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I just still can't understand how this (DW) work. Because I always update my Livejournal using some android applications but can't find an apps for my DW.
I always forget to check my DW account and get lost so many Arashi update from fanspages..  😢😢😢😢


May. 2nd, 2017 02:07 pm
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 I'm trying something that long ago I'm search for.
what is that? )and also trying crossposting, too
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 Uhm... I really want to know what actually they sing. the meaning behind that beautiful songs, rythme and music.
I found the I'll be There translation. but can't find for the rest 3 songs. 

haaah~ hope someone will make it soon. ^ - ^

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long time not see my baby LJ. huaaaahhhh! I miss my LJ.

as you know because of some issues about LJ, many of Arashi page moving to dreamwidth. this is really surprising me. shocked me really much, because I'm still new here and this have to be happenend to soon for me

so if you wanna know where I'm moving, I'm moving with the same username to dreamwidth.
let me know if you want to add me as friend.
hehehe... I'm still confused how to used it too so~ yeah... maybe the entries will same as LJ. XD

i'll keep my best to keep update here so this LJ will not dissapeare. well... I don't even know what will happend next. 
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 there are so many fans pages that have to move to DW. and I have to keep looking at my LJ so I can always update about their news and membership things...

so~ what should I do while waiting and keep staring at my LJ now? XD
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Yeay~ finally I make account in DW. hiksu~
It is because LJ already not https, nee(?) and there are so many Arashi LJ Community that move to DW.
So... I have to follow them too.
There is no reason for me to not following Arashi's news. hehehe

I have to learn how to use this. Still confused with LJ and now have to learn DW too. XD

If you want to be friend of me, let me know it. I'll not bite you. ^ - ^

Yoroshiku Onegaishimashu~


Mar. 15th, 2017 08:24 pm
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It's already March and i don't know what to do... hahahahahaa.... 😂😂😂

I'm worried fot my middle test and internship program for this middle year. Ouh God... how wish I could pass everything with good things

I'm also trying to make another fic but it always ended with me watching Arashi. Arashi's magnet is amazig, nee? XD

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For everyone who in Arashi fandom must be know about this. Hehehehe...

I am one of the people who get shock since I am very respect him.

May I describe how is my feel right now?

It's like I am watching my older brother getting close with someone and I still can't used with her. I can't accept her because I am feel jealous she can be so friendly with him.

But I know I am wrong. I know he deserve a good and better life with someone who he love very much. I can't make sure myself what should I do and feel.

It doesn't mean I am not agree if he have her as his wife it is just I have a time to get used.

That what I feel.

That mean I didn't.. once again I DID NOT DEBATING if I accept or not about their relationship, i am disgarer or agree with their relationship since I believe every fangirl are have different way to react and Sho with Ogawa have their mind and life too.

It is like I AM DEBATING IN MYSELF about what should I FEEL right now as fans here. It like a war inside my mind and my heart.

Not mean I WANT TO TAKE A WAR with ANOTHER FANGIRL. I just need time to used with the reality with stay away for a while from Arashi and everything that related with Sho or Ogawa until my mind and heart strong enough to face the reality that I am nothing to do with their live.

Hahahahahaha... Feels like I wanna crying at corner my room because my brother will married soon now.

Jya nee~

Bye bye

I have to used with these reality (once again after Ohno rumor) 😂😂😂😂😂

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Something is wrong with my Tabbi (my Tab have a name and it's name is Tabbi)

I charging it since Saturday night but at Sunday morning it's off and I can't turn it on!!

what should I do? what I'm gonna doooo??

All my pictures and Arashi pictures and videos are in internal memory!! my e-books for my school also there!! and... and... and my Line account!! I can't have any inmportant informations from all my friends since they love using Line *honesty, I love using texting message and telephone than Line*

Why you have to die now, Tabbiiiiiiii?!!
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Already saturday here. I think I will have some "me time" today. I want to take a rest, sleep or watching some movie(s?). Before the next monday I have to face the write exams (a week ago I had to presentation all my report practice set for this semester and after that, my lecturer give soooo maaaannyyy revision in my papers report) . (--__--" )

But.... why? Why today my neighbors have to hold their family events? What I suppose to do? They already invite me too.
Oh no... my "me time" looks far away from my hand now. ヽ(´Д`;)


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