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Title : MakeSure
Pair : Yamamiya (sho x ohno, Ohno x ninomiya, ninomiya x sho)
Genre : fluff,
Rating : PG
Warning : nothing. just engurishu~(gomennasai)
Disclaimer : i only have the plot. not arashi)
Summary : Sho just want to make sure what actually the feeling that he feel towards this couple




Sho shifted on his couch. His eyes fixed on the pair in front of him. But he tried to ignored how close the pair in front of him do their lovey-dovey session like always they did every day, in front of his eyes. The pair that always loving each other like there are no one in this world, even Sho who sit in front of them is like disappeared. Just how could they do that? Sho think.

Well… Sho is not really say no for this Ohmiya real relationship in real life out of their fans service. It’s just like he being ignored by this couple and he hate it. For Sho this feel is close like that but for Aiba—who keep teasing him—Sho is actually feel jealous. And Jun said Sho have to be face the truth that in this world people like Ohno and Nino are really exists.

Sho just shook his head from his thought.

Somehow he remember he always see same routines every day in his life as long as he know these two man.

Some day, Nino will let Ohno lay his head on his laps. Nino’s fingers will playing with Ohno’s soft and black hair if Nino is not busy with his DS. Sometime will hummed some melody from their songs or just silence. Ohno will let Nino do whatever Nino want as long as he can lay his head on the younger’s laps and close his eyes and finally fall a sleep.

Or maybe like another day, where Nino is beating some boss in his new game. Nino will need more concentration in this stage. So Ohno will lean closer to Nino, finally let his chin rest on Nino’s shoulder. Even the gamer make a little protest, Nino let Ohno do that and keep pushing those buttons. Sho think, as long as Ohno is not bothered or make the younger lose the concentration and the game, Nino will let Ohno do whatever he want to do.

He take a glance from behind the magazine that he read. He can see clearly Ohno is resting his chin on Nino’s shoulder as the younger busy with his music sheet. Mumbling something near Nino’s ear and two of them giggling together. Nino write again and Ohno’s hand come to hug Nino. There is a pang pain in his heart. A slight pain make his chest feel hurt.

Somehow… he can’t understand what does it mean. Is it mean he is really jealous? But to whom?


He know to consult this feeling to Aiba will be a disaster. Sometimes, Aiba will burst all of the secret when he is drunk. But Aiba always give a good advice to something like this.

Meanwhile to consult this thing to Jun, he will get scold for worst but for the best is to get tease by the youngest member. He pride… will go away. Blow by the wind as he consult it.

So he decide to find the answer by himself. What does his degree mean if he can’t find the answer for this simple thing?


He look around near the green room. Make sure if there are no one around.

When he step inside, like he predicted, Nino was there. And it is just him. Sit with keep humming some melody with a headphone on his ears, music sheet on his hand and a guitar next to him. Maybe he composed a new solo?

Sho take a seat near the younger. Pretending like he didn’t really make attention to the younger. Or he didn’t want to interrupt Nino at all. Until finally Nino take off his headphone and look at Sho.

“Hii, Sakurai-san…” he said.

“Um… hii, Nino… where is Ohno?”

“Hmm? Why did you ask?”

Sho silence. His mind tried to find a good answer quickly.

“You and him always together, don’t you?” Nino chuckled. And he shook his head.

“Even we are together it doesn’t mean everytime we have to be together,” he said. Sho make a little O with his lips.

“You are so cute, Sakurai-san,” suddenly Nino said.

“Eh? Which mean?”

“You are always pretending like you didn’t pay attention to us. But actually you give your full attention to me and Oh-chan,” Nino look deep into Sho’s eyes this time. Make the older gulped. Why did he feel like interrogated by Nino now?

“Say… what you want to ask?” Nino finally asking to the right point. Somehow make Sho wondering why this young man is not in Keio.

Sho take a deep breath, “I just don’t understand with my feeling.”

“What feeling? Did you feel jealous?”

“N-no! I mean… I just don’t understand why I feel like being ignored by you two.”

“That mean you jealous.”

“N-NO!!” but Sho can see a smirk on Nino’s thin lips. His eyes already on devil’s eyes mode. Sho exhaled.

“Whatever you said…” finally Sho gave up. Success make Nino laughing really hard.

“So~ what Sho Sakurai need now?”

“I want to make sure. Am I really jealous?”

Nino’s eyes leaving Sho. Finally staring on the floor. He thinking. But Sho actually didn’t mean to make the younger take his problem seriously.

“It doesn’t mean I’m really ser—”

Suddenly his words caught by a thin lips. He bulged his eyes. Nino’s face really close to him. Nino close his eyes and let his lips touch Sho’s pulm lips. At first just like that. But then Nino become bolder. He make his tongue dance like asking for Sho’s lips permission to come inside. Sho think, maybe there are a reasons between Nino’s act. So he let Nino’s tongue come in his mouth. Let Nino take a lead. Let Nino titled his head as he deepen their kiss.

Simple kiss become hotter than Sho can imagine.

After a few minutes, they pull away from each other. Staring each other. Sho can see how red Nino’s cheeks after the kiss. How sensual Nino’s face and sight after that.

“Your lips…” said Nino between his breath. “Amazing…” he said again while give a peck kiss on Sho’s cheek. Sho blushed.

“And what for that kiss?” asked Sho tried to calm himself and keep stay cool. Nino chuckled again.

“How is the kiss? Is it good? How is your feeling now? Doki-doki?”

“You didn’t answer me…” Sho pouted.

“Come on~”

“Okay. Let… let me think first…”

“Want to try it with Oh-chan too?”

That question success make Sho almost chocked by his saliva himself.


“Just asking. Maybe you want to try it with Oh-chan too…”

“He is your boyfriend. Are you crazy?!” Sho almost burst in anger. But Nino patted his hand.

“I would say Ohno will help you. That’s what I did with the kiss.”

Sho not sure what actually he want to know now. He afraid if he will become burden to this couple.


Sho looking at Ohno and Nino, confused.

“And what actually happened here? Why you call me?”

“I’ve to go and I can’t let Ohno stay alone…” Sho can see Ohno’s eyes bulged, disbelieve with what he heard. Well, actually Sho too.

“He have his mom. And he is not a child.”

“But you want to ask something to him, don’t you?” Nino answer him with another question. That always make Sho pissed of. He look at Ohno who now keep his eyes on Sho and Nino but this time in confused face. Sho sighed.

“Is there something you wanna ask me, Sho-kun?” this time is Ohno who asking.

“Eh? Uhm… yeah. But not really important.”

“You can go wherever you wanna go, Kazu. Don’t always worried about me. I’m not 5 years old…” Ohno mumbling as he walk inside his apartement. Leaving Sho and Nino in the leaving room.

“Such an old man…” Nino said under his breath.

“By the way. I just want to tell you that you can have Oh-chan for yourself today. Bye…” and Nino leaving him standing there with his mind keep asking many questions.

“You can call me if it just like that…” this time Sho who talking under his breath.

“Shooo-kuuuun~” there is Ohno’s voice calling for his name from somewhere inside the apartement, which mean Sho don’t know which one of room should he go.

“I’m coming, Ohno-san!” he said and drag himself searching for Ohno. He found Ohno in kitchen. Standing in front of stove. Stirring something inside some pan and there is smell good for Sho’s stomach. And somehow it grumbling really hard, make Ohno laughing and Sho blushed in embarrassed.

“Come. Let’s just sit. It will be ready for a minute,” said Ohno while pointed in counter desk. Sho nodded and take a seat there. Watching Ohno stirring the curry, turn off the stove, and served him a plate full of curry and rice.

“It’s smell good…” Sho said, praise Ohno’s cook. Without he realized, Ohno’s cheeks reddened.

“Sankyuu… I hope the taste will be good too.”

Sho take a first spoon and chewed it slowly.

“Twhe tass ish guuuts!!!” he exclaimed in happy face and voice. Ohno laughed at him.

“I don’t understand. Finish your foods in mouth first, Sho-chan,” Ohno said between his laughing. Sho blushed when he realized Ohno call him with change the suffix. But he love it. He keep talking with mouth full, praise Ohno’s food. Said the taste is good, amazing, delicious and other. Ohno nodded and laugh, sometimes chuckled to give his reaction for Sho’s words.

“Ah~ I feel full now…” Sho leaned on the chair while close his eyes.

“By the way, Kazu said before there is something you wanna ask…” Ohno looking at Sho who suddenly stiffened.

“I… uhm… let me wash the dishes first. As a payment for cooked me this curry,” Sho take the dishes and wash them. While Ohno stared at him and finally gone to living room.

“Finished?” asked Ohno when he heard Sho’s footsteps come in to the same room. Sho nodded.

“Here…” Ohno patted an empty seat on the same couch with him. Sho gulped. Not sure if he have to sit next to Ohno. But his feet just followed Ohno’s instruction.

“Wanna watch something?”

“I’m… not sure if our interest in watching TV will same.”

Ohno chuckled. “It’s okay. Me and Kazu too.” Then Ohno choose a channel of wild animal that Sho believe Aiba will excited if he watched this.

“Said Ohno-san… are you happy with Nino?” suddenly Sho asking.


“Did you feel bored or something?”

“You are the one who interesting with us, if I’m not mistake, Sho-chan?”

Why this couple always know what actually I feel?

“I… I just wondering why I feel like that towards you two…” Sho decided to admit it in front of Ohno. Ohno is the oldest one, who always keep quiet but the wise one if someone need him. And Sho believe he will be okay if talking about this with Ohno. He believe with Ohno he can understand and solve this.

Suddenly Ohno take Sho’s hand. Patted his hand and entwined their fingers with a smile while keep watching their hand together. Sho watched it with holding his sweat, his heartbeat like he just running marathon. He hope Ohno can’t sense hiss heartbeat from his palm because he believe he can heard his own heartbeat.

“How is your feeling now?”

“I-I… I feel i-it’s okay…” Sho shocked by himself. Why he feel so nervous even it is just a holding hand with Ohno?

“Liar…” said Ohno and he give Sho a kiss on his cheek. Burning Sho’s cheeks even more. “That mean you actually jealous because of me. Because you can’t close with me…” Ohno said near Sho’s ears. Blowing the rapper’s mind to be crazy.

Yes… he feel it. It is different with Nino. Nino can give a bolder act than Ohno but he can’t feel what he feel with Ohno. Ohno’s act is so simple. Just holding his hand make Sho’s heartbeat running. His mind is crazy when he can hear Ohno’s voice near his ear. It’s enough to make him faint if he can’t handle himself.

Simple thing make him realized to whom actually he feel this feeling.


“Ohayou, Sho-kun…” Ohno greet him when he see Sho come in the green room.

“O-ohayou…” he said.

Sho take a seat where he always be. In front of the couple that always do their lovey-dovey session. But Sho didn’t feel jealous anymore, since he know Ohno will spare him his empty time to make Sho feel comfortable with him. Ohno will let Sho do whatever he want when he is not with Nino.

Anything, to  make Sho’s heart feel crazy and his stomach feels like there are million butterflies inside his stomach.


Note :
it's been a long time since I posted something on my LJ and DW. ugh... real life killing me inside out
I love this pair. I call it Yamamiya. I already make two fanfics of this pair. and hope it'll be okay for everyone. hehehe...


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Title : Promise
Pairing : Yama (Ohno x Sho)
Length : one-shot
Genre : fluff, a little angst, a little humour
Rating : PG. G
warning : death-character and bad bad bad engurishu~ and un-beta
Summary : Sho can't enjoy the coffee until someone interupted him.

Enjoy~ ^ - ^

Just click me to read more ^ - ^ please enjoy the story )
Hello~~~~ >  <
Hisashiburi minna~~~~ i miss writing soooo much. Thank to my busy-internship-program I can't find a proper time to writing. 😧
How? Do you enjoy to read this one?
Tell me, okay~ ^ - ^

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Title : Awake Ohno Up for A Date
Author : me~ XD
[personal profile] yumn_yumi 
Pairing : Yama (Ohno x Sakurai)
Length : drabble
Rating : PG
Genre : fluff, comedy
Warning : un-betaed, it would be so much mistake in grammar and wrong words from the title until the end. *I'm not sure what genre and rating too for this one, gomen m_ _m. I'm really sorry m_ _m
Summary : Sho arranged a date for him and Ohno but to wake him up is a hardwork.

-- Enjoy ^ - ^ --

Read more...? please click this~ ehehehehe... )



how~ how?
hisashiburi, minna~haven't posted anything for a long time. i miss writing but the ideas refuse to come. (TT--TT)
btw, let me know what do you think about this one, nee... don't forget to leave your comment ^ - ^/

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Title : Just For You
Pairing : a little Yama (Sho's centric)
Length : one-shot
Rating : G
Genre : fluff, angst(?) *I'm not sure what genre this one, gomen m_ _m
Warning : un-betaed, it would be so much mistake in grammar and wrong words. I'm really sorry m_ _m
Summary : Sho back to his old apartment


“Tadaima…” I mumbled as the door opened by me. I step inside the apatement. My old apartment.

No… it is… our apartment.

I wonder why all this time I can’t come here. The only place where we share same memories. Old and new memories. And trying to figure our future dreams while built it together.

Maybe because all those memories that my feet can’t bring me here until now. I wonder…

“Hatchuuu!!” I sneezed. My nose feel so itchy. Ah… of course. This apartment, no one who clean this place. Of course the dust is everywhere.

“Mou… and now I have to clean all of these…” I mumbling again.

Today is my day of. And my mind keep thinking about him.

The way his smile… I miss him.

The way he laughed so hard when we are together… I really miss it.

His fragrant and his warm and gentle hand… I want to feel it again.

But there are nothing left. It is only this apartment and our memories inside this place.

Nothing left…

I remember it clearly, the day when I found out his misery. With the pain that he suffered. All these times… he keep it as secret from me. Never told me even once. He keep smiling. Never showed me his true face when he hold back all those pain with himself.

“Why you didn’t tell me, Satoshi? Why?!” I keep asking him without notice my voice already raised at him. But he keep his calmness while drink his tea.

“No way I can told you about this.”

“But… but I’m your partner life. I’m your husband, Satoshi!”

He look at me with his smile. “I just want to spend my life without worrying such those things. I don’t want my dearest person think
“poor you” to me. I don’t like that,” he said.


“Can we didn’t talk about it? Can we spend all the rest of my life together in happy and beautiful way? Like we always do?” he suddenly cut me and asked those questions. His eyes looking at the window but I’m sure he looking so far away from what I know.

“Satoshi…” I call his name. my voice become more gentle and soft now. I feel so guilty to never knew about him so much for all these time we being together.

“Can we, Sho-chan?” he asked again. This time, he turn around to me with his teary eyes.
I gulped.

“Yes… we can,” I said as I sit beside him and hug him. Tightly. I don’t want the death separate us. No…

“We will life our live with happy ever after. We will… I promise,”

After he gone, I didn’t have any courage to live in this apartment. So I live at another place. I choose my parents house for awhile. Left all about him behind me without even brave to turn around. Lucky me, my family didn’t asking much about my circumstances.

Then someday, I realize that what I’ve done can’t make him back. No… nothing can make him back to me. Even worse, all what I’ve done it only make me miss him too much. It burden me. It is so hurt.

“You can’t forget about people you love. It only make you remember and miss them so much than you know,” I remember Aiba said that to me when I asked him about my mind.

“But… what should I do? I even… can’t meet him again…”

“Then… just remember about him.”

“Why? It only make me feel sick.”

“Because you didn’t want to forget about him,” he look at me with a gentle eyes.

“Didn’t want to… forget?” I repeat him.

“Um. If you want to forget you will not do these. You’ll destroy all about him. Sell all of his stuff. Maybe even you will burn all your pictures with him. But see?” he pointed to my phone. “You even still set your phone wallpaper with you and his face. What should we call it if not want to forget?” he said again.

Almost done. This apartment almost clean. It is only the bedroom left.

Just when I opened the door, the dust once again make me sneezing a lot. I wonder if I can’t stop.

Then I heard some giggled

“Hihihi… you always sneezing like that Sho-chan…

I turn around. I think I heard someone. And I think I really know that voice everywhere I would be.

But there is no one, of course.

“I hope you will life in happy and have fun for the rest of your life.”

I heard him again. This time I smiled.

Yes… I will, Satoshi. I will…

Just for you, I will…
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Title : A Book
Length : One-shot
Pairing/Charcters : Ohno Satoshi/Sakurai Sho. (Yama)
Genre : Fluff
Rating : G, PG
Warning : maybe it'll be bad story with many mistake with grammar. I'm sorry, but english is not my mother language. m(_ _)m *edited : some friend from FB give me many correction for this. hehe... thank you~"
Summary : Ohno always read a book that he never leave. The book from someone. and from that book someone come out. (Ah... gomen. I'm bad with making summary m_ _m)

enjoy the story~ ^ - ^


Ohno closed his book and placed it on his lap. Took a deep breath and breathes out. And he smile while looking out from the window. The wind breeze gently, come in towards him. Bring a smell of spring that will come in few days.

“I wonder if I can meet someone like him from this book. He must be a very gentle person… just like him” Ohno mumbled to himself and once again took a look to his book with a smile.

Until he felt he has to go and leaves his book on his chair. Alone…


He just came home with a tired feeling after working in his shop. He never said ‘Tadaima’ to himself. It always remind him that he never get any answer from anyone.

Yes of course… he lives alone here now.

“Why you didn’t said “Tadaima”?” asked a deep voice from somewhere in his apartement. It’s enough to make him feel shocked.

“Who’s there?!” Ohno shouted and immediately turned on the lights.

“Hello, there…” said the same voice as the bright light illuminated the room. Showed him who has the deep voice.
“Who are you? Why you can get inside my home? What are you doing here? What—hmmmph!” suddenly a big hand closed his mouth.

“Be careful. Too much questions can make you confused,” said that person.

He doesn’t know why… but Ohno’s heart feels like he can trust this person. Even if this is his first time to meet him, but for Ohno it’s like he knew this person for a long time ago. When did he meet this person? Why can he be so confident that this person will not harm him?

He can trust him. Yes… that's what his heart say.

“You must be Ohno Satoshi, right?” asked the person as they take a seat on Ohno’s couch in the living room. Ohno just answered it with nod.

“Do you know who am I?” asked that man again. This time Ohno shook his head.

“That’s why I asked you first…” Ohno fixed his eyes to that man.

His face. So handsome and beautiful. His plump red lips looks so full. His eyes, sparkling like stars in night. His chubby cheeks look so fluffy. His black hair looks so soft. And his skin that once touched Ohno’s body is soft and warm. Don’t forget this man’s smile that so so so beautiful, too.

“I’m sorry. I just came out of the book and I don’t know how to introduce myself in appropriate way to you. My name is Sakurai Sho. Nice to meet you…” he said as he gave Ohno a beautiful smile. While Ohno keeps on looking at him just like he got under a spell.

“Sakurai… Sho…” Ohno repeat the man's name with his lips. That name… it's so beautiful once it comes out of his liips. And it sounds familiar to him. But where did he hear this beautiful name?

“This is not our first time meeting, Ohno-san. You always read me…” it's like this man—Sakurai Sho—can read Ohno’s mind, he told Ohno.

“Read…? Wait. You said you came out from a book?” Ohno’s brain still can’t process it. This is just too difficult for him now. He is tired and found this handsome man inside his house. How can he supposed to understand all of this?

“Un…” Sho nodded. “I’m from the book that you always read. The Wind give me a chance to meet you. It’s an honor, Ohno-san… to meet someone who always reads me,” he said again with a sheepish smile this time.

Ah! Ohno remembers. A book that he always read even only a few pages or just a page before he sleep, or when he wakes up, or before he goes to somewhere, or when anything special happenes in his life. That book from his lover that he always loves. A book as a present before his lover is gone, forever. He left him alone in this world to live his life alone.

Ohno’s hand suddenly trembled when he brought it up to touch Sho’s face. The skin… it’s soft and warm. He looked at Sho in disbelief face. He can meet him. The man from the book. The man that he always wanted to see and meet. Once again. Just like how he imagined and he envisioned.

“You feel so… real…” Ohno’s said as his fingers caress Sho’s face. The man can only smile towards Ohno.

“Am I as you imagine?” he asked tilting his head to one side. Ohno nodded.

“Even too real for me to imagine. You feel too real for me. More better than I imagine…”

“What happened Ohno-san? Am I doing something wrong?” Sho ask again with an innocent tone as he sees tears streaming down Ohno’s cheeks. As Ohno remember everything. Everything... even the guilt that he always carried in his heart.

“No… nothing wrong. Nothing… you didn’t do anything wrong, Sho-chan. No…” Ohno tried his best to hide his tears but fails. It only make his tears come out more. He feels like an idiot now. He keeps on wiping his tears with his two hands. Crying in front of stranger that looks a like his imagination from his lover who's already gone. This feels so stupid. Even he's not sure if he still remember his lover’s face anymore.

Is he exactly like this man in front of him? Or maybe even this could be his lover for real?

Suddenly, Ohno felt there is another fingers that brush his cheeks, lovingly, to wipe his tears away. He felt like time stopped immediately for him only. He opens his eyes and saw Sho bring his thumbs, wiping Ohno’s tears away with a concern and sad face. The moment was so precious until Ohno felt like can keep crying because he can miss this moment everyday for the rest of his life.

“Don’t cry… don’t cry. Go away pain… go away… God please make him smile. Smile like a sunflower…” Sho singing with a soft voice as he closed their distance, keept brushing his beautiful fingers on Ohno’s cheeks to wipe tears away. Just like Ohno’s lover always did when he cried in his arms.

“Sho… chan…” Ohno called him between his sob.


“Can I… can I…” the word can’t come out. But Sho seems to understand what Ohno wanted to say. So he hugged him who immediately clenched his fists on his back. Crying all the words that turn into tears, that never come out from his lips before his lover was gone.

“Gomen… gomen, Sho-chan… Gomenasai, Sho-chan! I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” he kept repeating that words again and again between sobs while hugging Sho back. Sho who's still hugging him, only smiled while rubbing Ohno’s back gently.

“No, Ohno-san… you didn’t do anything wrong. No…” Sho said. “Even you did better than me until now. Thank you for taking care of me, Ohno-san…”

“NO! I’m the worse! I can’t save you! I’m so stupid. I deserve to die! Not you… not you… this is all my fault… my fault…” Ohno release himself from Sho’s embrace. Looking right into Sho’s eyes.

Don’t know if this time is real or just dream, for Ohno this is so real to become dream. Don’t know if it is Sakurai Sho from his imagination or his lover, he didn’t care anymore. No… he think this is the time for him to said this. To say the words that never comes out. He just want to deliver his apologize a long time ago before he was gone.

But never got chance.

He can’t let this chance go to waste again.

Just like how he let his lover go before.

“Don’t say something like that. We never know what will happen,” once again that warm thumb brushed his cheek. The feeling of Sho's warm fingers on his cheek made him speechless

“It's not your fault. It’s already a faith from God. We never know Satoshi… we never know…” and again Ohno pulled by Sho into his arms. He felt safe from anything inside Sho's embrace.

Ohno’s heart felt a little happy when he heard Sho call his name with “Satoshi” with his warm and deep voice. The voice that will never be heard anymore calling his name, once again, this night… he can hear it.

“It’s okay, Satoshi… it’s okay. You don’t have to feel guilty for the rest of your life. Believe me, all of these are not your fault. Trust me… I'm never mad at you. Never… and I will always love you… love you…” suddenly the voice sounds like its getting far away as Ohno’s eyelids feel heavy.

“You have to remember that I always love you… forever… Satoshi. I love you…”


Ohno woke up at the morning, just when the sunlight touches his skin with its warms. And he realizes he woke up not on his bed, but on his couch. In living room.

He feels a little confused as he tried to sit properly and lean on his couch. He looked around. Not sure for what he was looking for.

But then he felt something under his hand. He frowns a moment, trying to caress it with his fingers and he looked at it.

A book.

A book as a present from his lover. A book that he always read with a guilty feeling inside his heart. A book that he always keep like he keeps his soul.

And he remember something. Something that can lift his heaviness from his heart. His guilty suddenly removes from deep inside his heart. Last night…

He took the book and takes a look for a while. And then he brought it into his embrace.

Why did he realize it just now? Why can he feel the warmth of the book just now? Just like the warmth from someone he won't forget. No… he even can’t meet that person anymore, he still can feel the warmth—just like how the book feel now. Even he's unsure about it, if he still can remember him perfectly because… time erases him slowly from his mind. But he still can remember him.

After he took a look at the book once again, he smiled. And Ohno kissed the book.

“I love you, Sho-chan… I always love you. Forever and ever. Love you…”



Do you know something we forget about anything we have in real life when we are inside our dream. That' why Ohno didn't remember who is the man inside his dream.

And~ I hope this is okay for you. Don't forget to give your comment, nee..... ^ - ^

A Glass

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Title: A Glass
Pairing : Yama
Rating: G
Genre : fluff
Length : drabble
Diclaimer : just plot, only.
Warning :I'm sorry if there is many mistake in grammar. Engkish is not my mother language  m(_ _)m

Enjoy the story~ ^ - ^/


Ohno just walk to a sofa after take a glass of water in his hand, with a plastic glass. After he sit, he take one slow sipping his water. And take it on table in front of him.

Without Ohno knew, there is a pair of eyes watched every his movement until now.



"Can I have water too?" Ohno looking at him in confused.

"I mean, from your glass."

"Oh? Of course. But why don't take your own water?" Ohno asking as he give his glass of water to Sho.

Sho take the glass with a smile, not answering Ohno's question. He rotate that glass and drink from same spot as Ohno's lips drink before.

"Because I want to drink from same glass with you, from former of your beautiful pouty lips."

"For what?"

"It'll become an indirect kiss for me."

Ohno blushing. "Why?" he asking

"You know we can't kissing in public's eyes, don't you?"

"You can kiss me here. Now."

"Why?" this time Sho who asking.

"Because there is no one here. It's just us no--"

Before Ohno can finish his words, Sho's lips already seal it. Stop him with a long kiss without tongue battle. Just lips on lips. But thats enough to warm Ohno's body and heart and of course, also his cheeks.

"There your kiss," Sho said as he step back and smiling, looking at Ohno who already blushing even more now..

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Title: Cherry Blossom
Pairing: Yama / Sho & Ohno
Genre: fluff
Rating: PG
Length: Drabble
Disclaimer: I only have the plot,
Summary: they have their day off together for picnic

Please enjoy the stoy ^ - ^


Sho and Ohno have their day off. They agree to use it for going picnic together. Since early morning Ohno prepare everything, foods, drinks and mat too.

Because it's a day off, Sho didn't turn on his alarm. Make Ohno have an extra task to wake him up.

They laying on mat under cherry blossom tree after have their meals. Ohno laying on Sho's arm. While the cherry blossom colouring their lovely day.

Then Sho can heard the older sighed.

"What is it?" Sho asking.


"Tell me, Satoshi. It's okay..."

Ohno then sit and facing at Sho's face who still laying.

"I just remember something."

"Something? What is it?"

"When our first meet. And hearing your name. Remind me of cherry blossom"

"Really?" Sho look interesting as he rested his head with his arm.

Ohno nodded.

"Even now, cherry blossom always remind me of you."


Ohno looking at the cherry blossom tree as he said,

"Because in your family name there is "sakura" from "sakurai". I love it. When I see cherry blossom, it's reminds me of your smile and laugh. When I see cherry blossom, I always remember..."

Ohno fixed his eyes to Sho again and continue, "...I remember that I already have my cherry blossom in my life. I have you as my cherry blossom which always blossom in my heart."

Sho blushing to hear that. So do Ohno because he said that sweet things to his lover.

"And I love to have my captain in my life."

Ohno chuckling heard that.

And they smiling to each other.

Enjoying the rest of their day off together.


How? Hehehe... don't forgt to give your comment so I know how is it from your opinions.
I'm still learning for making drabble. It's really hard, nee?

Oh, you can find me and my fics in Bahasa version and some of them in Engliah ver too at my wattpad. I have same usernam with my LJ *cause i'm so lazy to find another usernam*

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 Title: What If I Gone
Pairing/group : Yama
Length : oneshot
Rating : PG
Genre : fluff, romance, angst  
Warnings : Death character. (I’m sorry about that) ; (Beta-self/unbeta-ed) English not my mother language. I’m really really sorry for (a lot of) the grammar mistake. I’m sorry for bad giving rating, genre and plot.
Summary : one day, Ohno asking ‘what if’ to Sho. But the real is different...

Enjoy the story... ^ - ^/ <3 <3


Is rare for Arashi members to have their day off, especially for Showho always have a very tight schedule. Once he got his day off, he ask Ohno to date. Because it’s already six month after their last date. And finally, that day, Sho and Ohno have their date. At first, they just walk around the city, shopping at some stores, go to a giant aqurium because Ohno force him to see stingrays and get some lunch at the expensive restaurant because Sho insist to take his boyfriend there.

And the end, after their date walking around city, they finally decide to go to a beach. They walking around the beach. Both of them waiting for sunset while sitting next to each other on bench.

Ohno sit beside Sho and lay his head on Sho’s shoulder.

“hmmm...” he hummed softly as he close his eyes.

“What is it, Satoshi?” Sho fingering his hair.

“No. Nothing. It’s just... I love your sloping shoulder after all.”

“Why? It doesn’t look good for me, you know...” Sho tilted his head to Ohno’s, so they head touch each other.

“Because I’m shorter than you.”

“So?” Sho sounds confused now.

Ohno take a deep breath and look at Sho with full of his attention.

“So... if you doesn’t have a sloping shoulder like this, it’s difficult for me to lay my head on yours. Your shoulder make it easy for me to lay my head on yours shoulder like this” Ohno lay his head again on Sho’s shoulder and close his eyes, smell Sho’s scent next to him while the other just chuckled at him.

The sun come down minute by minute. The light became weakened. Orange tinge began to appear in the darkening sky. The nature so beautiful and so peaceful.

“Nee... Sho-chan” Ohno call him softly.

“Um... what is it, Satoshi?”

“What if... someday... I suddenly dissapear from this world? From you?”

Sho jumped from bench. Ohno almost fell before he managed to hold his own balance.

“What are you thinking, Satoshi?! You are not plan to going anywhere don’t you? Right? You’re not died so soon, don’t you? You are not going anywhere!” Sho half shouting in panic to Ohno. Ohno just smile. He can hear Sho’s voice cracked, disbelieve, afraid, shocked. He can see his lover give him a scary face... No, maybe afraid.

“I just say, what if. If... Sho-chan. What you’ll do when I gone and-”

“NO! Don’t you say something like that! I don’t wanna hear that again, Ohno! Never ever you say something bad like that!” and now he fully screaming and shouting at Ohno with his hands closing his ears, like he didn’t want to hear that anymore. But the other just smile at him. Actually, he afraid of angry Sho.

A second later, after Sho see Ohno’s face clearly, he understand the sight of that eyes. He close his eyes and take a deep breath. And face Ohno again.

“I’m sorry. I don’t meant to...”

“It’s okay, Sho-chan. It’s my fault too. You are right. I’m asking something bad in our beautiful day. I shouldn’t ask that. I’m sorry...”

Sho take Ohno to stand and take him into his embrace. Hug him tightly like he doesn’t want Ohno go away from him. Like he want Ohno to always stay with him.

As Ohno do the same thing. He burried his face on Sho’s chest, hug him back tightly as he can. He want to always feel this warmth of Sho, this smell, this scent from his lover. That make him feel save.

“Don’t you ever ask something like that again. Okay, Satoshi?” Sho hummed that and kiss him on Ohno crown.

Ohno nodded in silent.

“Never... ever... saying something bad like you’ll gone from my side. I’ll never leave you...” Sho said again as he kiss Ohno’s crown head.

Ohno nodded again.

I promise, Sho-chan... I promise.




It’s already a year after the funeral. Sho died when he and News Zero crew take a shoot for outdoor activity. That time, the bomb from no where exploded and he became one of the victim’s death.

And Ohno forget how he could attend Sho’s funeral—which he keep silent with a blank sight until the rest of Arashi members think he is not Ohno Satoshi anymore. He couldn’t remember how he can still alive without his lover, his boyfriend, his half-live, his breath until now. He never count how many time he came to Sho’s grave with a bouquet of flower in his hand and forced himself to keep smile while he walk to grave and going back to work.

He always try to do that when he came out from car and walk to Sho’s grave. He said it is the best thing he could do for Sho, to always give Sho smile in rest of his life.

“Hello, Sho...” Ohno sit next to Sho’s grave as he put the bouquet flowers on the grave. He put his palm together and start to pray.

“Ohno-san. I’ll wait in car, okay?” his manager say after send a pray to Sho. Ohno just nodded.

After his manager gone and a long silence, Ohno take a deep breath.

“It’s been a long time Sho-chan”

“Do you still remember our date when we walk around the city? When we walk on long beach after that time?”

“When I said I love your sloping shoulder? I really miss your shoulder Sho-chan...” Ohno said even he know Sho will never answer him again. His single tears touch the ground.

 “And... do you remember when I ask you something bad like ‘What if I dissapear from this world’ and you are so so angry to me” Ohno chuckled at himself.

“You know, I’m really scared when you shouting with angry face like that time...”

“But you said sorry and hug me so tight. until I can’t breath. And I really love that moment” Ohno’s voice trill.

“But...” his voice suddenly cracked.

“... that time I... I never think ‘what if you go before me’. I never... think about that...” the tears suddenly make a fast flow through his cheek and he begin sobbing. He try so hard to not crying, but failed.

“I... I never think you will go away from me... I never think, ‘what should I do without you...’” he swept his tear with his back of hand.

“I tried so hard to hide my sadness. I tried so hard to keep singing on stage. I tried so hard to keep smile even in front of the others. I tried so hard to do everything even for breathing. I tried so hard, Sho-chan...” he already swept his tears with his hands, but the tears still running down.

“I... I tried so hard to not forget all about you. But... but I... almost forget your scent, your smell, your warmth when you hug me, your nice sloping shoulder when I lay my head on that. I... I don’t want to forget that, Sho-chan... never... I-I...”

He sobbing so hard. He don’t know when he started and when he can stop. Even he don’t know if he can stop. What he believe is he can’t stop to keep crying.

“Sho-chan...” he call that name softly after he was able to calm calm down himself.

“I’m sorry for talking something bad again. I’m sorry Sho-chan. I already promise you that we never talk about bad things again. I’m sorry...” once again, he swept tears on his cheek.

“Oh... you know. We’ll launching our new album. This time, I tried my best to make a song for you. Nino, Aiba and Jun help me. They said that’s a beautiful song. I hope you hear that from there” Ohno stroke Sho’s gravestone gently with smiling.

“Sho-chan... I have to go now. I’m sorry. I’ll visit you again. What flower do you want me to bring for you? Just tell me, nee...” Ohno stand up from his seat and smiling.


And he leave the grave with a smile and trail of tears, again...


So? I'm sorry if there are so many wrong words or grammar mistake, nee... m_ _m
Please give me your comment about this fic so I know what do you think abou this. ^ - ^

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Title: full moon night
Pairing/ group: Yama/ Ohno Satoshi, Sho Sakurai
Genre: Fluff, romance
Rating  : little supranatural, fluff?
Length: one shot/ 1263 words
Warning: Sorry for all the grammar mistake, sorry for to short, sorry for being not able to write properly. I’m so sorry  ( TT—TT )
Disclaimers: just the plot
Summary: Ohno can't do anything since it's full moon night and that mean he have to suffered with his abillity


Tonight is the full moon night. The night with the most beautiful month in every months. But not for Ohno. Full moon night is the most frustrating night for him. All the things he could still distinguish during the mid day will be so real to him on the night of the full moon. Everything is so difficult to distinguish, which one is real and which ones are just ride through this world.

Ohno sat on couch, hugging his knees, clutching his knees to the chest and put his head between his knees. Trying to get all the warmth that can earn as much as he can. He did not want to move from her seat even for a glass of water.

"Tadaima ~" Sho voice sounded from the front door. Ohno could only see from where he sat in the direction of the sound of Sho.

"Okaeri, Sho-chan..." Ohno replied quietly. Sho walked and sat nearby. Ohno stared at him intently, as want to asking for something. Sho pretended not to see it. He immediately took a remote control television on the table.

"Ah... what is interesting news today?" Sho said while changing the TV channel which Ohno watched before he came home. Ohno directly pouting. Sho saw it and chuckled. With exasperation he pinched Ohno's cheek and asked, "What happened?"

"I think you really know what's wrong, Sho-chan" said Ohno still pouting.

"I’ll take shower first" Sho kissed Ohno and immediately take a quick shower. Soon after dressed, he returned to where Ohno sat waiting for him. The older was still in the same position, hugging his knees. Sho just shook his head see him like that.

"You want to drink? Coffee? Warm milk? Tea?" Sho asking him. Ohno just shook his head. "Just want you" Ohno whispered briefly. His eyes remained fixed on that broadcast TV variety show.

"Then warm milk is good for you" Sho passed into the kitchen as he continued, "And also great for your height" and a moment later a cushion drift quickly towards Sho. With a chuckle Sho catch the cushion. While Ohno increasingly sullen.

Sho give a glass of warm milk to Ohno and put the coffee cup on the table in front of him. Ohno accept the cup contents of milk and then blow it. Somehow he looks cute in Sho's eyes while doing it.

"What?" Ohno asking sarcastically, glancing at Sho who kept staring at him.

"Nope. Nothing." Sho took his coffee cup and sip it little by little. Sho’s hand still do same channel scanning. Ohno was no longer staring at the TV, he concentrated on the contents of a cup of warm milk in his hand.

Sho occasionally glanced at Ohno completely noiseless. Only occasionally he heard Ohno blew on the contents of the cup.

"Is it still hot?" Ohno shook his head. And he keep do that. This time Sho shaking his head. He knows for sure why Ohno behave like that. He immediately put his coffee cup to the table and sat more closer to Ohno. There was no response from Ohno.

"Here" Sho took the cup belongs to Ohno. Ohno initially wanted to protest, but he said nothing. Sho put the cup on the table, near his cup. Sho looked back at Ohno who pulled his legs, back hugging his knees. Sho sighed.

"Here, here..." said Sho again, hugging the Ohno’s body, Sho stroking his arm and back gently. Ohno quickly improve its position in Sho's arms so he is more comfortable. He closed his eyes enjoying the warmth of Sho.

"How? Still cold?"

"Warm" said Ohno briefly anyway. Sho still stroking Ohno ’s back gently.

"Oh-chan... how does it feel?" Asked Sho again.

"Hnn? What feel?"

"How does it feel ... can feel 'they'?" Sho asking. Ohno eyes staring of the direction where he rested his head on Sho’s chest. Then he smiled.

"That feel was... sometimes annoying and sometimes it’s fine" Ohno replied back and buried his head on Sho’s chest again. He did not want to be separated from this embrace, especially for tonight.

"What do you mean with annoying and fine, Oh-chan?" Sho ask again.

"Seriously, I think we've talked about this before," Ohno didn’t move from its position.

"Hmm... but I want to know more. Well if you want to know what I think, Ohno, about the full moon night is the best-" Sho not finished his words because Ohno had looked at him with a sharp look as if it would kill him. Sho immediately shut his mouth. Oops!

"You don't know about it, Sho-chan!” Ohno start yelling at him. “They are exist, all around you, but the others can’t feel the same way I feel. You know they are so noisy, shouting, talking and whispering to one another-sounding in my ears-but other people do not hear them! You know they are passing by, drifting and sometimes appear and disappear, makes startled throughout the day. But other people don’t know about it!! They’ll think I’m crazy!!" Ohno shouted hysterically as he covered his ears. The tears out of his beautiful eyes. He bowed before Sho, began to cry.

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry, Oh-chan..." Sho said, he couldn’t bear himself to look at crying Ohno. He tried to make Ohno calm again.

"You-you don’t know how that feel... Sho-chan. It was very, sucks..." Ohno whispered between his sobs. "It's too terrible even on a night. Especially this night like this. They are look so real for me... I-I was annoyed..." said Ohno still sobbing.

The younger pressed both his hands to Ohno ’s hands which is still covering his ears. He pressed their forehead and hugged him tightly.

"Gomen-nee, Kazu. I will stop asking about it again. I'm sorry, Oh-chan... sorry" Sho said, kissing Ohno’s forehead to calm him. And Ohno began to calm down, his sobs began to decrease.

"I just want to be around you at a time like this. So I don’t need to see them. They can’t bothered me when I’m with you." Ohno whispered behind Sho’s warm embrace.

"I will always be by your side. I promise " Sho kissed leader head gently.

"Arigatou, Sho-chan."

"Hnn... Gomen-nee. I shouldn’t ask it."

"You're just asking at the wrong time" Ohno hug Sho tightly. Once again buried his head in the warm embrace it.

"Want to sleep?" Sho ask after several time they hugged, warmed each other. Ohno nodded. "We have to brush our teeth first, then.”

After preparing theirself and change their clothes into pajamas, they are cuddle on the bed, under a thick blanket. Ohno looked comfortable in Sho 's arms. Sho occasionally patting and stroking the back of Ohno. Occasionally he also kissed Ohno head gently. Just to make him relax and forget about 'the other'

"Oh-chan... you 've slept ?" Ohno shook his head .

"Sing me for me, Sho-chan” Ohno said, smiling .

"Eh ? Sing? What song should I sing for you" the younger looked confused .

"Anything. Just... sing . I don’t want to hear them. Just your voice is enough to make me sleep" Ohno said while he come closer into Sho’s embrace.

Then Sho start with muttered something. Remember a few tones. Then begin to sing some lullaby until he heard Ohno is so quiet breathing . He stared at Ohno, smiled and kissed his top hair head.

“You must be have suffered for all this time,” Sho mumbling. Ohno looks give some little movements in his arms. “I’ll always beside you. Always...” Sho give Ohno another kiss.  

And then he follow Nino to the world of dreams


P.s. when I post this, it's already 01.45 A.M. That mean, too early morning and still night. I can't sleep because of the same reason with Ohno in this fic, even when this night is still not the full moon night yet. (๑╯ﻌ╰๑) =3


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