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Title : Aiba Jealous and They Really Love Him
Pairing/group: Arashi
Length: One-shot
Rating: General
Genre: Friendship
Warning: grammar mistake. I'm really sorry for many grammar mistake. Really really sorry... and for simple but swirling plot. really really sorry (;>_<;)
Summary : Aiba got jealous to all his bandmates (Aiba's POV)


Jun look so excited today. He got another job. New drama.

"Congratulation, Jun," I shake his hand cheerful and give him some hug.

"Ah, domo Aiba-san. I never think I can get this drama. That's really amazing, right?"

"Of course you will get that drama. After all, you are the handsome man, J. And also good actor. I will wait your drama airing at the TV" I said with cheerful tone

"Eh? Really? I'm not that really handsome, Aiba. Well, maybe you right. Hahahaha..." Jun pause for a second and he look at me with sparkle eyes.

"You will watch it, right? You have to tell me how do you see and feel about my acting on that drama, ok?" Jun said.

I nod and smile brightly. "Don't worry. I will watch your drama. And I have a great feeling about your acting can catch anyone who see you"

"Thank you Aiba-san, you really make me feel better. I can't get the nervous away from me. Then, bye bye Aiba-san. I have to read the script for tomorrow"

"Okay then. See you again, J"

And the room back into deep silent. I staring at the door. I hope the other get something good today. Just like Jun.

I turn on the TV. This time for news zero. Ooh... There is Sho-chan. Waah... Kakkoi as usual in that suit. His charm is his cleverness, his skill as rapper, his good acting as an actor, his voice can make girls scream and also because he graduate from Keio University, too. Suddenly I chuckle when remember one fact. He really freak schedule. Sho have a tight schedule, in his job and maybe in his free life. He can't let himself late. I can say that the good thing but sometime scary me too.

"Aiba-san..." Someone call me from the door. That's Nino. He stand there as he close the door behind him.

"Yes. I am" I said. He giggle.

"I want to ask you something" then he come closer to me and sit next to me. He offer me some paper with many word on there.

"Can you please read these and give me your opinion about it?" He ask. I nod and take the paper. I read that. Such a beautiful lyrics and words... I wonder if this is his new song.

"Is it your new song, Nino-san?"

"Yes. I think to ask the manager to put this one in our next album. I already make the melody too. What do you think about it?"

"Well... I love how you pick this beautiful words Nino. This is so touching. I think this is will be a beautiful song."

"Do you think so?"

"Yes. Of course. Am I ever lying to you?" Nino looks like thinking.

"As I remember, you had lie to me in few times," he said with serious face. I gulped. Well, I remember that. When his birthday and a few times when I got bored.

"I'm so sorry for that..." He chuckle.

 "But now I'm not lying. Your lyric so beautiful. I bet you, manager will agree to put this one in our next album." I said again

He smile at me and hug me, tight than usual.

"Arigatou Aiba-san. I will ask manager than. see you..." He said. Then he go through the same door. Aah... Nino. He have a cute face. Very adorable. Even in his 30, he always look like still in 17. His voice is the higher in our group. I love hear his voice. He's a good actor, even before he go to hollywood he already being the good actor. His acting very touching. He can be everything. He can be a good person, bad person, annoying person, sad person, etc. He is prankster. His prank sometime really annoying, but sometime can cheer us. But just one thing can make him stand along at home, game. If I can say, he is the king of gaming world. He never want to do outdoor activity, he will choose his game of course.

Then the door opened again by someone from outside. That's our leader, Ohno Satoshi. He always look sleepy. Maybe his hobby after fishing and making some art thing  is sleeping. He can sleep anytime, anywhere. Oh, I have to tell you, our leader really good in art especially at painting. His paints very good. He can dance with a good moving. Just like not dancing. How I describe his movement when he dancing? That's very difficult for me. It's like the music is his soul and he let the music flow in his body. That's why I always amazed by him. "Hei, Aiba-san." He greet me with his sleepy eyes.

"Hai Ohno-san. Good job for you today."

"Good job for you, too." Then he sit at another sofa. He look at the TV.

"Genki desuka?" He ask me.

"Um... Genki desu. Why you ask about it? Am I look sick?" I ask with check my face at mirror. He chuckle.

"Nope. It just... You look not cheerful as usual, Aiba. That's why I think you get sick."

"Oh... Am I? Maybe I'm just tired," I said.  I can't tell him if I got jealous because of them right?

"Are you sure? If you have some problem, just let me know. Maybe I can help you."

My eyes staring at him. Full of hope, but I don't know what kind of hope that I really wish.

"Hmm... What happend? It's there trouble with your job?" He ask me as he sit next to me and rub my shoulder. I shake my head. Ah... He make me hard to hold my tears. Without my permission, the tears come down to my cheeks. I know how Ohno worried about me when I suddenly cry like this time.

"Eh? What hapend Aiba-san? Am I do something bad to you? Is there someone who make you hurt?" He ask again. I answer it with shake my head. "Then, why you cry like this. I can't read your mind, Aiba-san."

I just sob with silent. "I... I'm really jealous, ohno-san"

Suddenly he stop rubbing my shoulder. He look shock."So... You have girlfriend? Since when? Why I don't know about it?" He ask. I staring him with pouty face but tears still drop from my eyes.

"That's not what I mean, Ohno-san... This is not about girl."

After I said that, his expression more scaring me. He bulged his eyes and for a second I think his eyes gonna pop out from the place.

"ARE YOU GAY!!!" He ask with screaming like do some rock song. Even my ears can ring because of that.

"NOOO! Oh my god, Ohno-san. Can you be serious? You ask me and I answer you. But you didn't get what I mean!" I said with little angry and depressed. How this one can be our leader? Ah... I forgot, that because jankenpon.

"What happend Ohno-san? I hear you screaming like a rocker," Nino come in with a little worried face. We gazing each other then Ohno give some little cough"

"There is nothing Nino. It's just about Aiba. He said he jealous. So... I want to know about his jealous." He explain my condition.

Nino sit next to me, so right now I'm between them.

"So...? What kind of jealous and to who exactly you are jealous for." Nino ask.

"I jealous to you. All of you, guys" they look at me with question in his eyes.

"Jealous? To us? You mean, to your band mates?" I nodded. I wipe my tears and look at them.

"I jealous to you guys because all of you have many skill. You can make a great song, Nino. You have a good voice and you are good actor. And everyone really love you even you are the prankster." Nino grinned like a devil, agree with that statement.

" Ohno-san, you have many skill in art and your dance is very nice. Jun-kun is very great at acting and handsome, too. Sho-san, he is very intelligent and good with talking, some fans said Sho-san have a sexy lips too." I paused when I see they staring at me with some weird gaze.

"Aiba, are you realize you just said, Sho-san have a sexy... lips..." Ohno ask. Nino titled his head. I massage my head.

"I mean... Some fans said that, Ohno-san..! I just repeat what they said. That doesn't mean I said that in purpose. I just repeat, repeat..!" I explain what I mean and I got "ooh" from him.

"Why you jealous about it then? You have something too, right?" Nino said. I look to the floor.

"I just good with animal. I think..."

"Ah... That's your ability then" Ohno look happy as he smile at me. I just silent.

"Our fans are human Ohno-san. Human." I said

"Then your fans are humans who love you because you can make deal with animals" Ohno said. Nino just chuckle.

"Well, Aiba-san. You have skill to, you know that" this time Nino saying his word.

"We always jealous to you because you have will power. Every time we held a concert, you are the one who dance with your heart and your strength even that just rehearsal. I can't do that. Every time we can't laugh, you can make us laugh together. Every time we down, you always can make us cheerful. every time we need someone who want to listen us, you always there to be the listener even sometimes you ignore us."He look at me with his devil smile. I chuckle.

"That just sometimes right?" I ask. He nodded.

"The import thing is, because your cheerful is very very something that we really jealous about. How you can be so cheerful like that? What are you eat everyday?" Ohno ask. We just laugh.

"Well, that because I want to cheerful you guys. That's why I always tried my best to always smile and cheerful."

"Don't change that. We love you in your way." Nino said. And they hug me. Very tight. I can feel the warm of this friendship. I really grateful because I'm in arashi. I can find this people who love me without many complain. I can find my best friend, my new family, my home.

"Hey guys, what are you doing hugging Aiba like that? Are you guys gay?" Sho's voice from the door with weird stare gazing at us. There's Jun too.

"What! Of course not. I'm straight you know!" We said it together.

"Well then, I guess we interupt your activity. We will out again."

"Come, come Sho, Jun. All of you have to hug Aiba to..." Nino rush to Sho and Jun then pull them together, closer to me and Ohno.

"What? What happend Aiba?" When they saw some trail of tears in my cheeks, suddenly they got panic.

"Are they hurt you, Aiba? Are you got some trouble?" Jun asking. I shake my head with some smile in my face.

"Just hug me, Sho-chan, Jun-kun..." I whispered.

"Well we don't know what happend. But if that can make you feel better, okay then." Sho said and Jun nodded, agree with me.

"We will explain that after we hug him" Nino grinned. Once again, they hug me. Sooo tight. I can feel how warm they hug me. Ah... Maybe this is warm of friendship, right?

"I love you guys. I really relieve that I am in Arashi and can meet you guys."


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