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Title : MakeSure
Pair : Yamamiya (sho x ohno, Ohno x ninomiya, ninomiya x sho)
Genre : fluff,
Rating : PG
Warning : nothing. just engurishu~(gomennasai)
Disclaimer : i only have the plot. not arashi)
Summary : Sho just want to make sure what actually the feeling that he feel towards this couple




Sho shifted on his couch. His eyes fixed on the pair in front of him. But he tried to ignored how close the pair in front of him do their lovey-dovey session like always they did every day, in front of his eyes. The pair that always loving each other like there are no one in this world, even Sho who sit in front of them is like disappeared. Just how could they do that? Sho think.

Well… Sho is not really say no for this Ohmiya real relationship in real life out of their fans service. It’s just like he being ignored by this couple and he hate it. For Sho this feel is close like that but for Aiba—who keep teasing him—Sho is actually feel jealous. And Jun said Sho have to be face the truth that in this world people like Ohno and Nino are really exists.

Sho just shook his head from his thought.

Somehow he remember he always see same routines every day in his life as long as he know these two man.

Some day, Nino will let Ohno lay his head on his laps. Nino’s fingers will playing with Ohno’s soft and black hair if Nino is not busy with his DS. Sometime will hummed some melody from their songs or just silence. Ohno will let Nino do whatever Nino want as long as he can lay his head on the younger’s laps and close his eyes and finally fall a sleep.

Or maybe like another day, where Nino is beating some boss in his new game. Nino will need more concentration in this stage. So Ohno will lean closer to Nino, finally let his chin rest on Nino’s shoulder. Even the gamer make a little protest, Nino let Ohno do that and keep pushing those buttons. Sho think, as long as Ohno is not bothered or make the younger lose the concentration and the game, Nino will let Ohno do whatever he want to do.

He take a glance from behind the magazine that he read. He can see clearly Ohno is resting his chin on Nino’s shoulder as the younger busy with his music sheet. Mumbling something near Nino’s ear and two of them giggling together. Nino write again and Ohno’s hand come to hug Nino. There is a pang pain in his heart. A slight pain make his chest feel hurt.

Somehow… he can’t understand what does it mean. Is it mean he is really jealous? But to whom?


He know to consult this feeling to Aiba will be a disaster. Sometimes, Aiba will burst all of the secret when he is drunk. But Aiba always give a good advice to something like this.

Meanwhile to consult this thing to Jun, he will get scold for worst but for the best is to get tease by the youngest member. He pride… will go away. Blow by the wind as he consult it.

So he decide to find the answer by himself. What does his degree mean if he can’t find the answer for this simple thing?


He look around near the green room. Make sure if there are no one around.

When he step inside, like he predicted, Nino was there. And it is just him. Sit with keep humming some melody with a headphone on his ears, music sheet on his hand and a guitar next to him. Maybe he composed a new solo?

Sho take a seat near the younger. Pretending like he didn’t really make attention to the younger. Or he didn’t want to interrupt Nino at all. Until finally Nino take off his headphone and look at Sho.

“Hii, Sakurai-san…” he said.

“Um… hii, Nino… where is Ohno?”

“Hmm? Why did you ask?”

Sho silence. His mind tried to find a good answer quickly.

“You and him always together, don’t you?” Nino chuckled. And he shook his head.

“Even we are together it doesn’t mean everytime we have to be together,” he said. Sho make a little O with his lips.

“You are so cute, Sakurai-san,” suddenly Nino said.

“Eh? Which mean?”

“You are always pretending like you didn’t pay attention to us. But actually you give your full attention to me and Oh-chan,” Nino look deep into Sho’s eyes this time. Make the older gulped. Why did he feel like interrogated by Nino now?

“Say… what you want to ask?” Nino finally asking to the right point. Somehow make Sho wondering why this young man is not in Keio.

Sho take a deep breath, “I just don’t understand with my feeling.”

“What feeling? Did you feel jealous?”

“N-no! I mean… I just don’t understand why I feel like being ignored by you two.”

“That mean you jealous.”

“N-NO!!” but Sho can see a smirk on Nino’s thin lips. His eyes already on devil’s eyes mode. Sho exhaled.

“Whatever you said…” finally Sho gave up. Success make Nino laughing really hard.

“So~ what Sho Sakurai need now?”

“I want to make sure. Am I really jealous?”

Nino’s eyes leaving Sho. Finally staring on the floor. He thinking. But Sho actually didn’t mean to make the younger take his problem seriously.

“It doesn’t mean I’m really ser—”

Suddenly his words caught by a thin lips. He bulged his eyes. Nino’s face really close to him. Nino close his eyes and let his lips touch Sho’s pulm lips. At first just like that. But then Nino become bolder. He make his tongue dance like asking for Sho’s lips permission to come inside. Sho think, maybe there are a reasons between Nino’s act. So he let Nino’s tongue come in his mouth. Let Nino take a lead. Let Nino titled his head as he deepen their kiss.

Simple kiss become hotter than Sho can imagine.

After a few minutes, they pull away from each other. Staring each other. Sho can see how red Nino’s cheeks after the kiss. How sensual Nino’s face and sight after that.

“Your lips…” said Nino between his breath. “Amazing…” he said again while give a peck kiss on Sho’s cheek. Sho blushed.

“And what for that kiss?” asked Sho tried to calm himself and keep stay cool. Nino chuckled again.

“How is the kiss? Is it good? How is your feeling now? Doki-doki?”

“You didn’t answer me…” Sho pouted.

“Come on~”

“Okay. Let… let me think first…”

“Want to try it with Oh-chan too?”

That question success make Sho almost chocked by his saliva himself.


“Just asking. Maybe you want to try it with Oh-chan too…”

“He is your boyfriend. Are you crazy?!” Sho almost burst in anger. But Nino patted his hand.

“I would say Ohno will help you. That’s what I did with the kiss.”

Sho not sure what actually he want to know now. He afraid if he will become burden to this couple.


Sho looking at Ohno and Nino, confused.

“And what actually happened here? Why you call me?”

“I’ve to go and I can’t let Ohno stay alone…” Sho can see Ohno’s eyes bulged, disbelieve with what he heard. Well, actually Sho too.

“He have his mom. And he is not a child.”

“But you want to ask something to him, don’t you?” Nino answer him with another question. That always make Sho pissed of. He look at Ohno who now keep his eyes on Sho and Nino but this time in confused face. Sho sighed.

“Is there something you wanna ask me, Sho-kun?” this time is Ohno who asking.

“Eh? Uhm… yeah. But not really important.”

“You can go wherever you wanna go, Kazu. Don’t always worried about me. I’m not 5 years old…” Ohno mumbling as he walk inside his apartement. Leaving Sho and Nino in the leaving room.

“Such an old man…” Nino said under his breath.

“By the way. I just want to tell you that you can have Oh-chan for yourself today. Bye…” and Nino leaving him standing there with his mind keep asking many questions.

“You can call me if it just like that…” this time Sho who talking under his breath.

“Shooo-kuuuun~” there is Ohno’s voice calling for his name from somewhere inside the apartement, which mean Sho don’t know which one of room should he go.

“I’m coming, Ohno-san!” he said and drag himself searching for Ohno. He found Ohno in kitchen. Standing in front of stove. Stirring something inside some pan and there is smell good for Sho’s stomach. And somehow it grumbling really hard, make Ohno laughing and Sho blushed in embarrassed.

“Come. Let’s just sit. It will be ready for a minute,” said Ohno while pointed in counter desk. Sho nodded and take a seat there. Watching Ohno stirring the curry, turn off the stove, and served him a plate full of curry and rice.

“It’s smell good…” Sho said, praise Ohno’s cook. Without he realized, Ohno’s cheeks reddened.

“Sankyuu… I hope the taste will be good too.”

Sho take a first spoon and chewed it slowly.

“Twhe tass ish guuuts!!!” he exclaimed in happy face and voice. Ohno laughed at him.

“I don’t understand. Finish your foods in mouth first, Sho-chan,” Ohno said between his laughing. Sho blushed when he realized Ohno call him with change the suffix. But he love it. He keep talking with mouth full, praise Ohno’s food. Said the taste is good, amazing, delicious and other. Ohno nodded and laugh, sometimes chuckled to give his reaction for Sho’s words.

“Ah~ I feel full now…” Sho leaned on the chair while close his eyes.

“By the way, Kazu said before there is something you wanna ask…” Ohno looking at Sho who suddenly stiffened.

“I… uhm… let me wash the dishes first. As a payment for cooked me this curry,” Sho take the dishes and wash them. While Ohno stared at him and finally gone to living room.

“Finished?” asked Ohno when he heard Sho’s footsteps come in to the same room. Sho nodded.

“Here…” Ohno patted an empty seat on the same couch with him. Sho gulped. Not sure if he have to sit next to Ohno. But his feet just followed Ohno’s instruction.

“Wanna watch something?”

“I’m… not sure if our interest in watching TV will same.”

Ohno chuckled. “It’s okay. Me and Kazu too.” Then Ohno choose a channel of wild animal that Sho believe Aiba will excited if he watched this.

“Said Ohno-san… are you happy with Nino?” suddenly Sho asking.


“Did you feel bored or something?”

“You are the one who interesting with us, if I’m not mistake, Sho-chan?”

Why this couple always know what actually I feel?

“I… I just wondering why I feel like that towards you two…” Sho decided to admit it in front of Ohno. Ohno is the oldest one, who always keep quiet but the wise one if someone need him. And Sho believe he will be okay if talking about this with Ohno. He believe with Ohno he can understand and solve this.

Suddenly Ohno take Sho’s hand. Patted his hand and entwined their fingers with a smile while keep watching their hand together. Sho watched it with holding his sweat, his heartbeat like he just running marathon. He hope Ohno can’t sense hiss heartbeat from his palm because he believe he can heard his own heartbeat.

“How is your feeling now?”

“I-I… I feel i-it’s okay…” Sho shocked by himself. Why he feel so nervous even it is just a holding hand with Ohno?

“Liar…” said Ohno and he give Sho a kiss on his cheek. Burning Sho’s cheeks even more. “That mean you actually jealous because of me. Because you can’t close with me…” Ohno said near Sho’s ears. Blowing the rapper’s mind to be crazy.

Yes… he feel it. It is different with Nino. Nino can give a bolder act than Ohno but he can’t feel what he feel with Ohno. Ohno’s act is so simple. Just holding his hand make Sho’s heartbeat running. His mind is crazy when he can hear Ohno’s voice near his ear. It’s enough to make him faint if he can’t handle himself.

Simple thing make him realized to whom actually he feel this feeling.


“Ohayou, Sho-kun…” Ohno greet him when he see Sho come in the green room.

“O-ohayou…” he said.

Sho take a seat where he always be. In front of the couple that always do their lovey-dovey session. But Sho didn’t feel jealous anymore, since he know Ohno will spare him his empty time to make Sho feel comfortable with him. Ohno will let Sho do whatever he want when he is not with Nino.

Anything, to  make Sho’s heart feel crazy and his stomach feels like there are million butterflies inside his stomach.


Note :
it's been a long time since I posted something on my LJ and DW. ugh... real life killing me inside out
I love this pair. I call it Yamamiya. I already make two fanfics of this pair. and hope it'll be okay for everyone. hehehe...
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Title : Foreplay and Please More
Pairing : Nino-centric (a little Ohmiya, a little Sakumiya)
Length : one-shot

Rating : NC-17 (?) because the languange 
Genre : fluff, 
Warning : this is my first time to write something like... this. so i'm sorry if there are so many things that should not be there like if I'm wrong with giving the rating and genre.(what am I talking about? I'm so embarassed!!) ; already Beta-ed by Maki Tachibana-sama (hountou ni arigatou gozaimashu~)
Summary : the rest of Arashi members (Ohno, Sho, Aiba and Jun) always looking at Nino with a huge grins and that make Nino a little scared.

Please enjoy (?) ehehehe... ^ - ^ 

Click and Enjoy it ^- ^/ )-----

I'm sorry!!!!!!!!
forgive me for my stupid and pervert mind. I just wanna tried to write this and it become like this and I don't know what should I do and said after sending this to my beloved beta-reader and posted this.
I'm so embarassed!!
/ want to hide now /
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Title: Kiss Practice
Pairing/group: Sakumiya (Arashi)
Length: Oneshot
Rating: PG
Genre: fluff
Warnings: (Not-beta-ed / Beta-self) English not my mother language. I’m really really sorry for (alot of) the grammar mistake, for bad summary, bad story, bad plot. please bear with it m_ _m )
Summary: when they still juniors, Nino always looking at Sho for all time because there is something bothering him

It's Nino's birthday! Yatta~~~
Hope all the best for Ninomiya Kazunari. Oh... and Please enjoy the story ^ - ^/


Nino looking at Sho from afar. As far as he could but still could catch his shadow swept his gaze. Occasionally he ventured to look at him directly when he felt Sho really did not see it.

Even when the shooting took place, not normally for Nino would steal a glance at Sho. Usually he will immediately say what was in his head. But until the shooting ended and he found himself and Sho in greenroom make him restless.

"What is it, Nino?" Asked Sho looked at him. Nino looked directly at him. His lips open to say what he would say, but then he came back to close it.

"There's something bothering you?" Asked Sho again. Nino simply bowed, nodding.

"Just say it. We are one group, friends. From now on, all members problems will be ours problems" Sho pat Nino gently. The younger just look at him with sheepy smile and he looked down to the floor again.

"Well ... Sho-san. I want to know something..." Nino finally decided to say what is disturbing feelings lately.
"Something?" Sho repeat it. Nino nodded.

"I really wanted to know about it..." Sho increasingly looked at him curiously that makes Nino swallowed itself. Shortly Sho's face became so close he could remember.


"About... hm... how do I say it, yes..." Nino looked glanced in different directions trying to avoid the approaching of Sho’s sight.

"You know, if you like it, it just make me became more curious. Just say it."

"Hmm... but I..." Nino looked at Sho then dropped his gaze back to the floor, "I... I’m shame ..."

Sho frowned, puzzled. "Shame? Shame why? Why should you be ashamed?"

"It's something that-that that's ..." Nino face getting flushed with embarrassment. How could he tell right away that he was eager to know what it feels like... kissing.

Sho then distanced himself, stands in front of Nino, smiling.

"Whatever subject we are talking about—anything—I will listen and provide solutions" Sho smiled. He touched Nino chin and lifted the face of the young to be staring at her. This time Nino could look at him, though her face was flushed.

"Well, Sho... I really want to know how it feels..." he looked at Sho glance, gulp for a momment, then here’s the word come "... a kiss"

Sho’s eyes bulged, surprised that he did not think Nino would talk about it. While Nino realize direct expression changes Sho frantically. He knew very well that Sho would give it expression.

“B-but it’s okay, Sho. It’s just... well-I know you’ll be like this. But-but... I just curious and I just-just” Nino was silent when she heard Sho laughing.

"So you've never been kissed?" He asked. By Nino nodded shyly.

"And never kissing?” Nino nood again

“And you ask me how does it feel?" Nino nodded—again.

"Well, why do not we practice it?" Nino tilted his head, confused with Sho’s words. "Kiss. We practice it. So you know how it feels" Sho smiled.

"Oh?? EH! N-No! No, no, no, no, no!! It's okay Sho. It's okay. Really. I just asking, not asking for practice. No, Sho" Nino outright refused. Now if Nino could see his face, he is very confident that his face already looks like a boiled crab.

“Hmm... it’s okay, Nino. Really. I just give you some idea for that” Sho chuckled at him. But Nino shook his head quickly.

“That’s a bad idea. Very bad bad bad. A crazy idea, Sho” Nino said. But Sho hold his hand and push their body, until Nino’s back touch the cold wall behind him.

“Sh-Sho?” Nino call his name, but the older just smile at him. Somehow, that smile is really gentle. But at sometime it’s look scary for Nino.

“It’s okay, Nino. Just take it easy” Nino can feel Sho’s breath near his ear, make him shivered. Sho’s voice so deep and.. what is it again? Deep and sexy? Even can make Nino feel good with this close distance between them.

“B-but people can see us” the younger’s can feel his voice trembling. But Sho look like know about that. He stroke Nino’s arm softly.

“The others already go home, Kazu” once again Sho speak softly on Nino’s ears.

Suddenly, Nino can feel something wet around his ears. He can feel Sho’s tongue licking his earlobe. This time not just his voice but Nino can feel his body also trembling.

“S-Sho... it’s... tickle...” Nino shoulder up to relieve the tingling he felt. But Sho mumbles while continuing his activities.

“Sh-Sho?” Nino call his name. Sho stop his activity and look at Nino’s face. press his and the younger forehead, so their face so close. Even Nino can feel Sho’s breath in front of him and Sho can feel this man in front of him trembling.

“What is it, Kazu?” he ask Nino. He just gulped. Actually he want it but at same time he want to stop it.

“I-I don’t know what I have to do” he said with shy. Again, Sho smile. Or maybe this time that’s smile is smirk.

“Just like I said before, relax. And feel it, Kazu” Sho’s hand already travelling around Nino hips up to his chest. Nino can’t breath properly. He don’t know if Sho’s touch can make his body reacted so much.

Sho’s lips, without Nino realized already touch Nino’s lips. Why this thing can make me trembling? The younger think again.

That lips feel smooth and warm. That’s only before Sho’s tongue find way into Nino’s mouth. Slowly counting the younger’s teeth.

At first, Nino didn’t know what to do. What he can do only out of breathing. It’s like Sho take all his air from his lungs.

“Breath, Kazu... breath like you always do” Sho said after release the kiss.

Even you told me so, I can’t do that because you make me like this.

“How is it?”

“Hmm?” Nino humming.

“The kiss? How it feel like?” Sho asking again.

“Hmm... I don’t know” Nino shruged. Sho knew this gamer only want to teasing him.

“Eh? Still don’t know how is the feel like?” Sho pretending surprised.


“How if we do that again?”

“EEHH?!!” but it’s late because Nino already traped between Sho’s body and wall behind him.

“You said you still don’t know how it feel like. You seems still confused...”

“Eh?! But-but-but..”

“How if we do morethan kiss? Perhaps... we have to practice it here? Maybe after that you know how that feel?” and Nino can see how Sho’s—perfect—lips forming a mischievous smile.


And here I am after (maybe) 2 months(?) without posting fanfics. hihihi... my campus really busy.
how is it? this fanfic? I hope you enjoy it. please tell me with your comment, nee~
see you again~ ^ - ^

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Title :Clinging Nino
Pairing :Sakumiya
Rating: G/PG
Genre: fluff
Length: drabble
Disclaimer: I only have their pictures and this plot (TT—TT)
Summary: Nino become so spoiled at Sho starting this morning. He always clinging on Sho's arm.
Warning: not beta-ed, bad summary, bad story, bad plot, bad english (really bad, there is so many mistakes with grammar, words, please bear with it m_ _m )


Almost all day since this morning Nino clinging to Sho, wherever Sho go Nino will follow him with his hand clutches Sho's arm. Even when they take a bath, Nino didn't want to far away--even to separated by a wall--from Sho. At first, Sho didn't protest since he know Nino. The younger sometimes can be so spoiled at him, just like today. But when they have to work Nino still clinging at him. All the time and didn't want to loosen his arm. That's make Arashi members thinking there is something wrong with Nino.

"Anoo... Sho-chan. What happend to Nino?" Ohno asking him as his eyes look at Nino. Same as Sho's eyes at the same direction. Nino looks still clinging on him, circling his arm on Sho's arm and he looks so tired until he sleep with that position. His lips a little open make a litlle O, his eyes closed so tight. Sho smile.

"I don't know, Ohno-san, he already like this start from this morning"

"I wondering, why he being like that today"

"But he is so cute like that, isn't he?" Aiba said as he poked Nino's cheeks. Jun just nodded with a little chuckled. 

"And he didn't playing his game too" Aiba said so as he looking at peaceful Nino

"And I'm so worried about him now" Sho sighed,

"Yeah... I think he got fever at first" Jun look at Nino who still sleep.

"Hmm... Same as me" Sho run his finger on his lover's hair. Caress his hair smoothly.

"Take care of him, nee... Sho-chan" Aiba look at Sho, giving him a worried face.

"Of course I will, Aiba. I'm his lover, don't you remember" Sho smile at him

"Just in case if you forget" and they laughing with a tiny voice for not waking up Nino from his dream.




Nino... Are you allright?" Sho asking him when they alone at lift. Nino look at Sho's eyes and nodded.

Oh... He didn't talk to much since this morning too. It must be something wrong.

"Are you sure?"

"Um..." Nino answer him with nodded and humming as his back of hand rubbing his eyes. After a few minutes, he yawning.

Sho take his back hand and place it on Nino's forehead. Nino frowning,

"What happend Sho-chan?"

"You are not get fever don't you?" Nino shake his head.

"I'm fine. Really. I just..." Nino stop a moment and look to other side. He avoid Sho's eyes.

"Just what, Kazu?" Nino still not answering him.

"Kazu?" Sho take Nino's chin to make him look at him. As soon as they face each other, their eyes meet too.

"I just love you..." he whispering with a very tiny voice.

"I can't hear you, Kazu" Sho teasing him. Now Nino make a pouty lips and Sho can't resist him anymore, with a quick movement he peck a kiss at the younger pouty lips,

"Sho-chan!" Nino hit Sho's arm slightly, make the rapper chuckled.

"I'm sorry. Your lips... I can't resist it. And that's lips so delicious, Kazu" he cupped Nino's cheeks which is already blushing.

"I love you Sho-chan" Nino said it again as he hug him

"Um~ I know" he hug Nino. "And I love you too" he mumbling it on Nino's crown head.

"I love you more and more everyday" Nino said again.

"Umm~ me too"

Finally they arrive at parking area. They enter their car.

After they settled their seatbelt, Sho stop for a moment and looking at Nino again. His eyes fixed on the younger. Nino blushing. Well, Sho really know how Nino never said I love you to him. So... Today is a rare situation for him.


"Are you clinging on me from this morning because you want to said that?" Nino avoid Sho's eyes again and nodded in silence.

Sho chuckled.

"You know... Sometimes, you are really cute" Sho start the engine. Nino cupped his his arm, pretending being mad. Sho just give him a light laugh.

"I'm sorry for not always like that"

"Nope. I love it. Really. I love how you said your love, with a different way. If I can ask you, I want you to be like this everyday" he chuckled again.

"I'll think about it again" Nino look at their front car with a sheepish smile.

Sho just give him a very big smile as return

Well, to have Nino clinging on him is really good thing. Maybe after they arrive, Sho will give something as return of Nino's love.


Another short story, everyone? I'm sorry for my bad english. I know there is so many mistakes here and there. I hope you can bear with it. m_ _m
Thank you for reading and give your comments ^ - ^

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Title:Just Want To Cuddling With You [Short Plot]
Genre:fluff, romance
Length : drabble
Disclaimer:I only have their pictures and this plot (TT—TT)
Summary:Nino already playing for 4 hours and Sho want to cuddle with him
Warning:not beta-ed, bad summary, bad english (really bad, please bear with it m_ _m )

Please enjoy the story, nee... ^ - ^


Nino playing his game. And Sho just sit on couch with a book in his hand. It's already 4 hours Nino still playing ignoring Sho even when Sho offer him some cookies. Sho already finish his book. But still, Sho sit there and watching him. With a sleepy face, of course. Somehow, his eyes fall to Nino who still busy playing.

After few minutes, Nino can feel Sho's eyes on him.

"Could you please stop that?" Nino sighed and stopped his activity to look at Sho.

"Stop what?"

"Looking at me with that look"

"What look?"

"Come on Sho-chan, you know what I mean"

"I don't know what are you talking about" he grinning.

"You know, I-want-to-cuddling-with-you-this-night-and-maybe-more-than-cuddling look" Nino rolled his eyes and fingers only to make Sho chuckled. He patted Nino's head.

"Well, I guess I'll sleep first, then"

"Haii... Oyasumi nasai" Nino back to his game again.

"Are you... sure you didn't want to join me on bed, now?" Sho ask him again when he just reach and touch the bedroom knob.

"I have to finish my game first Sho-kun" he said without leaving his eyes from his game. His chubby fingers still busy pushing the button on joystick.

"And now you replace me with your game" he make sulking face with a pouty lips.

"Don't said that. I still love you, you know. But my game need my attention now" Nino take a quick glance at him and smile, "and please don't make your lips pouty like that. It only make me want to kiss you" he said again.

Sho grinning, "Okay then... oyasumi"

"Oyasumi" Nino said.

"Ah... I guess I have to sleep alone now" Sho said as he lying his body on bed.

But after a few minutes he sleep, he can feel something moving next to him. It's like someone climbing his bed. And this someone snuggling to his back and also under the blanket.

"Eng... Nino?" Sho murmurs.

"Um..." Nino reply with muttering.

"Already fall sleep do you?" Sho turn around to face him. Nino snuggling more to him when Sho hug him.


"Oyasumi, Kazu..."

"Oyasumi, Sho-chan" and they fall sleep together into their dreams.


It's just a short plot pop up in my head before I sleep. Maybe I just need someone to cuddling to like this Sakumiya. Hihihi... ^ - ^
Oh... and Oyasumi~ have a nice dreams, girls~

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 Title: Password
Pairing/group : Sakumiya / Arashi
Length : oneshot / 3.438 words
Rating: PG
Genre : humor (a little), fluff
Summary : Sho feel Nino become strange because he lock his phone with a password. To get the password, Sho do anything he can.




Sho looking at Nino’s phone in his hand. He really pissed off. Oh yes... really pissed off. That phone is really rare to locked by Nino. Well maybe that’s Nino’s phone but... it’s just rare since they already become lover—unofficially, because Sho still think Ohno have a feelings towards Nino.

Hmm... why he lock his phone now. It’s strange.Sho think hard.

“What are you doing with my phone, Sakurai-san?” a voice make him stop his movement. Sho can feel a dark aura behind him. That voice. The bratty voice suddenly become so dark. Sho gulp. Before this, maybe Sho really pissed off, but now... well, you know how Nino become when his dark side come out.

Sho turn his head slowly and found Nino standing behind him with a superior sight at him. The dark aura still glowing around him with an angry face.

“A... ah, Nino... chan...” Sho trying to talk normally but failed. Because his voice become trembling.

“What. Are. You. Doing. With. My. Phone. In. Your. Hand?” he asking again.

“Just... just checking something” Sho gripping that phone hardly. Oh no... my hand is so sweaty now.

“Give it to me” Sho shook his head and keep the phone still in his hand. And he take it closer to his chest.

“Give that PHONE to me, SHO!!” Nino screaming until the rest of Arashi members jerked of from their seat.

“What the hell was wrong with you, Nino?!” Jun yelling.

“My phone!!” the gamer screaming again when Sho run toward Aiba and hide behind him.

“Sho, just give that phone to him. That his phone, right?” Aiba look at Sho who standing behind him, cutely.

“But... but... he lock his phone, Aiba”

“So what’s wrong with that?” Ohno yawning. He wake up because of Nino’s scream.

“YES! What wrong with that?” Nino shouting again. Agree with Ohno’s argument.

“That... um...” Sho looking at the other side, thinking. “...that’s weird for Nino lock his phone”

“That’s my PHONE!” Nino screaming again

“And maybe you keep a secret inside your phone!”

“What’s wrong if I have a secret?!”

“You... you...” Sho keep searching the words in his brain. Damn it! Why the words didn’t come out from my brain?!

“What?!” Nino asking for the answer.

“I think that’s not a big deal if someone have a secret. Even I have one” Ohno said as he laying at couch again.

“Um... me too” Jun agree

“Yes. Even I have a secret too, Sho-chan” Aiba sounds agree with Ohno.

“There is nothing you have to know about his private life too, Sho”

“You are cheating on me!” suddenly the answer burst out loud from his lips with a high tone.  

And silence.

EH???!! Wait! What I said again? Sho’s brain seems screaming.

Everyone looked at him.

For a second, Sho can see Nino smirking.

“Cheating?!” they asking in the same time. They look at Nino and Sho.

“How?” “When?” they asking again.

“Long story guys...” Nino waved his hand. “...beside, I will not give you the password. Got it?! Never!” Nino said as he take his phone from Sho and walk away from greenroom.


“So... how long you...?” Aiba asking with a very tiny little voice.

“Yes, Aiba. YES! Already for almost seven years” he said as he hold his breath before answer it. He can heard ‘Wow’ from Ohno who take a sit next to Aiba.

“And since when... you...?” Jun look at him.

“Since... hmmm... I don’t really remember since when I love him. Just... suddenly we become lover. That’s all.”

“About the phone, what exactly happening between two lovers like you have?” Ohno decided to not sleep again since he really curious about this story.

“Well... um... Nino become so strange lately. So I think it become more strange when I know his phone is locked now” Sho take a deep breath.

“Maybe he have a photo that he doesn’t want you to know.”

“Or maybe he cheating...” Sho whispering in a deep frustrated.

“Ouh, God! Nino will not doing that. Well, he can be a cheating but not with woman or any man in this world since he really have a deep love with games. You know better than us, I think” Ohno said as he patted Sho’s shoulder.

“That’s rare to hear you talking like that, Riida” Sho chuckled.

“That’s Nino we talking about, right. And that’s what I know about Nino. He will never cheating. Trust me” Ohno give Sho a big smile. Reassure him.


The next day

Sho think he maybe or should apologize to Nino. Not just because he feel sorry, but also want to know the password of his phone. He really decide to apologize. But every minute after the day he found Nino’s phone locked, he always keep repeat “There is must be something inside his phone. Must be”in his mind.

 “Nino...?” Sho call his name.

“Um..?” the gamer only humming to answering it. He still give me that pouty lips. If you know how much I want to kiss your lips now.

“I’m sorry for yelling and shouting at you yesterday, at greenroom” Sho start to apologizing. But Nino just humming. He never leave his sight from his DS. Sho sighed.

Well, here we go. Let’s try this. Sweet tone. Checked.



“May I know your password phone?” Nino bulged his eyes and give him a death glare.

“Please~?” Sho asking again with whining and very tiny voice. Nino snort.

“No. And never” he said with his concentration return to his DS and leaving Sho in living room alone. He already handle the knob of their room when he turn his head at Sho and say,

“Just try it and I ensure you... you will never get my password.”

And he open the door and dissapear into the room. Leaving Sho with pouty face.

Oh, okay. You want to play a game? Let’s play then.


The other day....

“Nino-chan~” Sho call him.

“What is it, Sho?”

“Do you want to accompany me to have a lunch?”

Nino didin’t give his answer quickly. He looks like thinking something.

“I think I’ll stay here” Nino take his phone from his pocket and busy with it.

What exactly the password... really, I want to know.

“Why you staring me like that? Is there something on my face?” Nino asking him, let his phone on his lap. Sho shook his head.

“Nothing. Just... do you want some hamburger? I will buy one or two or... even five for you” they staring each other.

“Maybe one. It’s enough for me. I already give my best to release my one pack system. I don’t wanna do something like ‘diet’ or any kind of sport again.”

Sho nodded.

“As exchange...” Sho walk closer to Nino, get his attention back to him. “... you have to tell me your password.”

“Oh...” Nino quickly lock his phone again. “I cancel my order, then” Nino looked at him with a smile. No... maybe you can call it as smirk. Sho frowning. No!His inner mind screaming.

“Really? I can treat you now, you know. For five hamburgers” Sho reassure him.

“Are you underestimate me, Sakurai-san?” Nino laying his phone on couch and he stand up, facing Sho with that smirk and his hand crossed on his chest.

“I have much money to buy the hamburger restaurant for myself, just in case if you want to know.”

Nino take his phone and walk away from the greenroom with Sho who still stand on his spot with his shock face.

I never know if he can said something like that. Okay... this plan can’t be work. He can’t be persuaded with treat anymore. Now I have to find something else to make him talk.


The other day...

Sho make sure once again with his head looking around right and left from the front door. Nino forgot to bring his phone. This is his chance to open that phone.

Okay, Nino still not home yet. I have to quick.Sho run faster into their bedroom and take Nino’s phone.

Hmmm... wait. I don’t know what the password. Maybe I have to try his birthday?

Sho typing on that screen. And... failed. Wrong password.

Sho frowning. Not his birthday. Then... what is the password?

For a moments he silence. His brain trying any combination and possibility for Nino’s password. Suddenly, his face become red.

Ah! Or maybe... my birthday?

He typing. Wrong password.

Sho outcrying. Messing his hair.

His mom’s birthday?  Wrong password.

Hmm... our first time date?  Wrong password.

Wait! Wait! Let’s thinking, Sho. Thinking. He really love games. A gamers. And also a magician. If I have to put his ability are also singing, dancing and his bratty side. Let’s try with Mario Kart then.

Just in time Sho typing...

“Tadaima~” Nino greatings from the front door.

OH, NO!Sho quickly put the phone back to his previous position. He patting his cheeks.

Being normal... let’s being normal. Don’t make him know. No, no, no...

“Okaeri, Kazu” Sho come out from the bedroom and hug his lover.

“Eh? I think you already going for your work” he said as Sho let him kiss his lips.

“Nope. They said the take postponed for hour. So... I’ll wait for my manager to take me there.”

“Sho-chan? Why are you sweating?” Nino asking him.

Oh, God! What are you, Kazu? A lie detector?

“Well, then. Let me put this in the kitchen and change my clothes. Wait... I’ll make you a breakfast” and Nino gone to kitchen leave him alone in the living room. Sho let himself laying on couch with his hand on his forehead, massaging it.

I hope he didn’t know if I...

“SHO-CHAAAAN!!” after a while he can hear Nino’s screaming fill all the house.

Yes, here we come. He is calling.

“Are you trying to open my phone now?” Nino already stand behind the couch.

Sho trying to not panic as he sit. “No. Why you asking?”

Nino is smirking. He is smirking...

“Don’t playing a dumbfounded here, Sho-chan.”

“Do you have a proof?” Sho asking with a flat tone. Be calm, be calm...

“This phone is my life and I can feel this phone warmer than it should be. So I know what happend to my phone!” he shouting.

“Oh... I thought DS, X-box, PS and every games you have are your life.”

“Yes. They are too. But now my phone is more important.”

 “And now you replacing me with your phone” Sho stand up from his seat.

“Not replacing. Just...”

“Just what? Ninomiya Kazunari?” Sho walk closer to him.

“I have my reasons for my phone” and he turn around to leave Sho.

“Stay there!!” and now is Sho’s turn to shouting. And that’s make Nino frozen at once.

Maybe Sho is a beautiful man ever in Nino’s life. He can be so romantic, sweet, cute and also have a good charming. He can take control of his temper too. Who can’t stand away from him? Even Nino can’t. But Nino know more about Sho. He can be a devil when he angry. That’s why he really stay away from angry Sho.

Until Sho’s word make him froze on his spot right now.

“What are you trying to hide from me, Kazunari?” Sho walk closer and closer. Slowly. Nino’s sweat running down to his cheek.

“N-nothing...” he trying his best to hide his cracked voice.

That’s it Nino. I can’t wait any longer. Let me show you my power now.

“If there is nothing...” Sho already stand in front of him, “...pas your phone and give me the password.”

Nino grip his phone. “Never...” he whispered with a tiny voice.

Sho sigh. He close his eyes and with sudden movement, he make Nino’s back facing the cold wall. Nino stratled.

“I’m warning you, Nino. I’m tired waiting. And now I can’t handle my anger anymore” his voice become more husky, making Nino trembling.

“Sh-Sho?” he can feel Sho’s hand on his neck and cheek. Suddenly he force Nino into a rough kiss. At first he just groaning. He surprised. Sho force him to open his mouth but Nino keep his mouth close because he know what will going next. Until he can’t let it anymore and he open his mouth to let Sho’s tongue exploring his mouth, roughly.

Sho broke the kiss. He move a little to have a good view of Nino’s face, gasping. Trying to catch every air around them.

“Tell me the password” Sho’s voice become husky it’s so dark for him with his hand traping Nino’s small body between him and wall. But Nino still being a stubborn.

“N-no...” he said.

“Stubborn. As always” Sho take Nino’s hand and drag him into the bedroom. He push Nino to bed. Landed hard on the mattress.

“You want to try my game?” Sho unbotton his closthes and toss it somewhere else. Nino gulped.

“W-what game?”

“A silence game.”

“....” Nino trying his best to move but Sho already—once again—trapping his body with his hand.

“Let we see, how long you can keep silent, Kazu.”

“But you have to work, r-right?”

Sho was smirking, “Oh, no... Kazu-chan. I have my day off today”

“Let me fuck you until you lost your stubborness from your head...” Sho remove Nino’s t-shirt roughly. Nino trying to release himself from Sho, but it just useless. Sho’s more powerfull than him.

“Let me fuck you until you lost all the words in your head...” this time, Nino’s jeans lost from his legs.

“NO! Sh-Sho!” Nino gasping, still trying to stop Sho.

“Let me fuck you until you screaming the password...” and now Sho already turn him around, make him on his hand and knees facing the bed.



Sho wake up from his sleep after their sessions. It’s already night. He look at his side. Nino is there, sleeping soundly. His chest up and down with a steady breath. Sho smiling as he caress Nino’s hair and cheeks. Suddenly he remembering something. Ah! The password.

He move from the bed slowly, didn’t want to make his lover to wake up. And he take Nino’s phone.

How many rounds I already done to him just  to make him tell me the password. He really stubborn. Sho sigh.

Slowly he typed the password on the screen phone. It work. That’s really the password. At first, Sho think Nino give him a fake password.

He explore the message and email. There are nothing more than just messages and emails from Nino’s manager, arashi members, his mother, from him (of course), and some invitation for parties, drinks, dinner, lunch. There is nothing serious. Just normal messages.

He try to exploring the galery. And he found something interesting.

He found his picture. In many photoshoots he already taked long time ago, especially from An-An Magazine, naked. Many his photos  in every daily life, in every poses, every chance that Nino can have to take his pictures. Sho when reading, when he talk to the others, when he watching TV, when he sipping his coffee, when he sleep, when he laugh, when he smile, even when he just stand beside elevator door

“That’s so many...” Sho whispering.

“That’s because I miss you” he hear Nino’s voice. His voice still sounds weak. Sho turn around and take a seat beside him. Caress his lover hair and kiss his cheek.

“Ohayou...” Nino say as he rubbing his eyes with his back hand. He look around and found it’s already dark.

“Gomen... Am I hurting you? I’m to rough and harm you to much...” Sho said as he rubbing Nino’s neck. There are much mark and some bruises from him. But Nino shook his head.

“No. You are not hurting me at all” he nozzling his nose to Sho’s neck. His favorite spot.

“What did you mean with ‘miss you’ before?” Sho asking him. A second later, he can see Nino’s cheeks become redden, shy. He pull the blanket, trying to hide himself from Sho. Somehow Sho found it to cute to resist.

“Hey... Kazu? Tell me...” this time Sho is the one who nozzle at Nino. “... please?” he kiss his lover cheek again.

“Well... hmmm, where I have to strat, now?” he ask shyly. Still pull the blanket around him.

Sho smiling. “From everywhere is okay for me”

Nino looks like think before he humming something.

“Hmm... Well, I know you have... um, so many many many works to do and so I am. But, as far I know and I saw you even didn’t have your time for yourself. Everytime you have a free time, you spend it for increase your knowledge... for your News Zero” Nino look at Sho who give him full attention to hear his story.

“... and I didn’t want to distrub you for myself. I mean, I didn’t want my stubborness become your preclusion. I know you have much works to do. For Arashi, for fans, for your family,for yourself and maybe even for me. I didn’t want to ruin your jobs... and... and...” suddenly he can feel a kiss on his forehead. That’s surprised him. It was a long kiss. Even both of them close their eyes to feel the warmness around them. Not so hot as their sessions but that’s the sweetness and warm kiss Nino ever have.

“Why you didn’t tell me before? Hmm?”  Sho hug Nino into his embrace.

“I... I just feel... I can’t always being stubborn.”

“You can always being stubborn around me, Kazu” Sho kiss his crown head and caress his hair and back.

“You can always tell me what are you feeling, what do you need. Just being stubborn for me it’s okay. Because... I can’t read your mind, you know” Sho let off Nino from his embrace. Looking at his face, into his deep eyes.

“Hmm... okay. I’m sorry then” Nino said as he lower his head.

“And... why you locked you phone then?”

“I didn’t want you find your photos—well, so many in there—in my phone. That photos to distract me from missing you. It will embrrassing if you know I am a stalker” Nino’s pouty lips inviting Sho to kiss him.

“Cutiee~ My lover is my stalker. You should know how happy I am” Sho grinning like an idiot. But that’s action only make Nino red in shyness.

 “Baka...” Nino said as he pull Sho into another kiss.


“I can guess your problem already solved?” Jun asking when he can’t handle his curiousity because since morning this couple take a seat side to side.

“Um... hmm... yes. Already solved” Sho answer it with a little confused.

“Well... that’s a good couple then” Ohno said. As he look at Nino who have a big smile on his face. that’s look cute for him.

“Hmm... anoo. Where do you know we are couple?” Sho finally ask.

The rest of Arashi members gasp.

“How did you forgot it Sho-chan? Yourself tell us before?” Aiba shouting at him, surprised. How well this Sakurai Sho can forget something important like that?

At the other side, Nino still sit calmly beside Sho with his DS on his hand. Pushing the buttons to win his game. But still hear all the conversation.

“EH? When? How...? How did I told all of you?”

“Oh, WOW! Our Sakurai Sho must be to shocked when he knew his lover phone locked. Even he didn’t remember he already told us before” Jun chuckled and so Aiba and Ohno.

Sho just frowning. Try his best to remember part by part. It’s not easy since his anger and shockness make his mind foggy from that day. And suddenly he remember and make him jerk off from his seat. With screaming until top of his lung.

“Oh my god! Can you stop it! You make us scary!” Aiba hit his shoulder.

“Kazu!” Sho shake Nino’s body.

“Oh, it’s okay, Sho-chan. At least you make our relationship officially among them” Nino still being calm.

“But, but...”

“It’s okay, Sho-chan. Finally you told them about us...” Nino steal a kiss from Sho’s lips.

“Okay, okay. Keep that lovey-dovey session for yourself. Don’t show that for us” Jun protest.

But that only make Nino want to teasing him more.

“Well, if you say so...” with one movement Nino pull Sho into another hot-kiss to show off.

“Aawww... don’t you think they are so sweet??” Aiba really love that scene. Ohno just stared at them with blankly. He want to faint but didn’t want to skip this rare view.

“Eeww! You guys! STOP IT!!” Jun screaming


A/n : so~ how is it? Are you enjoying the fic?
I'm sorry if my english is soooooo bad. I already do my best. Hihi.. but still.. *sighed*
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Title : what are you made of?
Pairing/ group : Sakumiya / Arashi
Genre : Fluff, romance
Rating  : my friends said this one is M. But I don't know either. So I'll make it as PG-13 or Teen. Is it fine?
Length : one shot / 1051 words
Warning : Sorry for all the grammar mistake, sorry for to short, sorry for being not able to write properly. I’m so sorry  ( TT—TT )
Disclaimers : just the plot
Summary : Sho couldn’t take his eyes from Nino and kept thinking about Nino’s made of to be able to seize all his attention


We 're in the greenroom, waiting to take the next scene. And nobody noticed me staring at Nino from where he sat. I absolutely can’t take my eyes off of him. But whenever Nino caught me looking at him , I tried not to look nervous. I immediately looked into his eyes and smiled . He will smile back and looked back at his Nintendo DS . He will be busy with it again.

"Sho-chan ? You did not read your newspapers today?" Aiba asked, looking at the two newspapers on the table near me .

" Eh ? Oh my ... it's been read before," Aiba looks tilted his head, confused by my answer. But I just smiled at him and looked back at Nino again.


Finished filming and we back to greenroom, Nino came up with a cheerful face from behind me. Instantly he embraces my arm and put his cheek to the arm. Instantly I felt ... there was something that jumped happily in my chest

"Nino ? What’s wrong? You seem very happy today? "I asked. Nino looked at me . He smiled and shook his head and turned back toward the front.

Geez ... his face . what is this one made of? Why his face was so radiant as the moon. And ... and that lips . What is it made of? Why so beautiful until I have to resist myself to attack that lips?

"Sho-chan ..." he called still hugged along the corridor toward the greenroom, make me back to reality.

"Yes ... what is it, Nino? " I asked .

"Throughout the day you're looking at me. Is there something wrong with me?" I was surprised . He was aware of it.

"Not really," I said. Little lie may be not a problem. But frown Nino seemed to make me feel guilty telling lies to him—in a way that somehow feel funny. Geez... he deliberately cheeks puffed like that, it looks tempting to pinched that cheeks.

“Uso ~  Sho-chan," Nino looked at me with pouty face.

Suddenly he pressed his lips were on mine. I felt the warmth of his lips. Our height may be different , but not too far away for him to be able to reach my lips. He pushed me, made ​​my back against the wall behind me. I held onto his cheeks, didn’t want to let it go to release this kiss .

I can feel it. Suddenly he became so bold. I felt his tongue licking the edge of my lips. Asked me to invite him into my mouth . I knew he was deliberately teasing me like this. But I love it. I liked how he struggled me open my mouth.

I opened my mouth, and our tongue like as if we dancing. Intertwined and mutually rotating . He cocked his head, trying to find the right angle to be able to enjoy the mouth cavity. I helped him. After he roll every inch of my teeth, now my turn to play in his mouth .

After a while, we started to run out of breath. Nino let me go. He looked at me, trying to catch as much air as he could. His face was covered with sweat. I do not know since when the air around us became so hot that we were both sweating.

He tilted his head, looked mischievous grin smile as usual. Geez ... is he the devil, or even an angel? His smile was so tempting to me.

"Well... you’re right. I confess. I am looking at you, all this day," I said, give up.

"Hehe ... I already know that. But what do you think of when looking at me like that?"

"I think, what are you made of?" Nino looked confused by my question.

"Me? What is me made of? What that is mean?" I chuckled see how confused the younger one, then gently stroked his hair.

"Well... what I mean is, you are not made from sugar but so sweet if seen. Especially when you kissed me like before, it was even too sweet." Nino looked a little giggle.

"And then?" He asked.

"I also think, you are not made of light. But why is so bright and shining in my eyes. Especially when you're smiling, like this" I caress his lips with my thumb. Nino mumbled happy listen to me.

"Then..." I continued,"... you are not silk but why are so soft when I touch you. You are also not something that scares me but somehow..." I paused staring his eyes, "... somehow for some reason I was scared. I am afraid to lose you.".

Nino seemed surprised by my last sentence. He smiled. His smile was so sincere. His face was so soothing. He put his hand on my hand that was stroking his cheek, following the movement of my hand. He closed his eyes, enjoy it.

"If you know, all this time, I... I was afraid to lose you too," he said back to me.

He kissed me again. This time not tease me for telling the truth, but kiss filled with the sweet taste of our respective feelings. When we release our kiss, I could see a tinge of red in his cheeks again. Even cheeks feels hot in my hands

"If we do that here again, other people can see it," I teased. He looked even more flushed.

"Okay, okay. All right, then," Nino stepped back, look into my eyes.

"Oh, yes... you have to remember this. I am Nino. Instead of sugar or silk," says Nino continued while pretending to pout. I am surprised. But I know he did it on purpose to hide the happy feeling. I just laughed at his behavior.

"Yes, yes. You are Nino. Made from all the nice, sweet and cute things in this world. And also a little bit devil" I said with a smile teasing him. His face was getting flushed. Even his ears go red. With exasperation he pinched waist.

"Come on! Maybe they were already waiting for us." Nino tugged my arm.

Yes ... and now I know what you made of. You made of all the nice, sweet and cute things in this world, Sho  thought as he  follow Nino from behind.

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 Title: Oyasumi, Nino
Pairing/group : Sakumiya (Arashi)
Length : Oneshot
Rating : General
Genre : fluff, friendship
Disclaimer : Just the plot, not the Arashi :P
Warnings : This is (actually) my first fanfic. But I did it with my mother language and now I translated them now. Sorry for the grammar mistake m_ _m and self-beta.
Summary : Arashi was on vacation and Nino could not sleep next to Sho.


Arashi go on holiday that day. They stay at an inn. Because it has become a habit of being on vacation together they will ask for bring one room with mattresses for each of them, as well as they do at the inn this time.

That night, everyone was fast asleep. Ohno quickly fell asleep shortly after lay down on the mattress. Aiba with his movements unpredictable. Jun who sleep in peace. Same with Sho.

Except for Nino, who still awakened in his bed. He is still busy shifting positions. Rolled to the left, rolled to the right. Sometimes he supine and sometimes it face down. Sometimes and then he hit the pillow to be more comfortable even he reversed his pillow to feel the other side of the pillow. Nino really couldn’t sleep.

"Haaa ... it looks like I will not be able to sleep until morning," Nino whispered to himself.

A beam of light bulbs in the street outside their lodge room trying through entered though only the dim light. Nino looked at his left. Aiba asleep with a position that is difficult to explain. Nino then turned to his right. Sho also has been sleeping. Looks so peaceful and quiet. So rare this time Sho did not snore. Nino smiled a little. Sho looked at the opportunity as the beds are very rare and rare, because usually the other will be busy to make a joke on him. Nino will not regret that he couldn't sleep as long as he could see the face Sho peaceful sleep next to it.

"What is it, Nino?" Suddenly Sho whispered that his eyes were closed. Nino immediately frowned. Sho Is not asleep?

"Eeh ...? I thought you were asleep," said Nino half whisper. He didn’t want to risk waking the other members.

"It was already. But woke up again. It feels like there had been an earthquake," said Sho as he opened his eyes, glanced at Nino. Nino's face blushed, embarrassed as seen by Sho and because it woke him up.

"Ah ... I’m sorry, Sho-chan. Am I too disturbing you? "Asked Nino whispered.

"Not really," said Sho slowly. He smiled. After that, silence returned. "You can not sleep, huh?" Asked Sho again at Nino.

"Yes. It seems so, "Nino replied with a sigh.

"Want to play magical banana?" Asked Sho again.

"Why should it be magical banana?" He put a frowning face. "How if the others woke up?"

"And don’t so loud, then. Who knows after that you sleepy and could sleep, "says Sho. Then they both played the game, magical banana. With a whisper and slowly. But Nino still yet feel sleepy.

"Ah ... this is not going to work, Sho-chan. I'm not sleepy," Nino protest.

"Maybe the pillow is too hard for you, so you can’t sleep. Want to exchange with mine?"  Asked Sho offer. Nino agreed and they exchanged pillows. Nino back trying to sleep. But Nino still could not sleep. Nino returns Sho pillow.

"Or you have to wear a blanket?" Asked Sho. Nino mumbled moment.

"Maybe ..." said Nino then he pulled the blanket. But what happens, Nino more even feel uncomfortable with a blanket covering him. He then kicked the blanket, get rid of his own body.

"I forgot I don’t like to wear the blanket," said Nino quietly.

"Then, you want to try to sleep in my bed? Who knows maybe that mattress makes you uncomfortable," Sho advice again. There was no answer from Nino.

"Sho-chan ..." Nino calling softly.

"Yes, what is it, Nino?"

"You ... you want to know why I can not sleep?"

"Hmm ...? What is the reason you can not sleep Nino? Not good for you if you don’t get to sleep" said Sho with worry.

"Actually ... actually I ..." Nino paused, glancing in the direction of Sho. "I couldn’t sleep because I am was on your side. And being beside you ... make me thump, "said Nino. Sho could see the expression Nino is shy and slight tinge of red in his face.

"Thump?" Asked Sho again.

"I ... yes. Being beside you make my hard thumping. I was not able to sleep, "said Nino again.

"So ... I have to stay away from you? So you can sleep after I stay away for you," said Sho.

"No... not like that, Sho-chan," Nino prevented. His voice was almost shouting. Aware of the changes in his voice, Nino directly over his mouth alone.

"Ooh ... Thank goodness ..." Sho said softly.

"Eh? You mean? "Asked Nino confusion. Suddenly Nino Sho felt a hand gently hold of his hand. There is a warm feeling that they feel.

"You can not sleep because it was on my side, right?" Asked Sho clarify their situation.

"Yes," said Nino short.

"But what if you sleep next to me?" Asked Sho. There was no answer from Nino. Nino silent. Sho could see the facial redness Nino. Whether it's because of embarrassment or for fear of his own feelings. Sho also could feel a hand grip Sho Nino reply.

Not wanting to wait for the answer will not be felt immediately out of the sweet lips Nino, he immediately pulled the arm along Nino Nino to his mattress. Sho Nino clutching tiny body that was still shocked. Nino initially wanted to escape but when Sho's arms tightened, he changed his mind. Sho Nino touched and stroked the head gently with his fingers. At that moment, Nino increasingly leaned on Sho. He did not want to be separated from the warm embrace Sho.

"This is not ‘Sleeping near me’ Sho-chan. But in your arms, "Nino protested with mock pout face. Sho chuckled. Nino leaned his head on the chest of Sho. He could feel the beating heart Sho so close to him.

"Do you want me to sing the lullaby?" Asked Sho. Nino shook his head. Sho kissed Nino head gently.

"Oyasumi, Kazu ..." Sho said softly, kissing the head of Nino. Nino smiled a little. He improved his position in Sho's arms. Seek warmth in it and did not want to embrace it regardless.

"Oyasumi, Sho-chan ..." Nino whispered softly. Soon Sho and Nino were already asleep in their dream world respectively.

~ * ~

The next morning, while others have not wake up, wake up early Nino. He was still in his arms Sho. Nino looked towards Sho are still asleep so soundly and peacefully in his sleep. Slowly, Nino escape from the arms. He didn’t want to wake up Sho who still sleeping. Before he back to his bed, once again, Nino looking Sho’s face and smile

“Arigatou-nee, Sho-chan...” Nino whispered on Sho’s ears and then kiss his cheeks and back to his bed before the others wake up. 

A.n.  : wuah... finally I translate this one. Once again, i'm sorry for all the grammar mistake. Feel free to give your comment here so I know what you think about this one. (o⌒∇⌒o)

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Title : Oyasumi, Nino
Pairing/group : Sakumiya (Arashi)
Length : Oneshot
Rating : I don’t know. Maybe i will find it later :P
Genre : fluff, friendship
Disclaimer : Cuma plot ceritanya saja. Tokohnya bukan milikku. :P
Warnings : ini (sebenarnya) fanfic pertama ku. Maaf kalau masih kurang enak dibacanya. m_ _m Mungkin besok mau ku translate ke bahasa inggris.
soon will be an english version.
Summary : Arashi sedang berlibur dan Nino tidak bisa tidur bersebelahan dengan Sho.

Hari itu Arashi pergi berlibur. Mereka menginap disebuah penginapan. Karena sudah jadi kebiasaan bersama bila sedang berlibur mereka akan saling mendempetkan kasur mereka, begitu juga yang mereka lakukan di penginapan tersebut kali ini.

Malam itu, semuanya sudah tertidur lelap. Ohno dengan cepat langsung terlelap sesaat setelah merebahkan badannya di kasur. Aiba dengan gerakan tidurnya yang tak terprediksi. Jun yang tidur dengan tenang. Begitu pula dengan Sho.

Kecuali Nino, yang masih terbangun di kasurnya. Ia masih sibuk berpindah-pindah posisi. Berguling ke kiri, berguling ke kanan. Kadang ia terlentang dan kadang ia telungkup. Sesekali ia memukul bantalnya agar lebih nyaman bahkan ia membalikan bantalnya untuk merasakan sisi lain dari bantalnya. Nino benar-benar tak bisa tidur.

“Haaa... sepertinya aku tak akan bisa tidur sampai pagi,” bisik Nino pada dirinya sendiri.

Seberkas cahaya lampu jalan di luar kamar penginapan mereka berusaha menelusup masuk walau hanya cahaya yang remang. Nino menatap ke arah sebelah kirinya. Aiba tertidur dengan posisi yang sulit untuk dijelaskan. Nino lalu menoleh ke arah sebelah kanannya. Sho juga sudah tidur. Terlihat begitu damai dan tenang. Tumben sekali kali ini Sho tidak mendengkur. Nino tersenyum kecil. Kesempatan seperti menatap Sho yang tidur sangat jarang dan langka, karena biasanya yang lain akan sibuk menjahilinya. Nino tak akan menyesal bahwa ia tak bisa tidur asalkan ia bisa menatap wajah tidur Sho yang damai di sebelahnya.

“Ada apa, Nino?” tiba-tiba Sho yang matanya terpejam berbisik. Nino langsung mengerutkan keningnya. Bukankah Sho sudah tidur?

“Eeh...? aku pikir kau sudah tidur,” ujar Nino setengah berbisik. Ia tak mau mengambil resiko membangunkan anggota yang lain.

“Memang tadi sudah. Tapi terbangun lagi. Rasanya dari tadi seperti ada gempa,” jawab Sho sambil membuka matanya, melirik ke arah Nino. Wajah Nino langsung memerah, malu karena dilihat oleh Sho dan karena sudah membangunkannya.

“Ah... maafkan aku, Sho-chan. Apa aku terlalu menganggu?” tanya Nino berbisik.

“Tidak juga,” jawab Sho dengan pelan. Ia tersenyum. Setelah itu hening kembali. “Kau tak bisa tidur, ya?” tanya Sho lagi pada Nino.

“Ya. Sepertinya begitu,” jawab Nino sambil menghela napas.

“Mau main magical banana?” tanya Sho lagi.

“Kenapa harus magical banana?" Ia memasang wajah cemberut. "Bagaimana kalau yang lain terbangun?”

“Pelan-pelan saja kalau begitu. Siapa tahu setelahnya kau mengantuk dan bisa tidur,” usul Sho. Lalu mereka berdua memainkan permainan itu, magical banana. Dengan berbisik dan pelan. Tapi Nino belum juga merasa mengantuk.

“Ah... ini tidak akan berhasil, Sho-chan. Aku tidak mengantuk,” keluh Nino.

“Mungkin bantalmu terlalu keras jadi kamu tidak ingin tidur. Mau tukar dengan punyaku?” tanya Sho menawarkan. Nino setuju dan mereka bertukar bantal. Nino kembali mencoba tidur. Tetapi Nino tetap saja tak bisa tidur. Nino mengembalikan bantal Sho.

“Atau mungkin harus pakai selimut?” tanya Sho. Nino bergumam sejenak.

“Mungkin juga...” ujar Nino lalu ia menarik selimutnya. Tapi yang terjadi, Nino malah merasa tambah tidak nyaman dengan selimut yang menutupi dirinya. Ia lalu menendang selimut itu, menyingkirkannya dari tubuhnya sendiri.

“Aku lupa kalau aku tidak suka pakai selimut,” ujar Nino pelan.

“Kalau begitu, mau coba tidur di kasurku? Siapa tahu kasurnya yang membuatmu tak nyaman,” saran Sho lagi. Tak ada jawaban dari Nino.

“Sho-chan...” panggil Nino dengan pelan.

“Ya, ada apa, Nino?”

“Kau... kau mau tahu mengapa aku tak bisa tidur?”

“Hmm...? Apa alasanmu tak bisa tidur Nino? Tak baik untukmu kalau tak segera tidur,” ujar Sho dengan khawatir.

“Sebenarnya... sebenarnya aku...” Nino terdiam sejenak sambil melirik ke arah Sho. “Aku tak bisa tidur karena berada di sampingmu. Dan berada di sampingmu membuatku... membuatku berdebar-debar,” jelas Nino. Sho bisa melihat ekspresi Nino yang malu dan sedikit semburat merah di wajahnya.

“Berdebar?” tanya Sho lagi.

“I...iya. berada di sampingmu membuatku berdebar-debar. Aku jadi tak bisa tidur,” lanjut Nino lagi.

“Jadi... aku harus menjauh darimu? Supaya kau bisa tidur,” tanya Sho.

“Bu... bukan begitu, Sho-chan,” cegah Nino. Suaranya hampir berteriak. Sadar akan perubahan suaranya, Nino langsung membekap mulutnya sendiri.

“Ooh... Syukurlah...” ujar Sho lembut.

“Eh? Maksudmu?” tanya Nino kebingungan. Tiba-tiba Nino merasakan tangan Sho mengenggam tangannya dengan lembut. Ada perasaan hangat yang mereka rasakan.

“Kau tak bisa tidur karena berada di sampingku, kan?” tanya Sho memperjelas situasi mereka.

“Iya,” jawab Nino singkat.

“Tapi bagaimana kalau kau tidur di dekatku?” tanya Sho. Tak ada jawaban dari Nino. Nino terdiam. Sho bisa melihat wajah kemerahan Nino. Entah itu karena malu atau karena takut akan perasaannya sendiri. Sho juga bisa merasakan tangan Nino membalas genggaman Sho.

Tak mau menunggu jawaban yang dirasa tak akan segera keluar dari bibir manis Nino, ia langsung menarik lengan Nino beserta Nino ke kasur miliknya. Sho mendekap tubuh mungil Nino yang masih terkejut. Awalnya Nino ingin melepaskan diri tapi saat dekapan Sho semakin erat, ia mengurungkan niatnya. Sho menyentuh dan membelai kepala Nino dengan lembut dengan jemarinya. Saat itulah, Nino semakin mendekatkan dirinya pada Sho. Ia tak ingin lepas dari dekapan Sho yang hangat.

“Ini namanya bukan “Tidur didekatku” Sho-chan. Tapi dalam pelukanmu,” protes Nino dengan wajah pura-pura cemberut. Sho tertawa kecil.  Nino menyandarkan kepalanya pada dada bidang Sho. Ia bisa merasakan jantung Sho yang berdetak begitu dekat dengannya.

“Apa perlu kunyanyikan lagu tidur?” tanya Sho. Nino menggelengkan kepalanya. Sho lalu mencium kepala Nino dengan lembut.

“Oyasumi, Kazu...” ujar Sho lembut sambil mencium kepala Nino. Nino tersenyum kecil. Ia memperbaiki posisinya dalam dekapan Sho. Mencari kehangatan didalamnya dan tak ingin dekapan itu terlepas.

“Oyasumi, Sho-chan...” bisik Nino pelan. Tak lama kemudian Sho dan Nino sudah terlelap dalam dunia mimpi mereka masing-masing.


Esok paginya, saat yang lain belum bangun, Nino bangun lebih awal. Ia masih dalam dekapan Sho. Nino memandang kearah Sho yang masih terlelap begitu pulas dan damai dalam tidurnya. Dengan perlahan, Nino melepaskan diri dari dekapan Sho. Ia tak ingin membangunkan Sho yang masih tertidur. Sebelum ia kembali ke kasurnya, sekali lagi Nino memandangi wajah Sho dan tersenyum.

“Arigatou-nee, Sho-chan...” bisik Nino ditelinga Sho lalu mencium pipi Sho dan kembali ke kasurnya sebelum yang lainnya terbangun.


A.n. wuaah... aku tahu aku ga bakat nulis. Mohon maafkan kalau ada bahasa yang aneh. Aku tahu bahasa yg ku pakai terlalu baku. Tapi saat aku nulis ini, yang ada dikepala aku bahasa baku... ゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 *sepertinya aku harus belajar lagi dari yang lain* --__--"
Please give me some comment. Komentar diterima dengan baik. (o⌒∇⌒o)


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