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Title : MakeSure
Pair : Yamamiya (sho x ohno, Ohno x ninomiya, ninomiya x sho)
Genre : fluff,
Rating : PG
Warning : nothing. just engurishu~(gomennasai)
Disclaimer : i only have the plot. not arashi)
Summary : Sho just want to make sure what actually the feeling that he feel towards this couple




Sho shifted on his couch. His eyes fixed on the pair in front of him. But he tried to ignored how close the pair in front of him do their lovey-dovey session like always they did every day, in front of his eyes. The pair that always loving each other like there are no one in this world, even Sho who sit in front of them is like disappeared. Just how could they do that? Sho think.

Well… Sho is not really say no for this Ohmiya real relationship in real life out of their fans service. It’s just like he being ignored by this couple and he hate it. For Sho this feel is close like that but for Aiba—who keep teasing him—Sho is actually feel jealous. And Jun said Sho have to be face the truth that in this world people like Ohno and Nino are really exists.

Sho just shook his head from his thought.

Somehow he remember he always see same routines every day in his life as long as he know these two man.

Some day, Nino will let Ohno lay his head on his laps. Nino’s fingers will playing with Ohno’s soft and black hair if Nino is not busy with his DS. Sometime will hummed some melody from their songs or just silence. Ohno will let Nino do whatever Nino want as long as he can lay his head on the younger’s laps and close his eyes and finally fall a sleep.

Or maybe like another day, where Nino is beating some boss in his new game. Nino will need more concentration in this stage. So Ohno will lean closer to Nino, finally let his chin rest on Nino’s shoulder. Even the gamer make a little protest, Nino let Ohno do that and keep pushing those buttons. Sho think, as long as Ohno is not bothered or make the younger lose the concentration and the game, Nino will let Ohno do whatever he want to do.

He take a glance from behind the magazine that he read. He can see clearly Ohno is resting his chin on Nino’s shoulder as the younger busy with his music sheet. Mumbling something near Nino’s ear and two of them giggling together. Nino write again and Ohno’s hand come to hug Nino. There is a pang pain in his heart. A slight pain make his chest feel hurt.

Somehow… he can’t understand what does it mean. Is it mean he is really jealous? But to whom?


He know to consult this feeling to Aiba will be a disaster. Sometimes, Aiba will burst all of the secret when he is drunk. But Aiba always give a good advice to something like this.

Meanwhile to consult this thing to Jun, he will get scold for worst but for the best is to get tease by the youngest member. He pride… will go away. Blow by the wind as he consult it.

So he decide to find the answer by himself. What does his degree mean if he can’t find the answer for this simple thing?


He look around near the green room. Make sure if there are no one around.

When he step inside, like he predicted, Nino was there. And it is just him. Sit with keep humming some melody with a headphone on his ears, music sheet on his hand and a guitar next to him. Maybe he composed a new solo?

Sho take a seat near the younger. Pretending like he didn’t really make attention to the younger. Or he didn’t want to interrupt Nino at all. Until finally Nino take off his headphone and look at Sho.

“Hii, Sakurai-san…” he said.

“Um… hii, Nino… where is Ohno?”

“Hmm? Why did you ask?”

Sho silence. His mind tried to find a good answer quickly.

“You and him always together, don’t you?” Nino chuckled. And he shook his head.

“Even we are together it doesn’t mean everytime we have to be together,” he said. Sho make a little O with his lips.

“You are so cute, Sakurai-san,” suddenly Nino said.

“Eh? Which mean?”

“You are always pretending like you didn’t pay attention to us. But actually you give your full attention to me and Oh-chan,” Nino look deep into Sho’s eyes this time. Make the older gulped. Why did he feel like interrogated by Nino now?

“Say… what you want to ask?” Nino finally asking to the right point. Somehow make Sho wondering why this young man is not in Keio.

Sho take a deep breath, “I just don’t understand with my feeling.”

“What feeling? Did you feel jealous?”

“N-no! I mean… I just don’t understand why I feel like being ignored by you two.”

“That mean you jealous.”

“N-NO!!” but Sho can see a smirk on Nino’s thin lips. His eyes already on devil’s eyes mode. Sho exhaled.

“Whatever you said…” finally Sho gave up. Success make Nino laughing really hard.

“So~ what Sho Sakurai need now?”

“I want to make sure. Am I really jealous?”

Nino’s eyes leaving Sho. Finally staring on the floor. He thinking. But Sho actually didn’t mean to make the younger take his problem seriously.

“It doesn’t mean I’m really ser—”

Suddenly his words caught by a thin lips. He bulged his eyes. Nino’s face really close to him. Nino close his eyes and let his lips touch Sho’s pulm lips. At first just like that. But then Nino become bolder. He make his tongue dance like asking for Sho’s lips permission to come inside. Sho think, maybe there are a reasons between Nino’s act. So he let Nino’s tongue come in his mouth. Let Nino take a lead. Let Nino titled his head as he deepen their kiss.

Simple kiss become hotter than Sho can imagine.

After a few minutes, they pull away from each other. Staring each other. Sho can see how red Nino’s cheeks after the kiss. How sensual Nino’s face and sight after that.

“Your lips…” said Nino between his breath. “Amazing…” he said again while give a peck kiss on Sho’s cheek. Sho blushed.

“And what for that kiss?” asked Sho tried to calm himself and keep stay cool. Nino chuckled again.

“How is the kiss? Is it good? How is your feeling now? Doki-doki?”

“You didn’t answer me…” Sho pouted.

“Come on~”

“Okay. Let… let me think first…”

“Want to try it with Oh-chan too?”

That question success make Sho almost chocked by his saliva himself.


“Just asking. Maybe you want to try it with Oh-chan too…”

“He is your boyfriend. Are you crazy?!” Sho almost burst in anger. But Nino patted his hand.

“I would say Ohno will help you. That’s what I did with the kiss.”

Sho not sure what actually he want to know now. He afraid if he will become burden to this couple.


Sho looking at Ohno and Nino, confused.

“And what actually happened here? Why you call me?”

“I’ve to go and I can’t let Ohno stay alone…” Sho can see Ohno’s eyes bulged, disbelieve with what he heard. Well, actually Sho too.

“He have his mom. And he is not a child.”

“But you want to ask something to him, don’t you?” Nino answer him with another question. That always make Sho pissed of. He look at Ohno who now keep his eyes on Sho and Nino but this time in confused face. Sho sighed.

“Is there something you wanna ask me, Sho-kun?” this time is Ohno who asking.

“Eh? Uhm… yeah. But not really important.”

“You can go wherever you wanna go, Kazu. Don’t always worried about me. I’m not 5 years old…” Ohno mumbling as he walk inside his apartement. Leaving Sho and Nino in the leaving room.

“Such an old man…” Nino said under his breath.

“By the way. I just want to tell you that you can have Oh-chan for yourself today. Bye…” and Nino leaving him standing there with his mind keep asking many questions.

“You can call me if it just like that…” this time Sho who talking under his breath.

“Shooo-kuuuun~” there is Ohno’s voice calling for his name from somewhere inside the apartement, which mean Sho don’t know which one of room should he go.

“I’m coming, Ohno-san!” he said and drag himself searching for Ohno. He found Ohno in kitchen. Standing in front of stove. Stirring something inside some pan and there is smell good for Sho’s stomach. And somehow it grumbling really hard, make Ohno laughing and Sho blushed in embarrassed.

“Come. Let’s just sit. It will be ready for a minute,” said Ohno while pointed in counter desk. Sho nodded and take a seat there. Watching Ohno stirring the curry, turn off the stove, and served him a plate full of curry and rice.

“It’s smell good…” Sho said, praise Ohno’s cook. Without he realized, Ohno’s cheeks reddened.

“Sankyuu… I hope the taste will be good too.”

Sho take a first spoon and chewed it slowly.

“Twhe tass ish guuuts!!!” he exclaimed in happy face and voice. Ohno laughed at him.

“I don’t understand. Finish your foods in mouth first, Sho-chan,” Ohno said between his laughing. Sho blushed when he realized Ohno call him with change the suffix. But he love it. He keep talking with mouth full, praise Ohno’s food. Said the taste is good, amazing, delicious and other. Ohno nodded and laugh, sometimes chuckled to give his reaction for Sho’s words.

“Ah~ I feel full now…” Sho leaned on the chair while close his eyes.

“By the way, Kazu said before there is something you wanna ask…” Ohno looking at Sho who suddenly stiffened.

“I… uhm… let me wash the dishes first. As a payment for cooked me this curry,” Sho take the dishes and wash them. While Ohno stared at him and finally gone to living room.

“Finished?” asked Ohno when he heard Sho’s footsteps come in to the same room. Sho nodded.

“Here…” Ohno patted an empty seat on the same couch with him. Sho gulped. Not sure if he have to sit next to Ohno. But his feet just followed Ohno’s instruction.

“Wanna watch something?”

“I’m… not sure if our interest in watching TV will same.”

Ohno chuckled. “It’s okay. Me and Kazu too.” Then Ohno choose a channel of wild animal that Sho believe Aiba will excited if he watched this.

“Said Ohno-san… are you happy with Nino?” suddenly Sho asking.


“Did you feel bored or something?”

“You are the one who interesting with us, if I’m not mistake, Sho-chan?”

Why this couple always know what actually I feel?

“I… I just wondering why I feel like that towards you two…” Sho decided to admit it in front of Ohno. Ohno is the oldest one, who always keep quiet but the wise one if someone need him. And Sho believe he will be okay if talking about this with Ohno. He believe with Ohno he can understand and solve this.

Suddenly Ohno take Sho’s hand. Patted his hand and entwined their fingers with a smile while keep watching their hand together. Sho watched it with holding his sweat, his heartbeat like he just running marathon. He hope Ohno can’t sense hiss heartbeat from his palm because he believe he can heard his own heartbeat.

“How is your feeling now?”

“I-I… I feel i-it’s okay…” Sho shocked by himself. Why he feel so nervous even it is just a holding hand with Ohno?

“Liar…” said Ohno and he give Sho a kiss on his cheek. Burning Sho’s cheeks even more. “That mean you actually jealous because of me. Because you can’t close with me…” Ohno said near Sho’s ears. Blowing the rapper’s mind to be crazy.

Yes… he feel it. It is different with Nino. Nino can give a bolder act than Ohno but he can’t feel what he feel with Ohno. Ohno’s act is so simple. Just holding his hand make Sho’s heartbeat running. His mind is crazy when he can hear Ohno’s voice near his ear. It’s enough to make him faint if he can’t handle himself.

Simple thing make him realized to whom actually he feel this feeling.


“Ohayou, Sho-kun…” Ohno greet him when he see Sho come in the green room.

“O-ohayou…” he said.

Sho take a seat where he always be. In front of the couple that always do their lovey-dovey session. But Sho didn’t feel jealous anymore, since he know Ohno will spare him his empty time to make Sho feel comfortable with him. Ohno will let Sho do whatever he want when he is not with Nino.

Anything, to  make Sho’s heart feel crazy and his stomach feels like there are million butterflies inside his stomach.


Note :
it's been a long time since I posted something on my LJ and DW. ugh... real life killing me inside out
I love this pair. I call it Yamamiya. I already make two fanfics of this pair. and hope it'll be okay for everyone. hehehe...
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 Title : CM

Pair : Ohmiya, Sakuraiba a little junba
Genre : fluff, humour, friendship, love one side(?)
Rating : PG
Length : one-shot
Warning : uhm... engurishu-desu. Unbeta-ed 😢
Summary : Jun heard his name between Aiba and Sho's fight because the CM. (Well.. i love that CM) 😂




“What is your problem actually, Sho-chan!”a trembling voice shouting in the room, made Jun’s feet stopped. He blinked. Looking at the door that now right in front of him.

“I don’t care!! Just drop the contract now!!”Jun can hear Sho’s voice yelling at someone inside the room. And now he can heard a sobs voice too.

“B-b-but… it’s not even your business Sho-chan… please… don’t be so mad… please….” Now Jun can clearly heard Aiba’s voice cracking.

What? What actually happened in there?Jun’s mind tried to find the answer.

“I don’t want to see Jun so close to you again! Just like in your CM!!”

Wait… contract. Me and Aiba?

Finally he got the answer.

It is about CM. The last CM he and Aiba appeared together. Actually he love to have Aiba in same CM with him. That mean he can be together even if it is just for work. He love being together with Aiba...

With a hard grip on knob, he opened the door and step into the room. The two older members look at him. But Aiba quickly look at another side and do his best to wipe his tears.

“Hello…?” Sho said.

“There is not your business Sakurai-san. Leave him alone with his contract!” suddenly Jun raised his voice. Aiba and Sho's eyes clearly looks surprised.

“Ah… so you heard our conversations. Bad Jun…” said Sho with his deep and dominated voice. Jun gulped in afraid while Aiba already lean more into couch. He didn’t want to involve in this kind fight with Sho.

“There is no way you can stop Aiba-kun from his contract with me in same commercial! I’ll do everything to make him stay!” Jun said again. He can see Sho smirked.

“Really?” then Sho glance at Aiba who closed his eyes tightly. Afraid of Sho’s eyesight.

“Why should Aiba-kun have to follow your order? Are you his master?” Jun finally asked the forbidden question. He can see Sho’s cheeks blushed and now is Jun's turn who smirked.

"Or are you in love with Aiba-kun?" now Aiba’s eyes snapped opened.

“W-what are you talking about?!” Sho asked back but his voice betrayed him. Well… everyone know Sho like Aiba so much, but these two are too idiot to realized it. Even Jun knew about it since he also love his Aiba-kun.

“Well… then. I will prove something now…” Jun steps slowly towards Aiba and kneeled down in front of the confused man who staring on his eyes. While Sho just look at the scene with knitted eyebrows.

“Aiba Masaki-kun… I want you to know something that I already hide from you since long time ago…” Jun said still looking into the sunshine-man.

“And w-what is that?” Aiba shifted on his spot, feel confused and nervous.

“That I like you… so much… more than just best friend,” Aiba can heard there are so much love inside Jun’s voice now when he said that words. Aiba can see Jun’s eyes crystal clear with out lies. That make him hold his breath.

“Don’t joke around, Matsumoto Jun! There is no way something like that can happened. You are a man! Aiba too is a man! Come on, Aiba! I’ll drive you to home!!” suddenly Sho hold and take Aiba from his seat, take Aiba’s bag and drag the taller man with him out from the room. Leaving Jun who still kneeled on the floor.

A few seconds later, Ohno and Ninomiya come inside with shake their head.

“Sho sometimes are crazy. I’m not understand why he can’t say his feeling towards Aiba out of loud like you did all this time… so he can be like us. Nee~ Satoshi...” said Nino who take a seat beside Ohno. The fishing leader just nodded and look at Jun with a poor-this-baby-eyes to Jun.

Jun smiling. He turn around, flip his hair, tuck a few hair behind his ear and seat on Aiba’s spot previous with a very elegant style with flip his hands front of his chest.

“Because he can’t be awesome like me,” Jun said in proud voice and proud face. But inside his heart a little pain come.

Meeeeh…” Nino tucked his tongue while Ohno chuckled at these young members.

“And what now, Jun-chan?” asked Ohno who finally asked.

“Hmmm…” Jun looked at Ohno.

“Maybe I can fall in love with you, Riida…” said Jun again with a smile and seduces face. Made Ohno blushed and can’t look straight to Jun’s face.

“Try it and I’m sure your head will not in the place next morning, Matsumoto Jun,” Nino threated Jun while his hands hug Ohno’s body. Like to protect his boyfriend from being taken by Jun. Jun chuckled.

“Eh? Hmm… but actually I don’t mind. Because Jun is kawaii…” said Ohno in shy voice with avoid Jun’s surprised-yet-confused eyes.

“WHAT?!” Nino screaming next to his ears.

Hooraa~ Oh-chan is okay with me, Nino!” Jun laughing at Nino who keep yelling at Riida.


Note :
Did you see their new CM. They are rare pair but still a cute pair after all~~
And here's a litte gift, a screenshot of Junba pair. 😍😍😍

Sankyuu for read ^ - ^

Junba CM



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Title : Foreplay and Please More
Pairing : Nino-centric (a little Ohmiya, a little Sakumiya)
Length : one-shot

Rating : NC-17 (?) because the languange 
Genre : fluff, 
Warning : this is my first time to write something like... this. so i'm sorry if there are so many things that should not be there like if I'm wrong with giving the rating and genre.(what am I talking about? I'm so embarassed!!) ; already Beta-ed by Maki Tachibana-sama (hountou ni arigatou gozaimashu~)
Summary : the rest of Arashi members (Ohno, Sho, Aiba and Jun) always looking at Nino with a huge grins and that make Nino a little scared.

Please enjoy (?) ehehehe... ^ - ^ 

Click and Enjoy it ^- ^/ )-----

I'm sorry!!!!!!!!
forgive me for my stupid and pervert mind. I just wanna tried to write this and it become like this and I don't know what should I do and said after sending this to my beloved beta-reader and posted this.
I'm so embarassed!!
/ want to hide now /
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Title: Fall in Love with Baka Riida
Pairing: Ohmiya (Ohno Satoshi/Ninomiya Kazunari)
Rating : G / PG
Genre: fluff (?)
Length : drabble
warning : maybe it'll be bad story with many mistake with grammar. I'm sorry, but english is not my mother language. m(_ _)m
Summary: Nino always staring at Ohno and Ohno know it, but Nino never know his Riida will be a baka Riida for him (you know the summary is not good (TT -- TT))


Nino could only stare in awe toward Ohno, always. He couldn’t take his eyes off Ohno, never. He always thinking to always get the shadow of Ohno in his eyes even if he could only glance from the corner of his eye.

Nino really know what is this. This is what they call with “Love”. He really sure about it. About his feeling.

But, Nino never know if Ohno know what he didn’t know. Ohno notice him. He notice how Nino looking and staring at him. Sometimes, Ohno can imagine Nino drooling at him everytime the younger staring him. That moments always make Ohno chuckled. He notice how often the younger staring at him in awe. How the gamer eyes shinning everytime.

He notice it. But he didn’t understand what is that mean.

One day—Nino never know if that day is his unlucky day or even maybe his luckiest day ever he have—he was caught staring at Ohno. By Ohno himself.

“Nino?” Ohno walking towards the younger while Nino bet at a loss to avoid Arashi’s leader.

“Haii?” Nino trying to said something. But then Ohno didn’t say anything. Just stand in front of Nino.

“Wh-what’s up?” Nino try to calm down as he asking again.

“You... drooling, you know?”

Is that even a question? Nino think.

“I’m not drooling Ohno-san.”

“Yes you are...” and Ohno stoped at moment and said again, “...especially when you staring at me.”

Nino’s eyes bulged.

“Hah?! Are you day dreaming again Ohno?”

“Nope. I’m awake now.”

“Then why you said I’m drooling? And even worse saying I’m staring at you,” even so Nino said like that, actually his heart cursing. Why did he know?

But his mind stop talking as he heard Ohno chuckled.

“You maybe think I never knew it. But all this time, you always staring at me,” he give a sheepish smile, like always he did.

“If you have a problem, please tell me. I’ll give my best to help you, Nino.”

Nino staring at floor. Holding his anger. Why this person is so idiot? Why he didn’t understand my feeling at all even he know all this time I staring at him?


“Eh? Nino?”

“BAAKKAAA!!” Nino shouting at him.

Ohno want to asking more to him but suddenly there is a lips that distrub his own lips to say anything.

Nino kiss him.

Quickly, Nino pull himself from Ohno. Run to take his bag and packing his belongings into his bag while he grumbling,

“I’m a stupid man who fall in love with you! Why I have to fall with someone like you?! Riida wa baka!”

And he take his bag, running from greenroom. Leaving Ohno who stand in dumbfounded mode.

“What?” he asking to himself while his cheeks blushing.


P.s. I hope this is okay. I'm not really productive with fanfic lately even I have my holidays now. (TT--TT)
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Title: Love Behind Jealousy

Pairing / Group: Ohmiya / Arashi

Rating: PG-13? / Oneshot

Genre: AU, Friendship, Fluff?

Disclaimers: just the plot. Not the Arashi TT--TT

Summary: Nino so jealous and (actually) Ohno too, but they can’t do anything because they just friend

Warnings: bad english (that will be really bad), I’m sorry for all grammar mistake in this fic, for the story if it’s not good enough,  for bad summary, for wrong to choose the words, for bad to give rating and genre, for all mistakes here and there. m- -m





"What? What do you want to talk to me again?" Nino shouted, throwing an angry glare at Ohno who tried to call him. Ohno was stopped on his spot.

'Kazu, I do not understand why you're so angry?'

"Oh, yes! Of Course. How could you know why I'm angry! Stupid me.” Nino resumed his feet leaving Ohno. But a moment later he heard Ohno had following him.

"Kazu, tell me why you're angry," said Ohno, catching arm Nino, make him stop walking to far. Quickly, Nino threw Ohno’s hand from his arm.

"Oh? And just now you asking me? And do not ever touch me again!"

"Kazu?" Nino exhaled. His face was still flushed with anger.

"You want to know why I'm mad? You, Ohno Satoshi. You're always talking about Sakurai-san this, Sakurai-san that. I knew he was the new kid in school, in our class. But that was a few months ago. And-and since when you called him Sho-kun ... ah no! Sho-chan, right? Why are you so pay attention to him, Satoshi? Why?"

"Kazu-I ..."

"You always talk about him! Argh, for God's sake. Don’t you think a little bit about me here? How do I feel? How do I feel when hear you talk to him, see him, and-and..” Nino can’t able to hold his breath and emotions. He squeezed the tip of his shirt in frustration. Until unwittingly, tear already flowing quickly. Fell right on his shoes.


"Just do not talk to me again!!" and Nino yelled and ran left Ohno who froze in his standing spot.


"Ohayou~ Oh-chan" Sho calling with cheerful tone as he gave a light pat on the other shoulder, making Ohno returned from his daydreaming.

"Ah, Ohayou Sho-kun" Ohno looked at him listless.

"Eh? What’s wrong?"

"No, nothing. Only a little problems” Ohno said, pulling out a book and pencil. Arranging them neatly on his desk.

"Ninomiya-kun, Ohayou!” Sho said, waving his hand toward Nino, who just give only a small nod. Ohno's eyes met his eyes that stared at Nino with guilt. Quickly, Nino dispose his eyes from Ohno.

"Hmm? What's wrong with him?" Sho muttered as he looked back at Ohno. Sho's face brightened immediately.

"You want to have lunch with me?" Sho asked again. Ohno—again—just give a small nod. Sho looked shouting merrily and started to talk about a lot of things while Ohno not really listen at him. His gaze fixed on Nino who sitting far away from his place. And suddenly he felt lonely.


"Ohno-san, we have to clean the class after this, right?" Sho asked while he ate his food.

"Ah, yes. I haven’t told my mother that I would be late" Ohno immediately took his cell phone and texting his mom.

"fortunately I told you. Ah! Ninomiya-kun. Want to join us?” Sho asked, waving his hand toward Nino who already hold a door knob classroom and his lunch box.

"I eat in the cafeteria" he said sarcastically, glancing and leave them. Sho tilted his head, confused.

"You know what's wrong with him?" Sho asked again looked at Ohno who stared at the classroom door left wide opened by Nino. He just shook his head. He not really sure what makes Nino angry at him.


"Haven’t I told you many times to tell him directly, Nino" Aiba said while eating a hamburger in his hand. Nino gave in return Aiba to listen his problem. They were sitting on the rooftop of the school, devouring their lunch. Better than in the cafeteria or in the park which are full of people.

"How could I tell him, Aibaka! What if he- "

"Hey! Do not call me like that or I'll leave you here with your problem!"Aiba stared annoyed, protest to Nino.

"Ah, Gomen, gomen. I mean, Aiba. How could I tell him? What if he doesn’t like me? You know, he-he might be away from me. Maybe he fall in love with girl in our class, or- "

"You have not asked him, how could you know?" the other, Jun, asked who suddenly was sitting next to Nino.

"Oh, my goodness, Jun! Where have you been?" hitting Jun’s shoulder who just chuckled followed by laughter of Aiba.

"You should see your face, Nino. Back to your problem, how do you know if you not ask him?”

"I have no idea. I just... that just my feelings. Maybe he doesn't like me" Nino looked down, staring at a pack of hamburger in his hand.

"Hmm... where did you know he's not like you?" Jun asked again as he straightened his legs.

"He was always talking about Sakurai Sho!" Nino said as he raised his tone, unwrapping the hamburger with full of emotion. Almost dropped before deftly captures the hamburger from fall to ground.

“Just Sho here, Sho there. Anywhere is SHO! Can’t he see me right there, always beside him?! All day? Why he didn’t talk about me, or him, or maybe talking about another topics?” Nino shouting again while eating his hamburger with irritated.

"Huh?? Impossible! You mean, Sakurai Sho ?! That Sakurai Sho?? " Aiba asking to hysterical. Nino stared annoyed towards Aiba.

"So could you tell me if there is another Sakurai Sho, huh? Of course not! One Sakurai Sho already make me get a great headache" Nino still raise his tone while Jun just chuckled at him. That’s not rare to see Nino like this. But when he already in that mood, he can be so funny for Jun. Especially when he talk to Aiba like this time.

"He...he is your classmate?" Nino nodded.

"Wuuuaaahh!! You're lucky, Nino. Can be classmate with him. I'm one of his fans. He was very great. Don’t you see basketball game yesterday? He's so cool!"

“I know. I’m in one team with him yesterday—if only you could see me at the edge of field, on the bench” Nino mumbled bitting his hamburger. Jun chuckled in silent.

“And-and you know? He also clever! Ooh, gosh... in fact, he always won various competitions. Maybe he’s smarter than what I had expected. I really wanted to be nearby with him. Maybe he could help me with lessons and-”

"Aiba Masaki! We're here to talk about my problems! Not talking about Sho that you idolize!!” Nino yelling at him while give a death glared toward Aiba. Aiba silent at that moment.

"Ah, yes. Gomen-nasai, Nino" grinned like an innocence boy.

"Mou~!!" Nino shouted while he ate his hamburger again with upset and emotional. And Jun laughed so loud at his friends.


"Satoshi, you've told your mother this day would come home late?" Sho approached to Ohno. Ohno did not respond immediately because he was so distraught with Nino’s anger. All this week Nino avoid him. Refused to talk to him. Refusing to simply turned and looked at him. It may even refuse to recognize his existence in the same room.

"Oh-chan?" Sho call again. This time, Ohno looked at him, smiled and nodded. Other students seemed busy with their each bag. It's time to go home.

They immediately did cleaned their class. A moment later they heard the door opened.

"Ano ... sumimasen~. I want to meet Ninomiya Kazunari” said that boy, Aiba. Behind him there is Jun.

Sho looked at the boy who was standing in the doorway, staring at him. Yes, there is Jun. But focusing only on Aiba in Sho’s views. He looks radiant and so cheerful. Shortly makes Sho blushed without reason.

"Eh? Ah ... Ninomiya-san? He-he was there" Sho replied, pointing to the Nino’s bench without leaved his sight from Aiba. Jun seemed to look on the direction which gived by Sho, after that he just titled his head while look back at Sho.

"But he's not there," said Jun. That's when Sho realized. He stared at Nino bench.

"Are? Hahaha... sorry. I think he was still there. Because he was sitting there, moment ago.” Aiba chuckled and then walked towards Sho and Ohno.

"Long time no see, Ohno-kun" says Aiba with a grin.

"Long time no see, Aiba-chan. You, too, Jun-kun " Jun waved his hand toward Ohno.

"And you must be ..."

"Sho. Sakurai Sho" said Sho quickly giving his hand to shake. But Aiba giggled even louder. Somehow it looks sweet in Sho’s eyes.

"You are too formal, Sho-chan" Aiba said, trying to wink—which is actually end up with failing wink— while he take Sho’s hand to shake it back. Shortly, heard Aiba call him with that name made his butterfly in his stomach fly. Aiba’s hand is so warm when held his hand gently. Also his smile. If he is not careful, he might end up in Aiba’s hand melting like an ice cream.

"Ah... Oh...  S-sorry" Sho muttered embarrassed. Instantly turned to red. Aiba just give him another sweet smile.

"You don’t have to tease him, Aiba. He already melting when you talk to him from the doorway" said Jun from the direction of the seat next to Ohno. And Aiba just give a chuckled. But Sho became redder than before.

"Aiba-chan? Jun-kun? It's been a long time wait for me?” Nino come in front of the door.

"Geez, Nino. You said you were going home together. But when we come you even not in your class. Did you forgot it?"  Aiba asked as he removed his hand from Sho and go towards Nino. Sho sighed. That warm hand go away like that.

"Sorry. I was from the bathroom. Let's go home "said Nino, taking his bag on the table.

"Kazu, can I go home with you?" Ohno quickly asking him with puppy eyes, of course. Nino give him another cynical glance.

"No.." Jun feel sorry to Ohno who already sighed hardly. He knew this two of his friends still unfinished their problems at all. He knew how stubborn Nino and how slow Ohno in calming and catch Nino’s feelings towards him. And he didn’t want to be among this cold war.

"Aiba-san!" They all looked at the one who screaming. Sho. Even Sho looked surprised with his own voice.

"May-May I... go home with you?" Sho quickly. Nino and Aiba looked at each other.

"Be-because we had just met. And I want to know more about you" said Sho with so much nervous. He looked at Aiba.

"That’s sound good for me" Aiba answered without consent with Nino, which is makes Nino looks increasingly annoyed. And Jun are looking away from Nino who is angry.

"Ano... I seem to have to go home first. My mother is waiting for me at home. Jyaa nee ... "Jun immediately run left the Nino’s classroom.

"Eeeh ?? JUN!!" Nino cried, stopped at the door while pursuing Jun. But Jun had gone too far away from his range.

Nino—again—give annoyed stare toward Ohno still who still see the floor and then looked at Aiba, who grinning like an idiot at him.

"Aarrghh ...!"


"Aiba, why are you even allow him?" Nino whispered, elbowing Aiba that walks next to him. He stared at his back, Sho and Ohno walked behind them. Ensuring the others didn’t hear him.

Aiba just grinned. "He asked me to back home together. That mean you can go home without me, Ninomiya-kun. That mean just Iwho he asked to back home together." Nino just make a pouty face. "Beside... I'm Sakurai Sho fans. This is a rare opportunity because I'm not in his class. "

"Ano... Aiba-san" call the latter. Nino and Aiba stared at their back. Sho looked at Aiba with a beaming, while Ohno still walking with his head down. Looked desperate.

"Yes? What is it?" Aiba asked curiously. He immediately walked next to Sho. And a few moments later they were in familiar conversation. Nino rolled his eyes in disgust and walking quickly, leaving the three of them.

"Shit! How could he leave me for that man!" Nino just cursed with a small voice.

Without them knowing , their feet move so quickly for Ohno who lagged behind their with his daydreaming. As he looked at his friends who had walk away in front of him, he tried to speed up his footsteps, but...

"Aauuch!" Ohno voice made them all aware of his existence and look up to him.

Ohno had fallen with his face to the ground. Not moving.

"EH ?? Ohno-san ?! "

Aiba, Sho, and Nino quickly ran toward Ohno is lagging far behind them. Helping Ohno got up from the ground.

“Are you okay?” Nino asked him quickly when Aiba and Sho helped him sit on the edge of the road.

"Ah.. I'm okay" said Ohno, trying to clean up his shirt. Suddenly ...

"AAAAAHHHH!!! Satoshi! You..." Nino cried again pointing at him.

"What is it, Nino?" Aiba asked, glancing at the same direction as Nino. Likewise with Sho.

"Oh My God!!" they chanted together. Ohno is still confusion staring at the three of them.

"What?" That's when he felt something strange. Something seemed to flow from his forehead and to his nose. He touched his forehead and he saw the blood on his hands.

"Eh? Blood?... " and again, Ohno collapse. This time at Nino's hand. Sho and Aiba just back screaming hysterically.


Ohno blinked his eyes which is feels heavy to open. His body didn’t seem want to move. He heard someone talking, seemed to him. But he was not sure he heard it. Is that so familiar voice, the voice of Nino.

"You wake up ..." said Nino. Ohno finally able to open his eyes. The first face he saw was Nino with a face relief. He felt his hand so warm because Nino was holding to it.

"Kazu ..." Ohno call with a weak-even almost silently. Nino caress Ohno’s cheek gently.

"You should rest. Ah... I'm going to call yout mother" when Nino will leave him, the other quickly grabbed Nino to prevent him go away.

"Stay here ..." he said.


"Stay ..."

"Your mother have to-"

"Please, Kazu ... Onegai" Ohno said with a pleading. However Nino desire to get away from Ohno, if he has given a look like that, Nino will not be able to resist that. Nino sat back in his place while holding back Ohno’s hand and hooking their fingers together. Ohno feel the warmth is returned and it gets warmer and so close to his heart.

"You know I'm still mad at you" Nino said break the silence of the room between them.

"You know, I do not understand the reason behind your anger at me if you didn’t talk it to me" said Ohno who closed his eyes. He wanted to feel the warmth of the hand Nino gave.

Nino didn't answer Ohno's words. The silence enveloped them back.

"Are you jealous?" Ohno suddenly asked him. Nino suddenly become awkward.

"EH? Eh...? jealous of what? For what should I be jealous? I... I... "Nino paused. The sentence has not been resolved and he looked down with a sigh.

"... I’m nothing to you" said Nino with a small pitch. More sounded like people were lackluster. Ohno looked at him. He gently touched his chin and lifted Nino’s head so he can see his face clearly.

"You know, you look cute when you got jealous like that" Ohno said as he gave a sweet smile. Instantly Nino's face flushed like a tomato. "And also when embarrassed like this" said Nino Ohno, stroking his cheek gently.

Nino put her hand over Ohno, following the movement of his hands still stroking his cheek. Nino closed his eyes, enjoy it. It has been a long time since he was so angry and jealous of Ohno because he prefers to talk about Sho. Perhaps he was a nothing for Ohno, but as soon as all matters relating to Ohno, Nino couldn’t refrain from any emotion which he buried. Whether it's love or too jealous.

"Since the beginning I know you're jealous, Kazu" their eyes met. Nino looked startled and immediately put on a frown.

"If you already know why you still not doing anything for me?"

"Because I'm not other than your best friend, your friend, right" Ohno said.

"Oh ..."

"Just Oh?"

"Then what I have to say?"

"Hmm ... maybe you should said, "will you be my boyfriend? "Or " what if we are date?" Like that?" Ohno asked while playing his fingers on his chin. Showing the face of thinking that looks annoying for Nino.

"Huh? Why do I have to say it? "

"Because you were jealous first, right?"

"Doesn’t make sense. You're the one who supposed said that" Nino still put on a pouty lips. Somehow it looks fit with his face.

“Why me?"

"Because I'm afraid..." Nino looked at Ohno, "I'm afraid you doesn’t like me. Afraid you're going away from me when i confess you. I’m afraid you love Sho more than me" Ohno draw a deep breath. And he look at Nino.

“Why you think I like Sho?” Nino looks shock with that question. Oh, no! He even don’t know what have to say.

“I just... thinking like that. Because-” ah... he know what he have to said,“-because you always talk about Sho when you with me. Because Sho looks always smile bright when he with you. Because... you know... he sometimes call you Oh-chan. And that’s really make me can’t stand with it” Nino talk all his mind now. When he realize that, his face already hot. He wonder if that can make him look so stupid in front of Ohno.

“You have to know, because I don’t know what I have to talk about when I’m with you” Ohno sighed hard.


“When I’m with you I don’t really know what makes you can look at me from your games. I also got jealous because of your game make you not pay full attention to me” Ohno look at him with pouty face.

“So... that’s just to make me pay attention to you?” Ohno nodded.

“You use Sho as our topics?” Ohno nodded again.

“How could you do that to me?! Talk about another when you with me. That’s bad idea, Oh-chan.”

“Ah... you call me Oh-chan again” Ohno chuckled and smile gently. Nino silent. But he relieved he can take the jealous out from his heart.

"Want to be my boyfriend?" Ohno asked suddenly. Nino looked at him with bulging eyes. Ohno might be said if that eyes it could have jumped out from their places.


"Want to be my boyfriend?" Nino still silent with his mouth open. And Ohno still give him gentle smile.

"I really like you. I’m really love you. I don’t know since when, but I'm very sure I'm so in love with you" said Ohno again.

"This is confession of your I-love?" Ohno nodded.

"Hmm.  I... I..." Nino can’t answer quickly because a moment later Ohno had kissed his lips. Long and warm kiss

"I like you" said Ohno again.

"I-I ... I like you too," Nino finally able to answer that question.

"Never again left me walk alone" said Ohno while he back lying on his bed.

"It's all your fault. You in your wonderland. Beside... Every moment I'm around you, I feels difficult to speak and breath like normal."

Ohno grinning at him.

“And you, never, ever... talk about another man to make me pay attention to you. That's really make me jealous” Ohno nodded.

"And- and..." Nino suddenly feel shy to continue his sentences.


"And please let me be the one who can call you Oh-chan. I can't stand when there is another who calling you with that name. Especially Sakurai-san" Nino's shy so cute to resist for Ohno.

“I knew Nino,  I knew it since long time ago” Ohno said. Nino chuckled and give him a kiss on his lips.

That when the door opened by someone.

“OH GOD!! I shouldn’t open the door! I shouldn’t!!” Sho screaming like there was a fire in that room. Make the couple in that room stay away from each other. But Aiba just give a light pat at Sho's shoulder.

“Yeah... we shouldn’t open the door. Well then, enjoy your time!” Aiba close the door again.

“Make sure you have a condom there!!” Aiba yell from the outside. And some giggling can be heard from outside. Make them looked each other with a red face.



A / n : eeh ?? I realized after writing and re-reading this fic. Jun appears not really much! No! I'm so bad. I'm sorry Jun. Sorry .... m _ _ m

Please give me your comments. I would love to know what you do you think about this one. ^ ^

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Title: Sama-sama Payah
Length: drabble
Summary: Nino dan Ohno saling merindukan satu sama lain. (Nino POV's)

Aku mengangkat kepalaku, sekali lagi melihat langit pagi ini saat aku menjemur diri. Cerah tak berawan dan matahari bersinar dengan bangga di atas sana. Aku menghela napas. Cuaca sangat indah hari ini. Ya... aku tau itu. Mungkin memang sebaiknya aku berjalan-jalan keluar rumah hari ini. Setidaknya untuk menemui Oh-chan, menghilangkan secuil rindu padanya

"Kau harus sesekali melangkahkan kakimu keluar. Jangan hanya di dalam rumah dan duduk bermain saja, Nino."

Tiba-tiba suara Ohno menggema di kepalaku. Aku masih ingat yang ia katakan saat melihatku bermain game consol-ku di green room. Entah apa yang ia pikirkan saat mengatakan hal itu. Terdengar seperti ajakan, tapi ajakan terselubung.

Beberapa saat kemudian terdengar suara ponselku berdering. Layarnya menunjukan nama Ohno.

"Halo, Oh-chan? Tumben kau menelpon." Sapaku saat mengangkat teleponnya.
"Ah... halo Kazu. Maaf menganggumu. Kau sedang sibuk?" Tanya dari seberang sana.
"Tidak. Ada apa?"
"Syukurlah. Kamu mau jalan-jalan?"
"Jalan? Kemana? Dengan siapa saja? Mau apa?"
"Hmm... kemana saja. Denganku. Melakukan apa saja yang bisa kita lakukan."

Jawaban aneh...

"Moshi-moshi...! Kazu? Kamu masih disana?" Suara Ohno menyadarkanku
"Ah iya. Masih. Hmm... aku tidak tahu. Aku ingin stay dirumah hari ini, Oh-chan" ujarku sambil berjalan masuk kembali ke rumah. Setidaknya aku sudah keluar rumah untuk berjemur di pagi hari. Walau Oh-chan yang mengajak, rasanya aku malas melangkahkan kakiku keluar lagi.
Aku bisa mendengar suara Ohno menghela napas panjangnya. Aku tersenyum kecil. Dia pasti sedang mengalami kesulitan.

"Ada masalah apa?" Akhirnya aku bertanya. Ia tak menjawab. Hanya helaan napasnya yang mengisi keheningan.
"Aku merindukanmu..." jawabnya kemudian. Lalu hening.

Aku terkejut. Kalau begitu mengapa tidak kau datang ke rumahku saja, dasar leader payah.

"Aku tahu. Kalau begitu aku ke rumahmu saja, ya?"Ia berkata dengan suara riang. Tak biasanya suara itu keluar dari bibirnya yang manis itu.
Aku mengeleng kecil sambil menyeringai. "Dasar payah. Kalau kau merindukanku, kau bisa langsung ke rumah."
"Aku takut mengganggumu, Kazu" suaranya melembut. Aku tersenyum.
"Datanglah." Ujarku sambil merebahkan diri di sofa. Dari seberang sana terdengar suara terkikik nyaring ala Ohno.
"Oke! Baiklah. Aku akan kesana satu jam lagi. Tunggu aku ya, Kazu!" Suara riangnya kembali menghiasi ponsel dan telingaku.
"Baiklah. Aku akan menunggu" dan teleponnya pun diputus.

Aku tersenyum kecil. Dasar Oh-chan. Kalau kau merindukanku, kenapa tidak datang saja. Atau langsung mengajakku jalan-jalan dari kemarin?
Eh? Tunggu...? Aku juga kan tidak mengajaknya. Jadi... aku dan Oh-chan sama-sama payah, ya? Hahahaha... aku tertawa kecil pada diriku sendiri. Ya... dibalik perbedaan besar kami ada hal-hal kecil yang sama, ya?

A.n. aih... lagi-lagi pake bahasa indonesia. Mungkin nanti aku akan buat ver. English nya. Maaf atas ketidakjelasaan plot cerita diatas. Hahaha... aku kebingungan mau posting apa. XD

Too Much

May. 9th, 2015 11:33 pm
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Title : Too Much
Pairing/group : Ohmiya (Arashi)
Length: Oneshot
Rating : PG-15 (maybe... I’m not sure)
Genre : fluff, romance (maybe, else.. --__--)
Warnings : (Self-beta) This is my first english fanfic. English not my mother language. Honestly, I still confused about english, but I really wanted to post them Immediately. So this fic, actually, I make them full with foolish thing. I’m really really sorry for (alot of) the grammar mistake.
Disclaimer: I only own the plot of this story.
Summary : Ohno hide his feeling to Nino until Nino ask him to teach make some cookies (Ohno's POV)

I don’t know how to tell him that I really want to be with him. Just sitting next him can make my heart like racing for one hundred laps. Everytime when our eyes meet, that can make me hard to breath properly. Everytime our skin touch each other, it’s like... I’m gonna die because I’m so happy. I don’t know. When I say happy, in my heart that feeling so big. Bigger than just general happy.

This morning I got some phone call from Nino. He asked me to make some cookies. I think that’s really strang since I knew he doesn’t like being far from his games. But I agree. I think this is my chance to get closer to him. Maybe we being best friend in 15 years or maybe more and we close like a brother. But, I want to be closer with him. More close and closer to touch him freely until I can touch his heart.

I was prepare the ingridients and all the thing for our cookies when I hear the doorbell ringed.

“I’m coming!” I said as I ran to the door. When I open it, there is Nino. Standing there with his bright smile like usual.

“I bring some beers for you Ohno-san,” he said, handing me the beers.

“For us, Nino,” I said, take that beers from his hand. He just chuckle and follow me to the kitchen.

“Wow...! you already make prepare for it,” he look admired when checking my prepare in the kitchen.

“Of course. I already prepare these since you said want to make cookies in my home,” I looked at him, “ I can’t make you disappointed, right?” then I saw something in Nino’s face. Maybe it’s just my imagination but somehow I can see his cheeks flushed.  He blushed.

“Well, Ohno-san. This is your chance to show me your skill. I still remember long time ago you said want to open your bakery shop and now we have to see how much your ability. And so, I want to taste it before your cookies get famous. It will be expensive, right?” I chuckle. He know how to hide his feeling from his blushing.

We start our process. We take some large bowl to mix every ingridients. Suddenly, Nino said he want to do this by himself. So, I just give him some instruction. But, everytime Nino pour or put the ingridients, I always think he put it too much.

“Nino, don’t pour it the flour too much,” I said when he pouring the flour too much.

“Nino, don’t pour the sugar too much.”

“Nino, don’t put the butter too much.”

“Nino, don’t pour the water too much.”

“Nino, don’t...”

“STOP it, Ohno-san!” suddenly Nino shout at me. I realized Nino look so pale and sweaty.

“Eeh?” I’m so confused when see him like that. It’s unusual.

“I said stop it, could you?” he said it again as he sit at the floor kitchen with his face down to te floor.

“Everytime I pour the ingridients you said too much this, too much that, too much! Enough, Ohno-san! You... who ask for this,” Then he glare at me. His eyes look so depressed but calm at the same time. I can’t tell what kind of that sight. But what I know, that must be something terrible.

“I will show you what the taste of “too much”, Ohno-san,” he said as he stand again on his feet. Then he step closer to me and touch lightly with his fingertips and pinch my chin softly. At the first I think he would be angry to me. But the next is I can feel something wet but also soft on my cheek. He lick my cheek with eyes close. Is he teasing me?

Then he open his eyes and make one step back to see my face. He smile at me. But his smile very different like he always give to me. His smile like teasing me. Then he grin to me. That grin, I always remember that grin. The grin of the devil Nino.

“You know Oh-chan, your taste is too much sweet on my tongue. That’s to bad, isn’t it?” he whispered at my ear. I can’t breath properly. My body is trembling. This feeling... I never feel this weird feeling. What is this feeling?

“And do you know... what from you is too much, Oh-chan? Right now... you too much trembling...” he said it with his fingers travelling on my arms. Teasing every inch from my skin. He take aside me, still teasing me. “Just like now...” once again he whisper again.

“Nino... what are you...”

“Kazu, Oh-chan...”


“Right now please call me, Kazu. And don’t too many question. I already  tell you I will show you what the taste of too much. This is your lesson, Oh-chan...” he grinning again. And he kiss my neck softly and the next time he suck my skin with his little lips. I like how his lips touch my skin. Somehow it feel so gentle and so much passion on it.

“Nee~ Oh-chan,” he call me between his activity on my neck.

“What... is it Kazu...?”

“I want to... taste your mouth...”

I think, it’s my turn to make him pleasure about me. But that’s just in my mind. He already kiss me. In some purpose, i didn’t open my mouth, just to know how much he really want me. As i expected, he never give up to little thing like this. He teasing my lips again and again with his tongue and his sweet lips until I can’t handle it anymore. I open my mouth, let his tongue inside me. His tongue just like his dance. Great, active, sweet and I swear that’s really full of passion. I can’t resist that. I can hear he moan softly. Somehow that make me want him more. I let his tongue and mine dancing until we break our kiss to reach some air.

He look at me. Title his head to once again see my face. His eyes so deep with some expression. I can see his face sweaty, that’s make me want to kiss him more. More deeper than before. More passion than before. More sweet than before. And I really want to touch his skin, more than I always do to him. He come close to me. Let his lips close to my ear.

“Too much thinking,” he whisper. After that, he bite my earlobe softly. What can I do just let soft moan out from my lips when Nino lick it.

“Too much stared at me, too...” he said when he kiss me again.

Eh? Wait?! Stared?! HOW??

“H... how did you...?” I ask when we broke our kiss. He look at me. That grin again!

“How did I know? Again Oh-chan, too much asking. How I know? Well, we already being friend, best friend for 15 years and maybe before our debut. And how did I know?” Nino said it with his teasing voice.

“Cause I know you, Oh-chan,” he said as he stroke my arm. “... I can feel you...” he leaned his kiss at my lips. “I can feel your eyes... follow every my movements...” Nino’s fingers play at my neck, making another sensation with my body. “Just let me finish my lesson for you about this taste, Oh-chan...” Nino whisper as he kiss me again. Because he knew all this time I always watch him, this is not time to be shy anymore. Not time to hide my feeling to him. I pulled his waist so he can’t go away from me. My another hand landed on his cheek. I let my feeling take control for this time. I give my best to let him moan than before. I like his soft moan. Our kiss become deeper than before, passion than before and also to much feeling inside our kiss.

He broke our kiss and leaned some kiss on my neck and cupping my skin. What Nino doing make another weird feel inside me. I just moan. I feel and remember this thing so I can’t forget about it.  And he stopped.

 “Oh-chan... how the taste?” Nino whined softly, he titled his head again as he ask me. I staring at him with soft glance. I can see him waped our saliva on his lips. That’s looks so sexy for me. Especially when his eyes staring back at me with that passion glare.

I titled my head too, pretending like thinking something. Then I smile at him. I brush his cheek which is already turn into red and feel warm, or maybe already hot like a boiled water. But Nino’s cheek feel soft. It’s nice I can feel his cheek.

“Hmm... the taste is... too much passion, Kazu,” I murmured on his ears. He just grinning.

“Then... shall we finish our cookies?” Nino ask with his finger brush my lips. I nodded, agree with him.

“We should finish this mess thing...” I said as I look around the kitchen. “Maybe after that, we can finish my lesson?” I look at him, winked my eyes. Nino chuckle again. He is cute.

“No more too much?” he ask.

“Well... we never know about the future, right? Just finish our cookies and we will know soon.”

After all... we can finish our cookies after Nino’ lesson to me. I can see how Nino so excited when the cookies come out from the oven. I can see how much Nino smile at me when he taste that cookies.

“How is the taste, Kazu?” I ask him while watching him eat the cookies.

“Hmm? What taste?”

“The cookies?” I ask again. Nino staring at me with his eyebrows raised.

“The cookies?” Nino imitated the way I ask before. “The cookies too much love, Oh-chan.” Then he pause for a moment. Change his eyes into puppy eyes and look at me. “Is that bad, Oh-chan? Too much?” he asking me with lower voice. Like a child who afraid to his mom.

I shake my head. “Nope. That taste is perfect,” I said. I brush his cheek softly.

“So... Do you like it?” once again Nino asking with his puppy eyes and lower voice.

“Um...” I nod. And I approach him. Whisper on his ear, “of course I do”. He look so happy. Then Nino hug me.

“Then, too much is not bad, right?”

“Hmm... I think too much sometimes can be good, too.”

“Good! So you already learn about it.”

“Maybe next time I could teach you how the make some art? How about painting?” I look at him. I can see he blushed at that moment. Then he chuckle.

“Well, if I want to take that lesson I will call you then, Oh-chan,” he say with shy smile.


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