And Sho just sit on couch with a book in his hand. It's already 4 hours Nino still playing ignoring Sho even when Sho offer him some cookies. Sho already finish his book. But still, Sho sit there and watching him. With a sleepy face, of course. Somehow, his eyes fall to Nino who still busy playing.

After few minutes, Nino can feel Sho's eyes on him.

"Could you please stop that?" Nino sighed and stopped his activity to look at Sho.

"Stop what?"

"Looking at me with that look"

"What look?"

"Come on Sho-chan, you know what I mean"

"I don't know what are you talking about" he grinning.

"You know, I-want-to-cuddling-with-you-this-night-and-maybe-more-than-cuddling look" Nino rolled his eyes and fingers only to make Sho chuckled. He patted Nino's head.

"Well, I guess I'll sleep first, then"

"Haii... Oyasumi nasai" Nino back to his game again.

"Are you... sure you didn't want to join me on bed, now?" Sho ask him again when he just reach and touch the bedroom knob.

"I have to finish my game first Sho-kun" he said without leaving his eyes from his game. His chubby fingers still busy pushing the button on joystick.

"And now you replace me with your game" he make sulking face with a pouty lips.

"Don't said that. I still love you, you know. But my game need my attention now" Nino take a quick glance at him and smile, "and please don't make your lips pouty like that. It only make me want to kiss you" he said again.

Sho grinning, "Okay then... oyasumi"

"Oyasumi" Nino said.

"Ah... I guess I have to sleep alone now" Sho said as he lying his body on bed.

But after a few minutes he sleep, he can feel something moving next to him. It's like someone climbing his bed. And this someone snuggling to his back and also under the blanket.

"Eng... Nino?" Sho murmurs.

"Um..." Nino reply with muttering.

"Already fall sleep do you?" Sho turn around to face him. Nino snuggling more to him when Sho hug him.


"Oyasumi, Kazu..."

"Oyasumi, Sho-chan" and they fall sleep together into their dreams.


It's just a short plot pop up in my head before I sleep. Maybe I just need someone to cuddling to like this Sakumiya. Hihihi... ^ - ^
Oh... and Oyasumi~ have a nice dreams, girls~

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  Title: When Sho using Jun’s kitchen... [Toast Bread]
Rating: G/PG
Genre: humor (a little)
Pairing: Sakumoto
Length: 1.034 words
Disclaimer: I only have their pictures and this plot (TT—TT)
Summary: when Jun still in his dreamland and suddenly his nose smell something... burn
Warning: not beta-ed, bad summary, bad english (really bad, so please bear with it m_ _m )

Please enjoy the story, nee... ^ - ^




Jun still in his deep peacefull sleep. Still in his beautiful dream. When his nose suddenly smelling something make that smell come and join in to and ruining his beautiful dream. With his energy he try his hard to open his heavy eyelids. Maybe his eyes still can’t open, but his ears already can heard something strange from somewhere in his house.

A little screaming.

His brain work in automatically. Between this smell and that little scream, what can Sho do with both of that?

Sho? Sakurai... Sho? Oh, yes. Jun smile remember what happening last night. Last night is their love-dovey night and of course wonderful, hot, warm, sexy and sex too. Ah... Sakurai always know how to make their love making feel great.

And his lover name absolutely can make his eyes wide-open now.

Don’t tell me... don’t tell me...! his brain screaming.

With all his might he try to wake up and run to kitchen. Because actually he still sleepy, he become carelss. His left little toe stumble the door. And that really hurt, really really hurt.

“SHOOOO!” he call his lover name, just in case to make Sho stop everything—Jun mean, EVERYTHING—his lover do now in kitchen. His voice still hoarse because he’s not ready yet to wake up from his sleep.

“Ha-Haii!!” Sho seems take attention to Jun’s call. Jun can see Sho’s face peek out, looking at him from behind door kitchen and then he come out from there and close the door behind him. Clearly, he see Sho’s face looks afraid of something. And of course, Jun’s mind already travel to his kitchen. He can’t imagine if his kitchen already become ash. No, he can’t.

“What happend? Are you hurting yourself?” Sho approach him when he see Jun holding his left little toe with face in pain.

But Jun seems didn’t hear Sho. He walk pass Sho and straight into his kitchen, to make sure if his kitchen still fine. What he see is, his kitchen already full with smoke.

Quickly, he open the kitchen window to allow all the smoke gone from his kitchen. He give a death glare toward Sho who stand near door. Sho avoid Jun’s eyes with looking to floor with his fingers playing around his apron. He make his lips become pouty and that’s invited Jun to kiss and taste that lips. Make Jun’s anger calm down a little bit because he know the reason behind Sho use his kitchen, to make a simple breakfast for him.

That’s actually simple. He know how Sho really want to be a good lover with bringing Jun breakfast with tray to the bed. That’s great actually to imagine it. But it’s not when you know what happend to your kitchen after that. Even maybe your house or apartement can burn just because of a simple breakfast. Jun sighed. He walk to stove which already turn off before Sho come out from kitchen when he screaming his name. With just one look, he know he have to buy another pan.

“What are you cooking now, Sho-kun?” Jun turn around to him. Sho looks surprised.

“Eh? A-anoo... etoo... bread. Toast bread. With... coffee, actually” he said the answer after he look confused. Of course with whispering because he know Jun will think that was a simple breakfast and he nearly burning his kitchen into ash. And Sho’s brain is out of working cause he also don’t know why he also make disaster with cooking things even he already careful with anything.

“Hmm... I see” Jun said as he lifting the dark-burn bread. “It’s really... toast” he continue his comment as he make inspection to Sho’s art.

“Anoo, Jun. I’ll buy you the new one. Really, I’m sorry...”

“It’s okay. As long my kitchen still safe, it’s okay” Jun looking around his kitchen, make sure if everything still good. And thank god, seems only his pan in damage.

“Actually I was searching for you toast bread mechine, but I didn’t find it. So... I...”

“The mechine got some problem, so I ask someone to fix it" somehow he relieve his toast mechine not at kitchen today.

Then silence.

After a few minutes, Jun can see a single tears running down on Sho’s cheeks.

“Eh? What happend, Sho? Are you burn your hand, too?” he quickly walk to Sho and checking his lover hands.

“No, I-I’m not, you baka! It’s just... just...”

“Just what? Tell me?”

“Why I can’t cook something as simple as toast bread?”

“Maybe that’s not your ability.”

“But I want to make you breakfast, too... I can’t always make you in charge to making breakfast everytime we have to stay together. I want to be good in cooking as Aiba and Nino, too.”

Jun sighed.

“Look, I don’t really care about how good you are in cooking or something or even everything. Because you are just you. This is Sho-chan who always become my lover, the one who can’t cook even for something simple. That’s my lover. I don’t want you to be someone else like Aiba or Nino who can cook. I only need this Sakurai Sho. Okay?” Jun explain it while his arms hug Sho. He can feel Sho nodded.

“So... you are not mad?” Jun nodded after he release him.

“But you still owe me new pan” Sho’s eyes look sparkling and he throw himself to hug Jun.

“Thank you, Juuuuun~ I love youuuu~!”

“Haii, haii... I love you too. Why don’t you go for bath? I’ll make our breakfast” Sho release his arms and looking at him.

“But... I already take a bath. Don't you smell it when you hug me?”

Because now you smell like a burn toast bread.Jun's mind talk

“Oh, I'm sorry. Or maybe help me with tidying around?”

“I’ll do it!” Sho said cheerful. He take off his apron and gone to start tidying room.

Jun sighed again as he looking back at his unlucky pan and the bread.

“I’ll never... never everlet Sho cooking again. I’ll make sure to wake up first before he did when he stay. It’s good before he can burn my apartement” Jun nodded at his agreement for himself


Sooo~ how is it? Please tell me what are you girls (or maybe boys) thinking about this, nee... let me know it~
Thank you for read this fic ^ - ^

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 Title: Password
Pairing/group : Sakumiya / Arashi
Length : oneshot / 3.438 words
Rating: PG
Genre : humor (a little), fluff
Summary : Sho feel Nino become strange because he lock his phone with a password. To get the password, Sho do anything he can.




Sho looking at Nino’s phone in his hand. He really pissed off. Oh yes... really pissed off. That phone is really rare to locked by Nino. Well maybe that’s Nino’s phone but... it’s just rare since they already become lover—unofficially, because Sho still think Ohno have a feelings towards Nino.

Hmm... why he lock his phone now. It’s strange.Sho think hard.

“What are you doing with my phone, Sakurai-san?” a voice make him stop his movement. Sho can feel a dark aura behind him. That voice. The bratty voice suddenly become so dark. Sho gulp. Before this, maybe Sho really pissed off, but now... well, you know how Nino become when his dark side come out.

Sho turn his head slowly and found Nino standing behind him with a superior sight at him. The dark aura still glowing around him with an angry face.

“A... ah, Nino... chan...” Sho trying to talk normally but failed. Because his voice become trembling.

“What. Are. You. Doing. With. My. Phone. In. Your. Hand?” he asking again.

“Just... just checking something” Sho gripping that phone hardly. Oh no... my hand is so sweaty now.

“Give it to me” Sho shook his head and keep the phone still in his hand. And he take it closer to his chest.

“Give that PHONE to me, SHO!!” Nino screaming until the rest of Arashi members jerked of from their seat.

“What the hell was wrong with you, Nino?!” Jun yelling.

“My phone!!” the gamer screaming again when Sho run toward Aiba and hide behind him.

“Sho, just give that phone to him. That his phone, right?” Aiba look at Sho who standing behind him, cutely.

“But... but... he lock his phone, Aiba”

“So what’s wrong with that?” Ohno yawning. He wake up because of Nino’s scream.

“YES! What wrong with that?” Nino shouting again. Agree with Ohno’s argument.

“That... um...” Sho looking at the other side, thinking. “...that’s weird for Nino lock his phone”

“That’s my PHONE!” Nino screaming again

“And maybe you keep a secret inside your phone!”

“What’s wrong if I have a secret?!”

“You... you...” Sho keep searching the words in his brain. Damn it! Why the words didn’t come out from my brain?!

“What?!” Nino asking for the answer.

“I think that’s not a big deal if someone have a secret. Even I have one” Ohno said as he laying at couch again.

“Um... me too” Jun agree

“Yes. Even I have a secret too, Sho-chan” Aiba sounds agree with Ohno.

“There is nothing you have to know about his private life too, Sho”

“You are cheating on me!” suddenly the answer burst out loud from his lips with a high tone.  

And silence.

EH???!! Wait! What I said again? Sho’s brain seems screaming.

Everyone looked at him.

For a second, Sho can see Nino smirking.

“Cheating?!” they asking in the same time. They look at Nino and Sho.

“How?” “When?” they asking again.

“Long story guys...” Nino waved his hand. “...beside, I will not give you the password. Got it?! Never!” Nino said as he take his phone from Sho and walk away from greenroom.


“So... how long you...?” Aiba asking with a very tiny little voice.

“Yes, Aiba. YES! Already for almost seven years” he said as he hold his breath before answer it. He can heard ‘Wow’ from Ohno who take a sit next to Aiba.

“And since when... you...?” Jun look at him.

“Since... hmmm... I don’t really remember since when I love him. Just... suddenly we become lover. That’s all.”

“About the phone, what exactly happening between two lovers like you have?” Ohno decided to not sleep again since he really curious about this story.

“Well... um... Nino become so strange lately. So I think it become more strange when I know his phone is locked now” Sho take a deep breath.

“Maybe he have a photo that he doesn’t want you to know.”

“Or maybe he cheating...” Sho whispering in a deep frustrated.

“Ouh, God! Nino will not doing that. Well, he can be a cheating but not with woman or any man in this world since he really have a deep love with games. You know better than us, I think” Ohno said as he patted Sho’s shoulder.

“That’s rare to hear you talking like that, Riida” Sho chuckled.

“That’s Nino we talking about, right. And that’s what I know about Nino. He will never cheating. Trust me” Ohno give Sho a big smile. Reassure him.


The next day

Sho think he maybe or should apologize to Nino. Not just because he feel sorry, but also want to know the password of his phone. He really decide to apologize. But every minute after the day he found Nino’s phone locked, he always keep repeat “There is must be something inside his phone. Must be”in his mind.

 “Nino...?” Sho call his name.

“Um..?” the gamer only humming to answering it. He still give me that pouty lips. If you know how much I want to kiss your lips now.

“I’m sorry for yelling and shouting at you yesterday, at greenroom” Sho start to apologizing. But Nino just humming. He never leave his sight from his DS. Sho sighed.

Well, here we go. Let’s try this. Sweet tone. Checked.



“May I know your password phone?” Nino bulged his eyes and give him a death glare.

“Please~?” Sho asking again with whining and very tiny voice. Nino snort.

“No. And never” he said with his concentration return to his DS and leaving Sho in living room alone. He already handle the knob of their room when he turn his head at Sho and say,

“Just try it and I ensure you... you will never get my password.”

And he open the door and dissapear into the room. Leaving Sho with pouty face.

Oh, okay. You want to play a game? Let’s play then.


The other day....

“Nino-chan~” Sho call him.

“What is it, Sho?”

“Do you want to accompany me to have a lunch?”

Nino didin’t give his answer quickly. He looks like thinking something.

“I think I’ll stay here” Nino take his phone from his pocket and busy with it.

What exactly the password... really, I want to know.

“Why you staring me like that? Is there something on my face?” Nino asking him, let his phone on his lap. Sho shook his head.

“Nothing. Just... do you want some hamburger? I will buy one or two or... even five for you” they staring each other.

“Maybe one. It’s enough for me. I already give my best to release my one pack system. I don’t wanna do something like ‘diet’ or any kind of sport again.”

Sho nodded.

“As exchange...” Sho walk closer to Nino, get his attention back to him. “... you have to tell me your password.”

“Oh...” Nino quickly lock his phone again. “I cancel my order, then” Nino looked at him with a smile. No... maybe you can call it as smirk. Sho frowning. No!His inner mind screaming.

“Really? I can treat you now, you know. For five hamburgers” Sho reassure him.

“Are you underestimate me, Sakurai-san?” Nino laying his phone on couch and he stand up, facing Sho with that smirk and his hand crossed on his chest.

“I have much money to buy the hamburger restaurant for myself, just in case if you want to know.”

Nino take his phone and walk away from the greenroom with Sho who still stand on his spot with his shock face.

I never know if he can said something like that. Okay... this plan can’t be work. He can’t be persuaded with treat anymore. Now I have to find something else to make him talk.


The other day...

Sho make sure once again with his head looking around right and left from the front door. Nino forgot to bring his phone. This is his chance to open that phone.

Okay, Nino still not home yet. I have to quick.Sho run faster into their bedroom and take Nino’s phone.

Hmmm... wait. I don’t know what the password. Maybe I have to try his birthday?

Sho typing on that screen. And... failed. Wrong password.

Sho frowning. Not his birthday. Then... what is the password?

For a moments he silence. His brain trying any combination and possibility for Nino’s password. Suddenly, his face become red.

Ah! Or maybe... my birthday?

He typing. Wrong password.

Sho outcrying. Messing his hair.

His mom’s birthday?  Wrong password.

Hmm... our first time date?  Wrong password.

Wait! Wait! Let’s thinking, Sho. Thinking. He really love games. A gamers. And also a magician. If I have to put his ability are also singing, dancing and his bratty side. Let’s try with Mario Kart then.

Just in time Sho typing...

“Tadaima~” Nino greatings from the front door.

OH, NO!Sho quickly put the phone back to his previous position. He patting his cheeks.

Being normal... let’s being normal. Don’t make him know. No, no, no...

“Okaeri, Kazu” Sho come out from the bedroom and hug his lover.

“Eh? I think you already going for your work” he said as Sho let him kiss his lips.

“Nope. They said the take postponed for hour. So... I’ll wait for my manager to take me there.”

“Sho-chan? Why are you sweating?” Nino asking him.

Oh, God! What are you, Kazu? A lie detector?

“Well, then. Let me put this in the kitchen and change my clothes. Wait... I’ll make you a breakfast” and Nino gone to kitchen leave him alone in the living room. Sho let himself laying on couch with his hand on his forehead, massaging it.

I hope he didn’t know if I...

“SHO-CHAAAAN!!” after a while he can hear Nino’s screaming fill all the house.

Yes, here we come. He is calling.

“Are you trying to open my phone now?” Nino already stand behind the couch.

Sho trying to not panic as he sit. “No. Why you asking?”

Nino is smirking. He is smirking...

“Don’t playing a dumbfounded here, Sho-chan.”

“Do you have a proof?” Sho asking with a flat tone. Be calm, be calm...

“This phone is my life and I can feel this phone warmer than it should be. So I know what happend to my phone!” he shouting.

“Oh... I thought DS, X-box, PS and every games you have are your life.”

“Yes. They are too. But now my phone is more important.”

 “And now you replacing me with your phone” Sho stand up from his seat.

“Not replacing. Just...”

“Just what? Ninomiya Kazunari?” Sho walk closer to him.

“I have my reasons for my phone” and he turn around to leave Sho.

“Stay there!!” and now is Sho’s turn to shouting. And that’s make Nino frozen at once.

Maybe Sho is a beautiful man ever in Nino’s life. He can be so romantic, sweet, cute and also have a good charming. He can take control of his temper too. Who can’t stand away from him? Even Nino can’t. But Nino know more about Sho. He can be a devil when he angry. That’s why he really stay away from angry Sho.

Until Sho’s word make him froze on his spot right now.

“What are you trying to hide from me, Kazunari?” Sho walk closer and closer. Slowly. Nino’s sweat running down to his cheek.

“N-nothing...” he trying his best to hide his cracked voice.

That’s it Nino. I can’t wait any longer. Let me show you my power now.

“If there is nothing...” Sho already stand in front of him, “...pas your phone and give me the password.”

Nino grip his phone. “Never...” he whispered with a tiny voice.

Sho sigh. He close his eyes and with sudden movement, he make Nino’s back facing the cold wall. Nino stratled.

“I’m warning you, Nino. I’m tired waiting. And now I can’t handle my anger anymore” his voice become more husky, making Nino trembling.

“Sh-Sho?” he can feel Sho’s hand on his neck and cheek. Suddenly he force Nino into a rough kiss. At first he just groaning. He surprised. Sho force him to open his mouth but Nino keep his mouth close because he know what will going next. Until he can’t let it anymore and he open his mouth to let Sho’s tongue exploring his mouth, roughly.

Sho broke the kiss. He move a little to have a good view of Nino’s face, gasping. Trying to catch every air around them.

“Tell me the password” Sho’s voice become husky it’s so dark for him with his hand traping Nino’s small body between him and wall. But Nino still being a stubborn.

“N-no...” he said.

“Stubborn. As always” Sho take Nino’s hand and drag him into the bedroom. He push Nino to bed. Landed hard on the mattress.

“You want to try my game?” Sho unbotton his closthes and toss it somewhere else. Nino gulped.

“W-what game?”

“A silence game.”

“....” Nino trying his best to move but Sho already—once again—trapping his body with his hand.

“Let we see, how long you can keep silent, Kazu.”

“But you have to work, r-right?”

Sho was smirking, “Oh, no... Kazu-chan. I have my day off today”

“Let me fuck you until you lost your stubborness from your head...” Sho remove Nino’s t-shirt roughly. Nino trying to release himself from Sho, but it just useless. Sho’s more powerfull than him.

“Let me fuck you until you lost all the words in your head...” this time, Nino’s jeans lost from his legs.

“NO! Sh-Sho!” Nino gasping, still trying to stop Sho.

“Let me fuck you until you screaming the password...” and now Sho already turn him around, make him on his hand and knees facing the bed.



Sho wake up from his sleep after their sessions. It’s already night. He look at his side. Nino is there, sleeping soundly. His chest up and down with a steady breath. Sho smiling as he caress Nino’s hair and cheeks. Suddenly he remembering something. Ah! The password.

He move from the bed slowly, didn’t want to make his lover to wake up. And he take Nino’s phone.

How many rounds I already done to him just  to make him tell me the password. He really stubborn. Sho sigh.

Slowly he typed the password on the screen phone. It work. That’s really the password. At first, Sho think Nino give him a fake password.

He explore the message and email. There are nothing more than just messages and emails from Nino’s manager, arashi members, his mother, from him (of course), and some invitation for parties, drinks, dinner, lunch. There is nothing serious. Just normal messages.

He try to exploring the galery. And he found something interesting.

He found his picture. In many photoshoots he already taked long time ago, especially from An-An Magazine, naked. Many his photos  in every daily life, in every poses, every chance that Nino can have to take his pictures. Sho when reading, when he talk to the others, when he watching TV, when he sipping his coffee, when he sleep, when he laugh, when he smile, even when he just stand beside elevator door

“That’s so many...” Sho whispering.

“That’s because I miss you” he hear Nino’s voice. His voice still sounds weak. Sho turn around and take a seat beside him. Caress his lover hair and kiss his cheek.

“Ohayou...” Nino say as he rubbing his eyes with his back hand. He look around and found it’s already dark.

“Gomen... Am I hurting you? I’m to rough and harm you to much...” Sho said as he rubbing Nino’s neck. There are much mark and some bruises from him. But Nino shook his head.

“No. You are not hurting me at all” he nozzling his nose to Sho’s neck. His favorite spot.

“What did you mean with ‘miss you’ before?” Sho asking him. A second later, he can see Nino’s cheeks become redden, shy. He pull the blanket, trying to hide himself from Sho. Somehow Sho found it to cute to resist.

“Hey... Kazu? Tell me...” this time Sho is the one who nozzle at Nino. “... please?” he kiss his lover cheek again.

“Well... hmmm, where I have to strat, now?” he ask shyly. Still pull the blanket around him.

Sho smiling. “From everywhere is okay for me”

Nino looks like think before he humming something.

“Hmm... Well, I know you have... um, so many many many works to do and so I am. But, as far I know and I saw you even didn’t have your time for yourself. Everytime you have a free time, you spend it for increase your knowledge... for your News Zero” Nino look at Sho who give him full attention to hear his story.

“... and I didn’t want to distrub you for myself. I mean, I didn’t want my stubborness become your preclusion. I know you have much works to do. For Arashi, for fans, for your family,for yourself and maybe even for me. I didn’t want to ruin your jobs... and... and...” suddenly he can feel a kiss on his forehead. That’s surprised him. It was a long kiss. Even both of them close their eyes to feel the warmness around them. Not so hot as their sessions but that’s the sweetness and warm kiss Nino ever have.

“Why you didn’t tell me before? Hmm?”  Sho hug Nino into his embrace.

“I... I just feel... I can’t always being stubborn.”

“You can always being stubborn around me, Kazu” Sho kiss his crown head and caress his hair and back.

“You can always tell me what are you feeling, what do you need. Just being stubborn for me it’s okay. Because... I can’t read your mind, you know” Sho let off Nino from his embrace. Looking at his face, into his deep eyes.

“Hmm... okay. I’m sorry then” Nino said as he lower his head.

“And... why you locked you phone then?”

“I didn’t want you find your photos—well, so many in there—in my phone. That photos to distract me from missing you. It will embrrassing if you know I am a stalker” Nino’s pouty lips inviting Sho to kiss him.

“Cutiee~ My lover is my stalker. You should know how happy I am” Sho grinning like an idiot. But that’s action only make Nino red in shyness.

 “Baka...” Nino said as he pull Sho into another kiss.


“I can guess your problem already solved?” Jun asking when he can’t handle his curiousity because since morning this couple take a seat side to side.

“Um... hmm... yes. Already solved” Sho answer it with a little confused.

“Well... that’s a good couple then” Ohno said. As he look at Nino who have a big smile on his face. that’s look cute for him.

“Hmm... anoo. Where do you know we are couple?” Sho finally ask.

The rest of Arashi members gasp.

“How did you forgot it Sho-chan? Yourself tell us before?” Aiba shouting at him, surprised. How well this Sakurai Sho can forget something important like that?

At the other side, Nino still sit calmly beside Sho with his DS on his hand. Pushing the buttons to win his game. But still hear all the conversation.

“EH? When? How...? How did I told all of you?”

“Oh, WOW! Our Sakurai Sho must be to shocked when he knew his lover phone locked. Even he didn’t remember he already told us before” Jun chuckled and so Aiba and Ohno.

Sho just frowning. Try his best to remember part by part. It’s not easy since his anger and shockness make his mind foggy from that day. And suddenly he remember and make him jerk off from his seat. With screaming until top of his lung.

“Oh my god! Can you stop it! You make us scary!” Aiba hit his shoulder.

“Kazu!” Sho shake Nino’s body.

“Oh, it’s okay, Sho-chan. At least you make our relationship officially among them” Nino still being calm.

“But, but...”

“It’s okay, Sho-chan. Finally you told them about us...” Nino steal a kiss from Sho’s lips.

“Okay, okay. Keep that lovey-dovey session for yourself. Don’t show that for us” Jun protest.

But that only make Nino want to teasing him more.

“Well, if you say so...” with one movement Nino pull Sho into another hot-kiss to show off.

“Aawww... don’t you think they are so sweet??” Aiba really love that scene. Ohno just stared at them with blankly. He want to faint but didn’t want to skip this rare view.

“Eeww! You guys! STOP IT!!” Jun screaming


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Title : Black Silhoutte
Pairing/group : Arashi
Length : oneshot
Rating : PG
Genre : horror (a little, I think)
Disclaimers: only the plot because this based on true story *not in Arashi's life, of course*
Warnings : (Beta-self/unbeta-ed) English not my mother language. I’m really really sorry for (a lot of) the grammar mistake. I’m sorry for bad giving rating, summary, genre and plot and everything.
Summary : Sho felt uneasy all day and Ohno seeing something behind Sho.

Please enjoy the story~ \^ - ^


Sho felt uneasy all day. He felt his shoulder so heavy these days. But he ignored it. Of course, because of the professionalism he owned and highly valued. He could not complain just because the pain in his shoulder. While Nino, during a concert could survive with the pain he suffered.

But getting midday, his shoulders getting more heavier and hurt. His neck felt very tired even to hold his own head. And the more he could not tolerate the pain.

He turned to the other members of Arashi. Still busy with their activities. Nino with Nintendo in hand, Aiba busy tell Jun his story while Jun was busy with a fashion magazine, occasionally muttering to answer Aiba who still told him his story. And Ohno, eh...? Sho saw Ohno had been looked at him with a look I-want-say-something but remained silent. When their eyes met, Ohno immediately dispose of his view from Sho to the magazine he was holding. Sho frowned.

Is there something he wants to say? Sho thought.

After filming they back to the green room for get ready back to home.

"Jyaa nee~ minna. Otsukaresama deshita. I'm go back first..." said the gamer waved his hand and left the room after the other replied him. 

"Well... then, me too. Otsukaresama deshita. See you tomorrow" Jun follow Nino come out while carrying the bag.

"Otsukaresama deshita ..." said the three of them.

"Aiba, you don’t go home?" Sho asking.

"No. I'm waiting for my manager. He said he would buy me a drink tonight. Tomorrow I'm off." a smile grin on his face. Sho just smile back at him.

Sho looked at Ohno. Once again he found the older stared silently. This time, his curiosity getting bigger when Ohno approached him.
"You do not go home, Sho?" said Ohno. Sho shook his head.

"I have News Zero later. Is there something wrong, Riida? You look like want to say something to me." Ohno silent for a moment.

"Hmmm... Want me to massage your shoulders?" he asked suddenly. Sho increasingly confused. There is something strange about Ohno attitude today. Not usual thing he offered himself without any important matter.
"Hmmm... of course. My shoulder had been hurts all this day. Maybe your massage can help me getting better."

"Then Sho-kun, just have to sit and relax. I’ll massaging your shoulder" Sho also obey the leader then Ohno start massaging his shoulder.

"Ah... Riida. I want some massage too on my shoulder~ "Aiba said spoiled them. They both smiled.

"Later Aiba-chan. After Sho" said Ohno with hand still massaging Sho’s shoulders from behind the sofa. Somehow it feels very soothing when Ohno started massaging him. The Leader’s hands really highly skilled with this massage stuff. Sho even give a relieved sigh a moments after Ohno started massaging his shoulder. This is what he needed from the beginning.

"How is it? Feeling better?" Ohno asked between his busy hands still working massaging Sho’s shoulders.

" Hhmmm... It feels very good Ohno-san. If I know this way can make me better I’ll asking your help from the first" said Sho with relief. Ohno smiling. For afew minutes he still massaging his shoulder.

But Ohno suddenly stopped. Ohno can't hide his surprised when once again he see that thing,fortunately Sho and Aiba didn't see him. Because he can't feel leader touch anymore, Sho then looked at Ohno who stands behind him. He found the pale-faced of the older.
"Ohno-san ..." Sho call. Ohno looked surprised when Sho calling his name. Made him back to himself.

"Ah... Yes?"

"Why stop?" Ohno confusion want to answer him. Then he looked at Aiba who busy opening a magazine in front of him. Ohno immediately pointed towards Aiba.

"I-I think this time... it’s Aiba turn." he said then go to the back of the Aiba couch.

"Wow? Really! It’s my turn now? Yatta... thank you, Leader. Aahh... Sho is right. It feels very nice and comfortable" Aiba murmuring when Ohno start to massaging his shoulder.

Sho just stared at him with confusion. But then his gaze diverted to Aiba is brushing his arms.

"What happend, Aiba-san?" Sho asking. Aiba staring at the floor with silent.

"I don't know. But for some reason lately it feels very cold... this is not good." Aiba whispered as if he talking to himself while still brushing his arms. Ohno fetch the jacket. "Ah... thank you." Aiba immediately put it on.

"Eh? Cold? Is it really cold, huh?" Sho muttered, glance on the direction of the air conditioning in the room. See temperatures in the remote control does not seem too cold.

"Maybe he was not feeling well, Sho" said Ohno while still massaging Aiba. Well, for sure he know what's going on. But can't say it.

"Ah... might as well." Sho said looked at Aiba who had close his eyes easement when Ohno massaging his shoulder.

"Ah! Oh-chan! I have to go. Looks like my manager had call me. Ah! Yabai!" Aiba cried, reaching for his cell phone and look at the display. His manager had called.

"Hehe... Gomen, Ohno-san, Sho-chan. I had to go first. Bye bye..." Aiba grabbed his bag and waved his hand toward the two of them.

"Bye-bye, Aiba-chan...!" Said Sho and Ohno waved back. And the greenroom door closed and returned to silent again. Sho keep silent. Likewise with Ohno.

Something makes Ohno curious to staring at Sho who still in his daydreaming. A moment later, Ohno turned pale--again. something which he thought was just a coincidence, it's actually a real. Black silhouette—which actually somehow looks more like shadows—is around Sho. Enveloped him. Turned into a shadowy nightmare for anyone who be hemmed in that nightmare. Ohno gulped, frightened.

"What happend, Ohno-san? Is there something wrong? You look pale," the younger asked, already staring straight toward Ohno. Ohno immediately shook his head quickly. Tried to go back to his reality. Once again he trying to catch the silhouette. But that silhouette was gone. Then he look at Sho, trying his best to smile.

"N-No nothing. There’s nothing Sho. I think I should go home now. I think you should immediately go to the studio too, right?" Ohno said with smile. He tried to hide his mind.

Sho nodded. "It looks like I'll be leaving now" Sho took his bag and also Ohno’s bag. And give it to the owner.

While walking out of the room past every corridor, Ohno looked at Sho who walked in front of him. He tried to find the silhouette again of Sho’s back. But it looks like the silhouette is pop up and dissapear at certain moments.

"Jyaa-nee, Ohno-san. Otsukaresama deshita. See you tomorrow.." Sho waved as he walked away from the lobby. Ohno could only halfheartedly waved his hand toward the younger who already running far with back turned.

"Jyaa... otsukaresama, Sho-san..." he whispered as if talking to himself. Shortly the silhouette was seen again behind Sho in Ohno’s eyes and then disappeared again, just like in greeroom. Ohno held his breath. He knew something bad will happen. Something bad will be happend to Sho...


A/n : I know, it's really absurd and weird, right? Well, I this is only a random oneshot I think. Hihihi...
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Title : Jun Misunderstanding

Pairing/group : Sakuraiba/Jun/ slight Ohmiya (Arashi)

Length : Oneshot

Rating : PG

Genre : a little humor, friendship

Disclaimer : only the plot

Warnings : bad english. Really bad english. Bad summary and also bad with giving rating and genre too. I’m really sorry for my many mistake here and there.  m( _ _ )m

Summary : Jun hear Aiba screaming behind the greenroom door when he arrived.

Please enjoy the story.. ^ ^


“Aahhh... SHO... Harder.. Harder, please!!”

“Sshhh... Shut up Aiba-chan. Do you want the others or staffs hear you?”

“Just.. Just harder... Sho-chan.. Pl... Please...”

“Okay. Like this?”

“Aaarrghhh... YES!!! Like that Sho. Yeeess!!”

“For god sake shut up your mouth now.”

That conversation make Jun stop right in front of the green room. Just in time when he want to open the door. Aiba's screaming like in the pleasure but in the same time begging to the other, that mean Sho. Jun just stare the door blankly, he froze like a stunt.

Should I open the door? Should I? Jun thinking so hard.

“Sh... Sho-chan... Not there, not- aaahhhh....”

Once again he hear Aiba screaming something. Make him make a one step backward from his place.

It couldn't be... It couldn't be they do that right? In the greenroom? Right now? It's so early.... Jun thinking again.

“Sshhhh, Aiba! Should I cover your mouth with something?”

“Ouh.. Yees, please. Just... Just do what you think it sh.. should. And.. and we can finish this as soon as--” after that the only voice Jun can hear from Aiba's mouth, from behind the door, just a muffle, groaned, and moaned.

Until he can hear Aiba screaming something from his mind through his mouth and that must be covered by something from Sho.

“Wuuah... Arigatou Sho-chan. You really make me better now” looks like Sho release the cover from Aiba's mouth.

“Haii, haii... Your welcome then. Are you sure you wont to tell the other? I think they have should know.”

“No. Not now. That embrassing” Aiba chuckled.

And the door opened by someone from the inside greenroom. Aiba open that door. Seeing Jun stand with horror face, blank stare to the door, which is he staring at Aiba now.

“Eh? Junpon? Since when you...” the rest of the question, Jun can't proceed them. He only staring blankly to Aiba in front of him.Aiba topless? Aiba topless??? And Aiba look so in hurry to wear his white shirt now.

“I just arrived. Really.. I... I just arrived” he said it quickly and come inside the room, through Aiba with hiding his red face. There is no Sho. He must ne go to bathroom now. To hide or  erase their evidence. Yes, that must be...

“Are you okay? You really red there, looks like have fever” Aiba walk come near him. But Jun's heart pounding so hard even he afraid Aiba can feel that if he come closer.

“No. I'm fine really Aiba-chan.”

“Are you sure?” Jun nodded.

“Okay then...”

Aiba take a seat on the couch, in front of Jun. And both of them in deep silent. Jun don't know why his eyes trying to figure Aiba now,  but why it's feel so embarrassing at the same time for him. Suddenly he remember Aiba's screamed before and his face turn into a red again.

“Are you fine, Jun-kun?” a hand touch his shoulder gently, but Jun jumped from couch cause he truly surprised. And can see Sho's face frowning because of his reaction.

“Ouh.. My God! Sho-kun! I almost got a heart attack!”

“What's the matter? You look like saw a ghost now.”

“I... I...”

"What is it Jun?"

"Are you sick?"

"Eh? Don't tell me..."

“Did you...?”

“Did you hear us before?”

This time Jun silent when they keep throwing him questions. He confused. What should he answer? How should he answer them? Should he be honest? Or lie? He know it's rude to hear the others sex activity. But he swear, he even don't know they really do that. Right before he open the door. Right before he can stop his footstep and himself. His ears catch the voices just right when he reach the door and his body can't move after that. He want to run that time, but he can't. He don't do that on pourpose. Really. He can swear for that.


“I DIDN'T HEARD ANYTHING. I DIDNNNTTT!!!!!” and he run away from the greenroom, bumped with Ohmiya on the door and keep running again.

“What's the matter with him?” Ohno ask.

Nino just staring at running Jun and said, ‘I dunno’.

While Arashi shootinh for their TV Show, Jun can see something different. Aiba is not like ordinary Aiba. He keep clinging around Sho. That smile, maybe the others can see he smile like always. But he swear, behind that smile Aiba hide something in his eyes. Like to hide his painfull face. Sometimes his body jerked by itself. Sometimes his eyes closed with painfull look.

When they come to commercial break, Aiba pull the edge of Sho's t-shirt, make the latter look at him. Jun swear for the umpteenth time, he can see Aiba look more in pain now. And Sho just take a deep breath.

"Are you sure you can't wait?" Sho ask in whisper—even he try to make it in low voice, somehow for Jun, he can still hear that. And he see Aiba shake his head immidietly.

"But I'm sure you can hold that. Just for a moment, Aiba-chan. And I promise will help you" this time Aiba shake his head quickly.

“I... I can't wait Sho-chan. Can't wait for any longger than this. Please Sho-chan, help...” Aiba whispering. He give his teary eyes. Once again Sho sighed.

“Wait here. Let me ask the crew if we still have a little moment for you" and Sho leave Aiba to the crew.

Jun want to ask. Really want to ask. He want to know the truth. What exactly they do that morning in the greenroom? What exactly their relationship now? Why Aiba look so painful today?

Jun walk slowly towards Aiba. He want to ask. He really curious. But...

“Come on. Quick. We only have 5 minute until the commercial break end” Sho already pull Aiba's hand with him, away from Jun distance. Dissapear to the backstage. And Jun just staring at both of them.


“What??” Nino shouting to loud. Fortunately Jun can shut Nino mouth.

After Sho go to his next project and Aiba leave them to go back home first, Jun decide to ask Nino. But Nino’s reaction give him the answer if even Nino doesn’t know about this. But somehow, there is something wrong with Nino's reaction. Jun didn't know what is that for sure because his brain still in mess.

“Sshhh... You are to loud, Nino. The staffs can hear you” Jun take his hand from Nino's mouth.

“But.. But... Are you sure?”

“I.. I, um... Actually I'm not really sure. I just heard and now I'm curious. I want to ask. But that to embarrassing for me. I just think if you... Just if you knew about their relationship now.”

Nino shake his head. “And I know from you now. But if that's true, why they have to hide their relationship from us?”

“I don't know. Maybe... Because he don't want me to be alone.”


Jun sighed. “You know I'm Sho's fanboy right? And maybe, Aiba-kun want to keep it secret from me because he doesn't want to make me mad or jealous.” And then silence.


“And what Nino?”

“And what are you feeling now? Knowing about them?”

“I? Of course I will support them” Jun smile.

“Why you not asking them, then?” Jun and Nino surprised. They think Ohno already sleep on the other couch in that room.

“Geez! You make us scary!” Nino throw a pillow to him which is success catch by Ohno with smile.

“You have to ask them, Jun-kun. You know, you only heard them. Not saw they do that, right?” once again Ohno said.

“But, Ohno-san, they must be. Because... You know, they screaming like...”

“A couple rabbit have a sex” Nino try to full Jun’s sentence with a grin, make Jun blushed so hard.

“Why you always have a good description about dirty things?” Jun complaint to Nino as the gamer just give him a mischievous smile.

“Anyway... Just ask them Jun. Really” And Ohno lying to couch again. A minute after that he already in deep sleep.


Jun can't concentration with his mind the next day when he take a glance at Aiba and Sho who whispering each other everytime they have chance. Really... What are they talking about?

After a minute later, Sho leave them alone. Just Jun and Aiba. Jun’s mind suddenly remembering again about yesterday.

Oh, no! I can’t erase that one...

“Jun-kun...?” Aiba call him. Jun look at the older who just smile at him.

“You look so quiet yesterday and today. Is there something wrong with your day?” He ask again.

“Jun?” Aiba call his name again.

Jun take a look to Aiba’s eyes, straight to his eyes. That round brown eyes is so beautiful. There is no sign if he in bad mood or painful thing now. Maybe this is the great time asking?

“Aiba-chan? Can I ask you something?”

“Of course. Anything. What is it?” this man look very energic. Not like yesterday.

Jun take a deep breath and once again look straight to Aiba’s eyes.

“It is...”

“Aiba-chan!” suddenly there is someone who screaming his name. That’s Sho’s voice. He already stand in front of the greenroom door with a half of his breath. Looks like running to come here.

“I’m sorry Junpon. Wait for a minute, nee. I’ll be back” Aiba said as he go away from Jun.

Shit! Really big shit!! Why I can’t ask him? Why I can’t ask them??


“And let me guess... you stil can’t ask them, don’t you?” Ohno asking when they take a break. Jun nodded.

“I can’t. The timing always bad.”

“Maybe they really dating each other” Nino said take a look at the lovey-dovey couple—only in his mind—in front of them.

“Nino, don’t say that. You’ll make another gossip again” Nino just grinning.

“That must be great right?” he said

“You never know if you never ask. Just ask. Asking is not a crime” Ohno smile at Jun. And Nino just make an adorable pout face.

“Um~ you right, Leader. I’ll try to ask Sho-kun.”


“Yes, what is it Jun-kun?” Sho look at him. That smile so warm, reach his heart.

“Eh... I... I...” Jun so confused how to start.

“You know, Aiba tell me about you.” Sho put his newspaper down.

“He... He what?”

“He tell me about you. He worried about you. If there is something wrong, or there is something you wanna ask, or even for help, let us know, okay?” Sho gently pat Jun’s head. Ruffled his hair. Somehow, that make Jun feel a deep feeling inside his chest. And now his brain running to how he have to ask Sho about that thing.

 “So Aiba is right. There is something wrong, Jun?” Sho ask again while he take Jun to sit on sofa, next to him. Sho take the younger’s chin to face him. But Jun still make his sight on the floor.

“Sho-chan... you want some coffee? Oh... Hai Junpon! You want some cofffee too?” Aiba asking without seeing the situation. And he realize there is something wrong.

“What happend, Junpon? Are you sick?” he walk and sit on the floor near Jun and Sho to take a look Jun face clearly. But Jun just shake his head.

“I... I’m sorry...”

“Sorry? For what?”

“I accidentlly heard something that I shouldn’t heard...” he talk with a low voice.

“Heard something?” Sho ask. Jun nodded.

“I’m not on purpose to overhear you two, but I can’t leave from my place that time. I heard... heard...”

“Yes?” Aiba and Sho ask at the same time.

“...I heard Aiba screaming something. Like ‘harder’, 'more', 'not there' and another words. But... but I...” Jun keep talking like a running text until lose his words between his blushed face.

“Wow, wow, wow, wow... hold on. So you heard that?” Jun nodded.

“And you think we—me and Aiba—do ‘that’ thing?” Jun nodded again.

Aiba blushing and so Sho too. They take a glance each other without any word come from their mouth.

“Who said something like that?” Aiba curious. But his face already read because Jun use ‘Harder’ word to describe something dirty. On Jun mind now.

“Nino said, maybe you two dating” now the younger can face both of them. He try to be calm but he can't. He playing with his finger and edge of his clothes.

“If that's true... I just want to say congratulations. And want to ask, why you hide this from me? Is it because me being a fanboy of Sho? Or...”

“Stop! Stop right there, Junpon!” Aiba stand up and shake Jun’s body.

“I just ask Sho to help me about something. And that’s not ‘that’ thing. Or anything you think now or Nino think too” Aiba said. Jun can see Aiba just like a tomato now. And he staring at Aiba with blank stare.


“Jun-kun, Aiba get some allergy yesterday. And all of his body being itchy rash. He ask me to help him scratch his back. I actually want to give him the medicine but I forgot to bring it and also forgot the name of that medicine. So what I can do to help him just to scracth his back. I got the medicine to him after our shoot this day” Sho give him long explanation.

Actually, Jun understand that. He really understand the story. But what make him still can’t believe himself is why he think they really have a sex on greenroom?

“Jun? Junpon? Matsumoto Jun!” Aiba calling him while he wave his hand in front of Jun’s eyes.

“Oh... look. He really shocked now” Sho chuckled. Aiba just take a stepback and laugh.

“I... I... uh... ah... how I... Stupid me” poor Jun. That the only word that come out from his mouth.
“It’s okay, Junpon. Really. That’s my fault too, not telling the truth to all of you” Aiba smiling at him.

“I’m really, really sorry. That’s my... oh God...” Jun hide his face on his palm.

“Now. I think it’s a good decision to asking. What’s going on if you didn’t ask and have your broken heart for the rest of your life” Sho said. Jun blushed.

“Who said my heart broken?” Jun complaint.

“You said that, Junpon! About the fanboy of Sho” Aiba chuckled make the younger more and more red.

“Ouh! Stop it, Aiba-chan! It’s because you screaming to loud that time. Everyone can think something dirty.” Jun give him a death glare.

“Hahahaha... I can’t shut up my mouth. That’s my bad.”

“I already warn you about your scream, Aiba-chan. And look what your scream can do now" Sho said with pout face.

“Okay, okay... I’m sorry.” Aiba just laughing.


And now Jun can have a good sleep this night without that false imagination. His curiousity already release.


“Are you sure they are dating, Kazu? Because I’m not sure about that” Ohno ask when they are sitting on their living room in Ohno’s house while watching TV.

“Nah... that’s just my little suggestion for him”


Nino pause his game and face Ohno with boring sight.

“You know, Aiba get allergy yesterday. You can tell it from his skin which get redden. And I do that on purpose to Jun. I’m bored, Satoshi.” Nino relaxes his body and lay his head on Ohno’s lap.

“Such a little devil.” Ohnk ruffled Nino's hair softly.

And Nino just give him his trademark grin.

~~ end ~~

And here I am with this idea since a week ago because I'm still newbie and it is so embarassing. I know the story is not really impressive, but my friends keep telling me to publish this.

Let me know what you think about this one. Please feel free to give your comments and suggestions about this. ( ^ - ^ )

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Since I have a month--or more--holiday, free day, or whatever it called from my campus since a month ago, I don't have anything to do. Really. So maybe I'll re-watch every series I have in my harddisk and discs.

I'll started withNazotoki Wa Dinner No Ato De,after that maybe I'll watch Riida with his Kagi No Kakatta Heya. What make me fall in love with Arashi is this Riida's dorama.
*honestly... I really became their fans when I'm in grade 3rd senior high school. And yes, I know.. that's too late for me to realize their charms. But I already know them since I'm in junior high school. And that time I really deep in love with anime and vocaloid, so I don't really pay attention to japan artist or something like that.. Thanks God I buy that dvd (><。)*

Hmmm.... what next? Ah! I really love Last Hopetoo. Watch Aiba's big smile with doctor suit it's so kawaii~ I hope can find a doctor like him in real world. (≧∇≦)

Hmm, hmm... after that? What should I do? Maybe Platina Data?Cause Nino so mysterious and I love his double personalities.

Somehow, to seeing Arashi members wearing glasses make me more addicted to them. (≧∇≦)

Ah! Maybe Yamada Taro Monigatari and Kisarazu' Cat Eye can make me laugh. My mom love that, too. XD

What about Jun?Chocolatier No Shitsuren?Hmm I can't stand with so many 'that' scene, just like Nino. Hehe... but I love his expressions in that dorama. Lucky Seven?Hmm... sounds good. Or maybe I'll watch his movie, Hidamari No Kanojo?I love the plot of the story even I still can't understand the end of that movie. Hihi...

Any recommendation for me? ( ^ - ^ )

A.n/ actually I want to write another fic. But my mind still can't working. What should I do?
I have the ideas and imagination in my head, but I can't translate them into words. They always stuck in the middle when I write them TT--TT

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Title: Love Behind Jealousy

Pairing / Group: Ohmiya / Arashi

Rating: PG-13? / Oneshot

Genre: AU, Friendship, Fluff?

Disclaimers: just the plot. Not the Arashi TT--TT

Summary: Nino so jealous and (actually) Ohno too, but they can’t do anything because they just friend

Warnings: bad english (that will be really bad), I’m sorry for all grammar mistake in this fic, for the story if it’s not good enough,  for bad summary, for wrong to choose the words, for bad to give rating and genre, for all mistakes here and there. m- -m





"What? What do you want to talk to me again?" Nino shouted, throwing an angry glare at Ohno who tried to call him. Ohno was stopped on his spot.

'Kazu, I do not understand why you're so angry?'

"Oh, yes! Of Course. How could you know why I'm angry! Stupid me.” Nino resumed his feet leaving Ohno. But a moment later he heard Ohno had following him.

"Kazu, tell me why you're angry," said Ohno, catching arm Nino, make him stop walking to far. Quickly, Nino threw Ohno’s hand from his arm.

"Oh? And just now you asking me? And do not ever touch me again!"

"Kazu?" Nino exhaled. His face was still flushed with anger.

"You want to know why I'm mad? You, Ohno Satoshi. You're always talking about Sakurai-san this, Sakurai-san that. I knew he was the new kid in school, in our class. But that was a few months ago. And-and since when you called him Sho-kun ... ah no! Sho-chan, right? Why are you so pay attention to him, Satoshi? Why?"

"Kazu-I ..."

"You always talk about him! Argh, for God's sake. Don’t you think a little bit about me here? How do I feel? How do I feel when hear you talk to him, see him, and-and..” Nino can’t able to hold his breath and emotions. He squeezed the tip of his shirt in frustration. Until unwittingly, tear already flowing quickly. Fell right on his shoes.


"Just do not talk to me again!!" and Nino yelled and ran left Ohno who froze in his standing spot.


"Ohayou~ Oh-chan" Sho calling with cheerful tone as he gave a light pat on the other shoulder, making Ohno returned from his daydreaming.

"Ah, Ohayou Sho-kun" Ohno looked at him listless.

"Eh? What’s wrong?"

"No, nothing. Only a little problems” Ohno said, pulling out a book and pencil. Arranging them neatly on his desk.

"Ninomiya-kun, Ohayou!” Sho said, waving his hand toward Nino, who just give only a small nod. Ohno's eyes met his eyes that stared at Nino with guilt. Quickly, Nino dispose his eyes from Ohno.

"Hmm? What's wrong with him?" Sho muttered as he looked back at Ohno. Sho's face brightened immediately.

"You want to have lunch with me?" Sho asked again. Ohno—again—just give a small nod. Sho looked shouting merrily and started to talk about a lot of things while Ohno not really listen at him. His gaze fixed on Nino who sitting far away from his place. And suddenly he felt lonely.


"Ohno-san, we have to clean the class after this, right?" Sho asked while he ate his food.

"Ah, yes. I haven’t told my mother that I would be late" Ohno immediately took his cell phone and texting his mom.

"fortunately I told you. Ah! Ninomiya-kun. Want to join us?” Sho asked, waving his hand toward Nino who already hold a door knob classroom and his lunch box.

"I eat in the cafeteria" he said sarcastically, glancing and leave them. Sho tilted his head, confused.

"You know what's wrong with him?" Sho asked again looked at Ohno who stared at the classroom door left wide opened by Nino. He just shook his head. He not really sure what makes Nino angry at him.


"Haven’t I told you many times to tell him directly, Nino" Aiba said while eating a hamburger in his hand. Nino gave in return Aiba to listen his problem. They were sitting on the rooftop of the school, devouring their lunch. Better than in the cafeteria or in the park which are full of people.

"How could I tell him, Aibaka! What if he- "

"Hey! Do not call me like that or I'll leave you here with your problem!"Aiba stared annoyed, protest to Nino.

"Ah, Gomen, gomen. I mean, Aiba. How could I tell him? What if he doesn’t like me? You know, he-he might be away from me. Maybe he fall in love with girl in our class, or- "

"You have not asked him, how could you know?" the other, Jun, asked who suddenly was sitting next to Nino.

"Oh, my goodness, Jun! Where have you been?" hitting Jun’s shoulder who just chuckled followed by laughter of Aiba.

"You should see your face, Nino. Back to your problem, how do you know if you not ask him?”

"I have no idea. I just... that just my feelings. Maybe he doesn't like me" Nino looked down, staring at a pack of hamburger in his hand.

"Hmm... where did you know he's not like you?" Jun asked again as he straightened his legs.

"He was always talking about Sakurai Sho!" Nino said as he raised his tone, unwrapping the hamburger with full of emotion. Almost dropped before deftly captures the hamburger from fall to ground.

“Just Sho here, Sho there. Anywhere is SHO! Can’t he see me right there, always beside him?! All day? Why he didn’t talk about me, or him, or maybe talking about another topics?” Nino shouting again while eating his hamburger with irritated.

"Huh?? Impossible! You mean, Sakurai Sho ?! That Sakurai Sho?? " Aiba asking to hysterical. Nino stared annoyed towards Aiba.

"So could you tell me if there is another Sakurai Sho, huh? Of course not! One Sakurai Sho already make me get a great headache" Nino still raise his tone while Jun just chuckled at him. That’s not rare to see Nino like this. But when he already in that mood, he can be so funny for Jun. Especially when he talk to Aiba like this time.

"He...he is your classmate?" Nino nodded.

"Wuuuaaahh!! You're lucky, Nino. Can be classmate with him. I'm one of his fans. He was very great. Don’t you see basketball game yesterday? He's so cool!"

“I know. I’m in one team with him yesterday—if only you could see me at the edge of field, on the bench” Nino mumbled bitting his hamburger. Jun chuckled in silent.

“And-and you know? He also clever! Ooh, gosh... in fact, he always won various competitions. Maybe he’s smarter than what I had expected. I really wanted to be nearby with him. Maybe he could help me with lessons and-”

"Aiba Masaki! We're here to talk about my problems! Not talking about Sho that you idolize!!” Nino yelling at him while give a death glared toward Aiba. Aiba silent at that moment.

"Ah, yes. Gomen-nasai, Nino" grinned like an innocence boy.

"Mou~!!" Nino shouted while he ate his hamburger again with upset and emotional. And Jun laughed so loud at his friends.


"Satoshi, you've told your mother this day would come home late?" Sho approached to Ohno. Ohno did not respond immediately because he was so distraught with Nino’s anger. All this week Nino avoid him. Refused to talk to him. Refusing to simply turned and looked at him. It may even refuse to recognize his existence in the same room.

"Oh-chan?" Sho call again. This time, Ohno looked at him, smiled and nodded. Other students seemed busy with their each bag. It's time to go home.

They immediately did cleaned their class. A moment later they heard the door opened.

"Ano ... sumimasen~. I want to meet Ninomiya Kazunari” said that boy, Aiba. Behind him there is Jun.

Sho looked at the boy who was standing in the doorway, staring at him. Yes, there is Jun. But focusing only on Aiba in Sho’s views. He looks radiant and so cheerful. Shortly makes Sho blushed without reason.

"Eh? Ah ... Ninomiya-san? He-he was there" Sho replied, pointing to the Nino’s bench without leaved his sight from Aiba. Jun seemed to look on the direction which gived by Sho, after that he just titled his head while look back at Sho.

"But he's not there," said Jun. That's when Sho realized. He stared at Nino bench.

"Are? Hahaha... sorry. I think he was still there. Because he was sitting there, moment ago.” Aiba chuckled and then walked towards Sho and Ohno.

"Long time no see, Ohno-kun" says Aiba with a grin.

"Long time no see, Aiba-chan. You, too, Jun-kun " Jun waved his hand toward Ohno.

"And you must be ..."

"Sho. Sakurai Sho" said Sho quickly giving his hand to shake. But Aiba giggled even louder. Somehow it looks sweet in Sho’s eyes.

"You are too formal, Sho-chan" Aiba said, trying to wink—which is actually end up with failing wink— while he take Sho’s hand to shake it back. Shortly, heard Aiba call him with that name made his butterfly in his stomach fly. Aiba’s hand is so warm when held his hand gently. Also his smile. If he is not careful, he might end up in Aiba’s hand melting like an ice cream.

"Ah... Oh...  S-sorry" Sho muttered embarrassed. Instantly turned to red. Aiba just give him another sweet smile.

"You don’t have to tease him, Aiba. He already melting when you talk to him from the doorway" said Jun from the direction of the seat next to Ohno. And Aiba just give a chuckled. But Sho became redder than before.

"Aiba-chan? Jun-kun? It's been a long time wait for me?” Nino come in front of the door.

"Geez, Nino. You said you were going home together. But when we come you even not in your class. Did you forgot it?"  Aiba asked as he removed his hand from Sho and go towards Nino. Sho sighed. That warm hand go away like that.

"Sorry. I was from the bathroom. Let's go home "said Nino, taking his bag on the table.

"Kazu, can I go home with you?" Ohno quickly asking him with puppy eyes, of course. Nino give him another cynical glance.

"No.." Jun feel sorry to Ohno who already sighed hardly. He knew this two of his friends still unfinished their problems at all. He knew how stubborn Nino and how slow Ohno in calming and catch Nino’s feelings towards him. And he didn’t want to be among this cold war.

"Aiba-san!" They all looked at the one who screaming. Sho. Even Sho looked surprised with his own voice.

"May-May I... go home with you?" Sho quickly. Nino and Aiba looked at each other.

"Be-because we had just met. And I want to know more about you" said Sho with so much nervous. He looked at Aiba.

"That’s sound good for me" Aiba answered without consent with Nino, which is makes Nino looks increasingly annoyed. And Jun are looking away from Nino who is angry.

"Ano... I seem to have to go home first. My mother is waiting for me at home. Jyaa nee ... "Jun immediately run left the Nino’s classroom.

"Eeeh ?? JUN!!" Nino cried, stopped at the door while pursuing Jun. But Jun had gone too far away from his range.

Nino—again—give annoyed stare toward Ohno still who still see the floor and then looked at Aiba, who grinning like an idiot at him.

"Aarrghh ...!"


"Aiba, why are you even allow him?" Nino whispered, elbowing Aiba that walks next to him. He stared at his back, Sho and Ohno walked behind them. Ensuring the others didn’t hear him.

Aiba just grinned. "He asked me to back home together. That mean you can go home without me, Ninomiya-kun. That mean just Iwho he asked to back home together." Nino just make a pouty face. "Beside... I'm Sakurai Sho fans. This is a rare opportunity because I'm not in his class. "

"Ano... Aiba-san" call the latter. Nino and Aiba stared at their back. Sho looked at Aiba with a beaming, while Ohno still walking with his head down. Looked desperate.

"Yes? What is it?" Aiba asked curiously. He immediately walked next to Sho. And a few moments later they were in familiar conversation. Nino rolled his eyes in disgust and walking quickly, leaving the three of them.

"Shit! How could he leave me for that man!" Nino just cursed with a small voice.

Without them knowing , their feet move so quickly for Ohno who lagged behind their with his daydreaming. As he looked at his friends who had walk away in front of him, he tried to speed up his footsteps, but...

"Aauuch!" Ohno voice made them all aware of his existence and look up to him.

Ohno had fallen with his face to the ground. Not moving.

"EH ?? Ohno-san ?! "

Aiba, Sho, and Nino quickly ran toward Ohno is lagging far behind them. Helping Ohno got up from the ground.

“Are you okay?” Nino asked him quickly when Aiba and Sho helped him sit on the edge of the road.

"Ah.. I'm okay" said Ohno, trying to clean up his shirt. Suddenly ...

"AAAAAHHHH!!! Satoshi! You..." Nino cried again pointing at him.

"What is it, Nino?" Aiba asked, glancing at the same direction as Nino. Likewise with Sho.

"Oh My God!!" they chanted together. Ohno is still confusion staring at the three of them.

"What?" That's when he felt something strange. Something seemed to flow from his forehead and to his nose. He touched his forehead and he saw the blood on his hands.

"Eh? Blood?... " and again, Ohno collapse. This time at Nino's hand. Sho and Aiba just back screaming hysterically.


Ohno blinked his eyes which is feels heavy to open. His body didn’t seem want to move. He heard someone talking, seemed to him. But he was not sure he heard it. Is that so familiar voice, the voice of Nino.

"You wake up ..." said Nino. Ohno finally able to open his eyes. The first face he saw was Nino with a face relief. He felt his hand so warm because Nino was holding to it.

"Kazu ..." Ohno call with a weak-even almost silently. Nino caress Ohno’s cheek gently.

"You should rest. Ah... I'm going to call yout mother" when Nino will leave him, the other quickly grabbed Nino to prevent him go away.

"Stay here ..." he said.


"Stay ..."

"Your mother have to-"

"Please, Kazu ... Onegai" Ohno said with a pleading. However Nino desire to get away from Ohno, if he has given a look like that, Nino will not be able to resist that. Nino sat back in his place while holding back Ohno’s hand and hooking their fingers together. Ohno feel the warmth is returned and it gets warmer and so close to his heart.

"You know I'm still mad at you" Nino said break the silence of the room between them.

"You know, I do not understand the reason behind your anger at me if you didn’t talk it to me" said Ohno who closed his eyes. He wanted to feel the warmth of the hand Nino gave.

Nino didn't answer Ohno's words. The silence enveloped them back.

"Are you jealous?" Ohno suddenly asked him. Nino suddenly become awkward.

"EH? Eh...? jealous of what? For what should I be jealous? I... I... "Nino paused. The sentence has not been resolved and he looked down with a sigh.

"... I’m nothing to you" said Nino with a small pitch. More sounded like people were lackluster. Ohno looked at him. He gently touched his chin and lifted Nino’s head so he can see his face clearly.

"You know, you look cute when you got jealous like that" Ohno said as he gave a sweet smile. Instantly Nino's face flushed like a tomato. "And also when embarrassed like this" said Nino Ohno, stroking his cheek gently.

Nino put her hand over Ohno, following the movement of his hands still stroking his cheek. Nino closed his eyes, enjoy it. It has been a long time since he was so angry and jealous of Ohno because he prefers to talk about Sho. Perhaps he was a nothing for Ohno, but as soon as all matters relating to Ohno, Nino couldn’t refrain from any emotion which he buried. Whether it's love or too jealous.

"Since the beginning I know you're jealous, Kazu" their eyes met. Nino looked startled and immediately put on a frown.

"If you already know why you still not doing anything for me?"

"Because I'm not other than your best friend, your friend, right" Ohno said.

"Oh ..."

"Just Oh?"

"Then what I have to say?"

"Hmm ... maybe you should said, "will you be my boyfriend? "Or " what if we are date?" Like that?" Ohno asked while playing his fingers on his chin. Showing the face of thinking that looks annoying for Nino.

"Huh? Why do I have to say it? "

"Because you were jealous first, right?"

"Doesn’t make sense. You're the one who supposed said that" Nino still put on a pouty lips. Somehow it looks fit with his face.

“Why me?"

"Because I'm afraid..." Nino looked at Ohno, "I'm afraid you doesn’t like me. Afraid you're going away from me when i confess you. I’m afraid you love Sho more than me" Ohno draw a deep breath. And he look at Nino.

“Why you think I like Sho?” Nino looks shock with that question. Oh, no! He even don’t know what have to say.

“I just... thinking like that. Because-” ah... he know what he have to said,“-because you always talk about Sho when you with me. Because Sho looks always smile bright when he with you. Because... you know... he sometimes call you Oh-chan. And that’s really make me can’t stand with it” Nino talk all his mind now. When he realize that, his face already hot. He wonder if that can make him look so stupid in front of Ohno.

“You have to know, because I don’t know what I have to talk about when I’m with you” Ohno sighed hard.


“When I’m with you I don’t really know what makes you can look at me from your games. I also got jealous because of your game make you not pay full attention to me” Ohno look at him with pouty face.

“So... that’s just to make me pay attention to you?” Ohno nodded.

“You use Sho as our topics?” Ohno nodded again.

“How could you do that to me?! Talk about another when you with me. That’s bad idea, Oh-chan.”

“Ah... you call me Oh-chan again” Ohno chuckled and smile gently. Nino silent. But he relieved he can take the jealous out from his heart.

"Want to be my boyfriend?" Ohno asked suddenly. Nino looked at him with bulging eyes. Ohno might be said if that eyes it could have jumped out from their places.


"Want to be my boyfriend?" Nino still silent with his mouth open. And Ohno still give him gentle smile.

"I really like you. I’m really love you. I don’t know since when, but I'm very sure I'm so in love with you" said Ohno again.

"This is confession of your I-love?" Ohno nodded.

"Hmm.  I... I..." Nino can’t answer quickly because a moment later Ohno had kissed his lips. Long and warm kiss

"I like you" said Ohno again.

"I-I ... I like you too," Nino finally able to answer that question.

"Never again left me walk alone" said Ohno while he back lying on his bed.

"It's all your fault. You in your wonderland. Beside... Every moment I'm around you, I feels difficult to speak and breath like normal."

Ohno grinning at him.

“And you, never, ever... talk about another man to make me pay attention to you. That's really make me jealous” Ohno nodded.

"And- and..." Nino suddenly feel shy to continue his sentences.


"And please let me be the one who can call you Oh-chan. I can't stand when there is another who calling you with that name. Especially Sakurai-san" Nino's shy so cute to resist for Ohno.

“I knew Nino,  I knew it since long time ago” Ohno said. Nino chuckled and give him a kiss on his lips.

That when the door opened by someone.

“OH GOD!! I shouldn’t open the door! I shouldn’t!!” Sho screaming like there was a fire in that room. Make the couple in that room stay away from each other. But Aiba just give a light pat at Sho's shoulder.

“Yeah... we shouldn’t open the door. Well then, enjoy your time!” Aiba close the door again.

“Make sure you have a condom there!!” Aiba yell from the outside. And some giggling can be heard from outside. Make them looked each other with a red face.



A / n : eeh ?? I realized after writing and re-reading this fic. Jun appears not really much! No! I'm so bad. I'm sorry Jun. Sorry .... m _ _ m

Please give me your comments. I would love to know what you do you think about this one. ^ ^

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Title: full moon night
Pairing/ group: Yama/ Ohno Satoshi, Sho Sakurai
Genre: Fluff, romance
Rating  : little supranatural, fluff?
Length: one shot/ 1263 words
Warning: Sorry for all the grammar mistake, sorry for to short, sorry for being not able to write properly. I’m so sorry  ( TT—TT )
Disclaimers: just the plot
Summary: Ohno can't do anything since it's full moon night and that mean he have to suffered with his abillity


Tonight is the full moon night. The night with the most beautiful month in every months. But not for Ohno. Full moon night is the most frustrating night for him. All the things he could still distinguish during the mid day will be so real to him on the night of the full moon. Everything is so difficult to distinguish, which one is real and which ones are just ride through this world.

Ohno sat on couch, hugging his knees, clutching his knees to the chest and put his head between his knees. Trying to get all the warmth that can earn as much as he can. He did not want to move from her seat even for a glass of water.

"Tadaima ~" Sho voice sounded from the front door. Ohno could only see from where he sat in the direction of the sound of Sho.

"Okaeri, Sho-chan..." Ohno replied quietly. Sho walked and sat nearby. Ohno stared at him intently, as want to asking for something. Sho pretended not to see it. He immediately took a remote control television on the table.

"Ah... what is interesting news today?" Sho said while changing the TV channel which Ohno watched before he came home. Ohno directly pouting. Sho saw it and chuckled. With exasperation he pinched Ohno's cheek and asked, "What happened?"

"I think you really know what's wrong, Sho-chan" said Ohno still pouting.

"I’ll take shower first" Sho kissed Ohno and immediately take a quick shower. Soon after dressed, he returned to where Ohno sat waiting for him. The older was still in the same position, hugging his knees. Sho just shook his head see him like that.

"You want to drink? Coffee? Warm milk? Tea?" Sho asking him. Ohno just shook his head. "Just want you" Ohno whispered briefly. His eyes remained fixed on that broadcast TV variety show.

"Then warm milk is good for you" Sho passed into the kitchen as he continued, "And also great for your height" and a moment later a cushion drift quickly towards Sho. With a chuckle Sho catch the cushion. While Ohno increasingly sullen.

Sho give a glass of warm milk to Ohno and put the coffee cup on the table in front of him. Ohno accept the cup contents of milk and then blow it. Somehow he looks cute in Sho's eyes while doing it.

"What?" Ohno asking sarcastically, glancing at Sho who kept staring at him.

"Nope. Nothing." Sho took his coffee cup and sip it little by little. Sho’s hand still do same channel scanning. Ohno was no longer staring at the TV, he concentrated on the contents of a cup of warm milk in his hand.

Sho occasionally glanced at Ohno completely noiseless. Only occasionally he heard Ohno blew on the contents of the cup.

"Is it still hot?" Ohno shook his head. And he keep do that. This time Sho shaking his head. He knows for sure why Ohno behave like that. He immediately put his coffee cup to the table and sat more closer to Ohno. There was no response from Ohno.

"Here" Sho took the cup belongs to Ohno. Ohno initially wanted to protest, but he said nothing. Sho put the cup on the table, near his cup. Sho looked back at Ohno who pulled his legs, back hugging his knees. Sho sighed.

"Here, here..." said Sho again, hugging the Ohno’s body, Sho stroking his arm and back gently. Ohno quickly improve its position in Sho's arms so he is more comfortable. He closed his eyes enjoying the warmth of Sho.

"How? Still cold?"

"Warm" said Ohno briefly anyway. Sho still stroking Ohno ’s back gently.

"Oh-chan... how does it feel?" Asked Sho again.

"Hnn? What feel?"

"How does it feel ... can feel 'they'?" Sho asking. Ohno eyes staring of the direction where he rested his head on Sho’s chest. Then he smiled.

"That feel was... sometimes annoying and sometimes it’s fine" Ohno replied back and buried his head on Sho’s chest again. He did not want to be separated from this embrace, especially for tonight.

"What do you mean with annoying and fine, Oh-chan?" Sho ask again.

"Seriously, I think we've talked about this before," Ohno didn’t move from its position.

"Hmm... but I want to know more. Well if you want to know what I think, Ohno, about the full moon night is the best-" Sho not finished his words because Ohno had looked at him with a sharp look as if it would kill him. Sho immediately shut his mouth. Oops!

"You don't know about it, Sho-chan!” Ohno start yelling at him. “They are exist, all around you, but the others can’t feel the same way I feel. You know they are so noisy, shouting, talking and whispering to one another-sounding in my ears-but other people do not hear them! You know they are passing by, drifting and sometimes appear and disappear, makes startled throughout the day. But other people don’t know about it!! They’ll think I’m crazy!!" Ohno shouted hysterically as he covered his ears. The tears out of his beautiful eyes. He bowed before Sho, began to cry.

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry, Oh-chan..." Sho said, he couldn’t bear himself to look at crying Ohno. He tried to make Ohno calm again.

"You-you don’t know how that feel... Sho-chan. It was very, sucks..." Ohno whispered between his sobs. "It's too terrible even on a night. Especially this night like this. They are look so real for me... I-I was annoyed..." said Ohno still sobbing.

The younger pressed both his hands to Ohno ’s hands which is still covering his ears. He pressed their forehead and hugged him tightly.

"Gomen-nee, Kazu. I will stop asking about it again. I'm sorry, Oh-chan... sorry" Sho said, kissing Ohno’s forehead to calm him. And Ohno began to calm down, his sobs began to decrease.

"I just want to be around you at a time like this. So I don’t need to see them. They can’t bothered me when I’m with you." Ohno whispered behind Sho’s warm embrace.

"I will always be by your side. I promise " Sho kissed leader head gently.

"Arigatou, Sho-chan."

"Hnn... Gomen-nee. I shouldn’t ask it."

"You're just asking at the wrong time" Ohno hug Sho tightly. Once again buried his head in the warm embrace it.

"Want to sleep?" Sho ask after several time they hugged, warmed each other. Ohno nodded. "We have to brush our teeth first, then.”

After preparing theirself and change their clothes into pajamas, they are cuddle on the bed, under a thick blanket. Ohno looked comfortable in Sho 's arms. Sho occasionally patting and stroking the back of Ohno. Occasionally he also kissed Ohno head gently. Just to make him relax and forget about 'the other'

"Oh-chan... you 've slept ?" Ohno shook his head .

"Sing me for me, Sho-chan” Ohno said, smiling .

"Eh ? Sing? What song should I sing for you" the younger looked confused .

"Anything. Just... sing . I don’t want to hear them. Just your voice is enough to make me sleep" Ohno said while he come closer into Sho’s embrace.

Then Sho start with muttered something. Remember a few tones. Then begin to sing some lullaby until he heard Ohno is so quiet breathing . He stared at Ohno, smiled and kissed his top hair head.

“You must be have suffered for all this time,” Sho mumbling. Ohno looks give some little movements in his arms. “I’ll always beside you. Always...” Sho give Ohno another kiss.  

And then he follow Nino to the world of dreams


P.s. when I post this, it's already 01.45 A.M. That mean, too early morning and still night. I can't sleep because of the same reason with Ohno in this fic, even when this night is still not the full moon night yet. (๑╯ﻌ╰๑) =3

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