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Just in case if you are indonesian and want to read my bahasa indonesia fanfic (even it's only just a few of them and almost fanfic there same as I posted in LJ and DW), you can go to

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Master Post of Fanfic

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Foreplay and Please More (Nino-centric, Smut)

Cause You're Cute (Even) Without Glasses (Juntoshi, fluff, PG) (in Dreamwidth)

Just For You (Yama, Fluff, Angst)

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Wrinkles (Sakumoto, fluff, humor)

A Book (Yama, angst, g)

Satoshi Mood Swings (Yama, fluff, pg)

A Glass (Yama, fluff, g)

Fall in Love with Baka Riida (Ohmiya, fluff, g)

Cherry Blossom (Yama, fluff, g)

Kiss Practice (Sakumiya, fluff, pg)

What if I Gone (Yama, angst, g)

Clinging Nino (Sakumiya, fluff, g)

Just Want to Cuddling With You (Sakumiya, fluff)

When Sho Using Jun's Kitchen [Toast Bread] (Sakumoto, humor, g)

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Oyasumi, Nino (Sakumiya, fluff, g)

Too Much (Ohmiya, fluff, romance, pg)

and I just realized I already write many fics. ehehehe.... XD
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Title : MakeSure
Pair : Yamamiya (sho x ohno, Ohno x ninomiya, ninomiya x sho)
Genre : fluff,
Rating : PG
Warning : nothing. just engurishu~(gomennasai)
Disclaimer : i only have the plot. not arashi)
Summary : Sho just want to make sure what actually the feeling that he feel towards this couple




Sho shifted on his couch. His eyes fixed on the pair in front of him. But he tried to ignored how close the pair in front of him do their lovey-dovey session like always they did every day, in front of his eyes. The pair that always loving each other like there are no one in this world, even Sho who sit in front of them is like disappeared. Just how could they do that? Sho think.

Well… Sho is not really say no for this Ohmiya real relationship in real life out of their fans service. It’s just like he being ignored by this couple and he hate it. For Sho this feel is close like that but for Aiba—who keep teasing him—Sho is actually feel jealous. And Jun said Sho have to be face the truth that in this world people like Ohno and Nino are really exists.

Sho just shook his head from his thought.

Somehow he remember he always see same routines every day in his life as long as he know these two man.

Some day, Nino will let Ohno lay his head on his laps. Nino’s fingers will playing with Ohno’s soft and black hair if Nino is not busy with his DS. Sometime will hummed some melody from their songs or just silence. Ohno will let Nino do whatever Nino want as long as he can lay his head on the younger’s laps and close his eyes and finally fall a sleep.

Or maybe like another day, where Nino is beating some boss in his new game. Nino will need more concentration in this stage. So Ohno will lean closer to Nino, finally let his chin rest on Nino’s shoulder. Even the gamer make a little protest, Nino let Ohno do that and keep pushing those buttons. Sho think, as long as Ohno is not bothered or make the younger lose the concentration and the game, Nino will let Ohno do whatever he want to do.

He take a glance from behind the magazine that he read. He can see clearly Ohno is resting his chin on Nino’s shoulder as the younger busy with his music sheet. Mumbling something near Nino’s ear and two of them giggling together. Nino write again and Ohno’s hand come to hug Nino. There is a pang pain in his heart. A slight pain make his chest feel hurt.

Somehow… he can’t understand what does it mean. Is it mean he is really jealous? But to whom?


He know to consult this feeling to Aiba will be a disaster. Sometimes, Aiba will burst all of the secret when he is drunk. But Aiba always give a good advice to something like this.

Meanwhile to consult this thing to Jun, he will get scold for worst but for the best is to get tease by the youngest member. He pride… will go away. Blow by the wind as he consult it.

So he decide to find the answer by himself. What does his degree mean if he can’t find the answer for this simple thing?


He look around near the green room. Make sure if there are no one around.

When he step inside, like he predicted, Nino was there. And it is just him. Sit with keep humming some melody with a headphone on his ears, music sheet on his hand and a guitar next to him. Maybe he composed a new solo?

Sho take a seat near the younger. Pretending like he didn’t really make attention to the younger. Or he didn’t want to interrupt Nino at all. Until finally Nino take off his headphone and look at Sho.

“Hii, Sakurai-san…” he said.

“Um… hii, Nino… where is Ohno?”

“Hmm? Why did you ask?”

Sho silence. His mind tried to find a good answer quickly.

“You and him always together, don’t you?” Nino chuckled. And he shook his head.

“Even we are together it doesn’t mean everytime we have to be together,” he said. Sho make a little O with his lips.

“You are so cute, Sakurai-san,” suddenly Nino said.

“Eh? Which mean?”

“You are always pretending like you didn’t pay attention to us. But actually you give your full attention to me and Oh-chan,” Nino look deep into Sho’s eyes this time. Make the older gulped. Why did he feel like interrogated by Nino now?

“Say… what you want to ask?” Nino finally asking to the right point. Somehow make Sho wondering why this young man is not in Keio.

Sho take a deep breath, “I just don’t understand with my feeling.”

“What feeling? Did you feel jealous?”

“N-no! I mean… I just don’t understand why I feel like being ignored by you two.”

“That mean you jealous.”

“N-NO!!” but Sho can see a smirk on Nino’s thin lips. His eyes already on devil’s eyes mode. Sho exhaled.

“Whatever you said…” finally Sho gave up. Success make Nino laughing really hard.

“So~ what Sho Sakurai need now?”

“I want to make sure. Am I really jealous?”

Nino’s eyes leaving Sho. Finally staring on the floor. He thinking. But Sho actually didn’t mean to make the younger take his problem seriously.

“It doesn’t mean I’m really ser—”

Suddenly his words caught by a thin lips. He bulged his eyes. Nino’s face really close to him. Nino close his eyes and let his lips touch Sho’s pulm lips. At first just like that. But then Nino become bolder. He make his tongue dance like asking for Sho’s lips permission to come inside. Sho think, maybe there are a reasons between Nino’s act. So he let Nino’s tongue come in his mouth. Let Nino take a lead. Let Nino titled his head as he deepen their kiss.

Simple kiss become hotter than Sho can imagine.

After a few minutes, they pull away from each other. Staring each other. Sho can see how red Nino’s cheeks after the kiss. How sensual Nino’s face and sight after that.

“Your lips…” said Nino between his breath. “Amazing…” he said again while give a peck kiss on Sho’s cheek. Sho blushed.

“And what for that kiss?” asked Sho tried to calm himself and keep stay cool. Nino chuckled again.

“How is the kiss? Is it good? How is your feeling now? Doki-doki?”

“You didn’t answer me…” Sho pouted.

“Come on~”

“Okay. Let… let me think first…”

“Want to try it with Oh-chan too?”

That question success make Sho almost chocked by his saliva himself.


“Just asking. Maybe you want to try it with Oh-chan too…”

“He is your boyfriend. Are you crazy?!” Sho almost burst in anger. But Nino patted his hand.

“I would say Ohno will help you. That’s what I did with the kiss.”

Sho not sure what actually he want to know now. He afraid if he will become burden to this couple.


Sho looking at Ohno and Nino, confused.

“And what actually happened here? Why you call me?”

“I’ve to go and I can’t let Ohno stay alone…” Sho can see Ohno’s eyes bulged, disbelieve with what he heard. Well, actually Sho too.

“He have his mom. And he is not a child.”

“But you want to ask something to him, don’t you?” Nino answer him with another question. That always make Sho pissed of. He look at Ohno who now keep his eyes on Sho and Nino but this time in confused face. Sho sighed.

“Is there something you wanna ask me, Sho-kun?” this time is Ohno who asking.

“Eh? Uhm… yeah. But not really important.”

“You can go wherever you wanna go, Kazu. Don’t always worried about me. I’m not 5 years old…” Ohno mumbling as he walk inside his apartement. Leaving Sho and Nino in the leaving room.

“Such an old man…” Nino said under his breath.

“By the way. I just want to tell you that you can have Oh-chan for yourself today. Bye…” and Nino leaving him standing there with his mind keep asking many questions.

“You can call me if it just like that…” this time Sho who talking under his breath.

“Shooo-kuuuun~” there is Ohno’s voice calling for his name from somewhere inside the apartement, which mean Sho don’t know which one of room should he go.

“I’m coming, Ohno-san!” he said and drag himself searching for Ohno. He found Ohno in kitchen. Standing in front of stove. Stirring something inside some pan and there is smell good for Sho’s stomach. And somehow it grumbling really hard, make Ohno laughing and Sho blushed in embarrassed.

“Come. Let’s just sit. It will be ready for a minute,” said Ohno while pointed in counter desk. Sho nodded and take a seat there. Watching Ohno stirring the curry, turn off the stove, and served him a plate full of curry and rice.

“It’s smell good…” Sho said, praise Ohno’s cook. Without he realized, Ohno’s cheeks reddened.

“Sankyuu… I hope the taste will be good too.”

Sho take a first spoon and chewed it slowly.

“Twhe tass ish guuuts!!!” he exclaimed in happy face and voice. Ohno laughed at him.

“I don’t understand. Finish your foods in mouth first, Sho-chan,” Ohno said between his laughing. Sho blushed when he realized Ohno call him with change the suffix. But he love it. He keep talking with mouth full, praise Ohno’s food. Said the taste is good, amazing, delicious and other. Ohno nodded and laugh, sometimes chuckled to give his reaction for Sho’s words.

“Ah~ I feel full now…” Sho leaned on the chair while close his eyes.

“By the way, Kazu said before there is something you wanna ask…” Ohno looking at Sho who suddenly stiffened.

“I… uhm… let me wash the dishes first. As a payment for cooked me this curry,” Sho take the dishes and wash them. While Ohno stared at him and finally gone to living room.

“Finished?” asked Ohno when he heard Sho’s footsteps come in to the same room. Sho nodded.

“Here…” Ohno patted an empty seat on the same couch with him. Sho gulped. Not sure if he have to sit next to Ohno. But his feet just followed Ohno’s instruction.

“Wanna watch something?”

“I’m… not sure if our interest in watching TV will same.”

Ohno chuckled. “It’s okay. Me and Kazu too.” Then Ohno choose a channel of wild animal that Sho believe Aiba will excited if he watched this.

“Said Ohno-san… are you happy with Nino?” suddenly Sho asking.


“Did you feel bored or something?”

“You are the one who interesting with us, if I’m not mistake, Sho-chan?”

Why this couple always know what actually I feel?

“I… I just wondering why I feel like that towards you two…” Sho decided to admit it in front of Ohno. Ohno is the oldest one, who always keep quiet but the wise one if someone need him. And Sho believe he will be okay if talking about this with Ohno. He believe with Ohno he can understand and solve this.

Suddenly Ohno take Sho’s hand. Patted his hand and entwined their fingers with a smile while keep watching their hand together. Sho watched it with holding his sweat, his heartbeat like he just running marathon. He hope Ohno can’t sense hiss heartbeat from his palm because he believe he can heard his own heartbeat.

“How is your feeling now?”

“I-I… I feel i-it’s okay…” Sho shocked by himself. Why he feel so nervous even it is just a holding hand with Ohno?

“Liar…” said Ohno and he give Sho a kiss on his cheek. Burning Sho’s cheeks even more. “That mean you actually jealous because of me. Because you can’t close with me…” Ohno said near Sho’s ears. Blowing the rapper’s mind to be crazy.

Yes… he feel it. It is different with Nino. Nino can give a bolder act than Ohno but he can’t feel what he feel with Ohno. Ohno’s act is so simple. Just holding his hand make Sho’s heartbeat running. His mind is crazy when he can hear Ohno’s voice near his ear. It’s enough to make him faint if he can’t handle himself.

Simple thing make him realized to whom actually he feel this feeling.


“Ohayou, Sho-kun…” Ohno greet him when he see Sho come in the green room.

“O-ohayou…” he said.

Sho take a seat where he always be. In front of the couple that always do their lovey-dovey session. But Sho didn’t feel jealous anymore, since he know Ohno will spare him his empty time to make Sho feel comfortable with him. Ohno will let Sho do whatever he want when he is not with Nino.

Anything, to  make Sho’s heart feel crazy and his stomach feels like there are million butterflies inside his stomach.


Note :
it's been a long time since I posted something on my LJ and DW. ugh... real life killing me inside out
I love this pair. I call it Yamamiya. I already make two fanfics of this pair. and hope it'll be okay for everyone. hehehe...
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 Title : CM

Pair : Ohmiya, Sakuraiba a little junba
Genre : fluff, humour, friendship, love one side(?)
Rating : PG
Length : one-shot
Warning : uhm... engurishu-desu. Unbeta-ed 😢
Summary : Jun heard his name between Aiba and Sho's fight because the CM. (Well.. i love that CM) 😂




“What is your problem actually, Sho-chan!”a trembling voice shouting in the room, made Jun’s feet stopped. He blinked. Looking at the door that now right in front of him.

“I don’t care!! Just drop the contract now!!”Jun can hear Sho’s voice yelling at someone inside the room. And now he can heard a sobs voice too.

“B-b-but… it’s not even your business Sho-chan… please… don’t be so mad… please….” Now Jun can clearly heard Aiba’s voice cracking.

What? What actually happened in there?Jun’s mind tried to find the answer.

“I don’t want to see Jun so close to you again! Just like in your CM!!”

Wait… contract. Me and Aiba?

Finally he got the answer.

It is about CM. The last CM he and Aiba appeared together. Actually he love to have Aiba in same CM with him. That mean he can be together even if it is just for work. He love being together with Aiba...

With a hard grip on knob, he opened the door and step into the room. The two older members look at him. But Aiba quickly look at another side and do his best to wipe his tears.

“Hello…?” Sho said.

“There is not your business Sakurai-san. Leave him alone with his contract!” suddenly Jun raised his voice. Aiba and Sho's eyes clearly looks surprised.

“Ah… so you heard our conversations. Bad Jun…” said Sho with his deep and dominated voice. Jun gulped in afraid while Aiba already lean more into couch. He didn’t want to involve in this kind fight with Sho.

“There is no way you can stop Aiba-kun from his contract with me in same commercial! I’ll do everything to make him stay!” Jun said again. He can see Sho smirked.

“Really?” then Sho glance at Aiba who closed his eyes tightly. Afraid of Sho’s eyesight.

“Why should Aiba-kun have to follow your order? Are you his master?” Jun finally asked the forbidden question. He can see Sho’s cheeks blushed and now is Jun's turn who smirked.

"Or are you in love with Aiba-kun?" now Aiba’s eyes snapped opened.

“W-what are you talking about?!” Sho asked back but his voice betrayed him. Well… everyone know Sho like Aiba so much, but these two are too idiot to realized it. Even Jun knew about it since he also love his Aiba-kun.

“Well… then. I will prove something now…” Jun steps slowly towards Aiba and kneeled down in front of the confused man who staring on his eyes. While Sho just look at the scene with knitted eyebrows.

“Aiba Masaki-kun… I want you to know something that I already hide from you since long time ago…” Jun said still looking into the sunshine-man.

“And w-what is that?” Aiba shifted on his spot, feel confused and nervous.

“That I like you… so much… more than just best friend,” Aiba can heard there are so much love inside Jun’s voice now when he said that words. Aiba can see Jun’s eyes crystal clear with out lies. That make him hold his breath.

“Don’t joke around, Matsumoto Jun! There is no way something like that can happened. You are a man! Aiba too is a man! Come on, Aiba! I’ll drive you to home!!” suddenly Sho hold and take Aiba from his seat, take Aiba’s bag and drag the taller man with him out from the room. Leaving Jun who still kneeled on the floor.

A few seconds later, Ohno and Ninomiya come inside with shake their head.

“Sho sometimes are crazy. I’m not understand why he can’t say his feeling towards Aiba out of loud like you did all this time… so he can be like us. Nee~ Satoshi...” said Nino who take a seat beside Ohno. The fishing leader just nodded and look at Jun with a poor-this-baby-eyes to Jun.

Jun smiling. He turn around, flip his hair, tuck a few hair behind his ear and seat on Aiba’s spot previous with a very elegant style with flip his hands front of his chest.

“Because he can’t be awesome like me,” Jun said in proud voice and proud face. But inside his heart a little pain come.

Meeeeh…” Nino tucked his tongue while Ohno chuckled at these young members.

“And what now, Jun-chan?” asked Ohno who finally asked.

“Hmmm…” Jun looked at Ohno.

“Maybe I can fall in love with you, Riida…” said Jun again with a smile and seduces face. Made Ohno blushed and can’t look straight to Jun’s face.

“Try it and I’m sure your head will not in the place next morning, Matsumoto Jun,” Nino threated Jun while his hands hug Ohno’s body. Like to protect his boyfriend from being taken by Jun. Jun chuckled.

“Eh? Hmm… but actually I don’t mind. Because Jun is kawaii…” said Ohno in shy voice with avoid Jun’s surprised-yet-confused eyes.

“WHAT?!” Nino screaming next to his ears.

Hooraa~ Oh-chan is okay with me, Nino!” Jun laughing at Nino who keep yelling at Riida.


Note :
Did you see their new CM. They are rare pair but still a cute pair after all~~
And here's a litte gift, a screenshot of Junba pair. 😍😍😍

Sankyuu for read ^ - ^

Junba CM




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Title : Promise
Pairing : Yama (Ohno x Sho)
Length : one-shot
Genre : fluff, a little angst, a little humour
Rating : PG. G
warning : death-character and bad bad bad engurishu~ and un-beta
Summary : Sho can't enjoy the coffee until someone interupted him.

Enjoy~ ^ - ^

Just click me to read more ^ - ^ please enjoy the story )
Hello~~~~ >  <
Hisashiburi minna~~~~ i miss writing soooo much. Thank to my busy-internship-program I can't find a proper time to writing. 😧
How? Do you enjoy to read this one?
Tell me, okay~ ^ - ^

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Title : Awake Ohno Up for A Date
Author : me~ XD
[personal profile] yumn_yumi 
Pairing : Yama (Ohno x Sakurai)
Length : drabble
Rating : PG
Genre : fluff, comedy
Warning : un-betaed, it would be so much mistake in grammar and wrong words from the title until the end. *I'm not sure what genre and rating too for this one, gomen m_ _m. I'm really sorry m_ _m
Summary : Sho arranged a date for him and Ohno but to wake him up is a hardwork.

-- Enjoy ^ - ^ --

Read more...? please click this~ ehehehehe... )



how~ how?
hisashiburi, minna~haven't posted anything for a long time. i miss writing but the ideas refuse to come. (TT--TT)
btw, let me know what do you think about this one, nee... don't forget to leave your comment ^ - ^/

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I just still can't understand how this (DW) work. Because I always update my Livejournal using some android applications but can't find an apps for my DW.
I always forget to check my DW account and get lost so many Arashi update from fanspages..  😢😢😢😢
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 I'm trying something that long ago I'm search for.
what is that? )and also trying crossposting, too
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Title : Foreplay and Please More
Pairing : Nino-centric (a little Ohmiya, a little Sakumiya)
Length : one-shot

Rating : NC-17 (?) because the languange 
Genre : fluff, 
Warning : this is my first time to write something like... this. so i'm sorry if there are so many things that should not be there like if I'm wrong with giving the rating and genre.(what am I talking about? I'm so embarassed!!) ; already Beta-ed by Maki Tachibana-sama (hountou ni arigatou gozaimashu~)
Summary : the rest of Arashi members (Ohno, Sho, Aiba and Jun) always looking at Nino with a huge grins and that make Nino a little scared.

Please enjoy (?) ehehehe... ^ - ^ 

Click and Enjoy it ^- ^/ )-----

I'm sorry!!!!!!!!
forgive me for my stupid and pervert mind. I just wanna tried to write this and it become like this and I don't know what should I do and said after sending this to my beloved beta-reader and posted this.
I'm so embarassed!!
/ want to hide now /
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 Uhm... I really want to know what actually they sing. the meaning behind that beautiful songs, rythme and music.
I found the I'll be There translation. but can't find for the rest 3 songs. 

haaah~ hope someone will make it soon. ^ - ^

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Title : Cause You are Cute (Even) Without Glasses
Pairing : Jun x Ohno (Juntoshi)
Length : one-shot

Rating : PG
Genre : fluff,
Warning : based on some Arashi ni Shiyagare episode ; already Beta-ed by Maki Tachibana-sama (hountou ni arigatou gozaimashu~)
Summary : Ohno work as Jun's subordinate but everdays he always have to face angry Jun. (i'm suck with summary, gomen)

Honestly... I still confused how to put my picture to my DW. so here I'am post the picture that inspired me to write this fic. hehehe...

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Title : Cause You are Cute (Even) Without Glasses
Pairing : Jun x Ohno (Juntoshi)
Length : one-shot

Rating : PG
Genre : fluff,
Warning : based on some Arashi ni Shiyagare episode ; already Beta-ed by Maki Tachibana-sama (hountou ni arigatou gozaimashu~)
Summary : Ohno work as Jun's subordinate but everdays he always have to face angry Jun. (i'm suck with summary, gomen)

NOTE! from my beloved beta-reader, Maki-san (Some Japanese terms used that you might not know.)

  • “kachou” means “boss” or “section chief” but can also literally mean “supervisor”. In this fanfic the “section chief” term will be used. This will be used by Ohno Satoshi who is addressing Matsumoto Jun, the chief in their section.
  • “buchou” means “a head of a department” or “general manager”. It will be used by Matsumoto Jun addressing Sakurai Sho, their department head.
  • “bento” is a Japanese-styled wooden lunch box that is a multi compartment and is elaborately decorated.


Please enjoy the story~ ^ - ^/


Ohno wiped away the tears that were on the corner of his eyes before it fell. He raised his head to prevent tears from falling. Once he felt he could stop the tears, he sighed and looked at his face on the large mirror in the men's room.

“Ah~ I shouldn’t cry. Such a crybaby” he said to himself as he washed his face. He heard someone coming.

“Eh? Ohno-kun!” Aiba said with his cheerful voice. Ohno felt a soft pat on his shoulder. He turned around and gave Aiba a smile.

“Hello, Aiba-kun.”

“Eh? Are you crying? What happened?” he asked, looking at Ohno’s face.

“It’s... it’s nothing.”

"Eh~ there is something. Your nose is red, your face looks red too, and your eyes look a little teary. You totally looked like you cried!” Ohno shakes his head.

“Of course not. Why should I be crying?” he smiled again. “Besides, I just washed my face, of course it’ll be red.” Aiba pouted. “There’s no such thing.” Aiba sighed as he observed Ohno’s face once again.

“Look, we are partners here, co-workers even if we are in a different division. We are friends since high school. If there is something—I mean anything—that's disturbing your mind and days, if you want to talk to someone, I’ll be the first in your list, okay?” Ohno nodded.

“You can talk to me about anything, any moments, anytime, day and night. I’ll hear you and will give you solutions if I can” Ohno nodded again.


“And I have to go back to work now, Aiba-kun” Ohno cut him.

“Ah! That’s right. We can talk later, after work. It’s not good making Matsumoto- kachou wait or he will get angry. He looks evil when he's angry” Aiba shivered as he talked about the evil Matsumoto.

“Well... he is.”

“I’m really surprised you can work with him until this day. You must be strong, nee ... Ganbatte Ohno-kun” Aiba said as he smiled.

“Haii. Ganbarimasu !” and he walked away from the toilet. He closed the door behind him and sighed.

If you know how much I want to protest to him. I just can’t...




“How many times do I have to tell you, don’t use that ugly glasses again!! Are you even listening to me, huh?!” The next day, the room—is once again—full of Matsumoto’s shouting and complaints. Everyone outside the room can hear him. Few of them peek into the room. In front of Matsumoto there is Ohno who busy bowing deeply to apologize.

“I-I’m really sorry, Matsumoto kachou *. I’m really sorry...”

“What’s your excuses today, huh?” Matsumoto threw himself on his chair, looking at Ohno. Ohno could almost see fire on Matsumoto’s angry eyes.

“I... I’m still not used with contact lens. Actually I can’t use them. I don’t understand how to put them.” Ohno tried his best not to cry in front of Matsumoto. He kept looking on the floor, avoiding Matsumoto’s eyes. He can hear Matsumoto click his tongue in annoyance.

“Are you an idiot?! You can’t even use contact lens?!”

“It’s just too scary to use, Matsumoto-san..” Ohno gave his best to make his boss understand. After a few minutes, Matsumoto Jun kept throwing his tantrums at Ohno. Angry at everything and throwing all his complaints from simple to the simplest thing. Ohno can only keep his eyes close whenever Matsumoto - or let’s call him Jun, for short, and only just a few people who can keep calling him like that—raises his voice. It’s like a thunderbolt in a beautiful evening. Ohno tried, really tried to keep his eyes not teary or from even crying.

But he failed. 

When one of single tear ran fast from his eyes to his cheek and fell to the floor. It’s like a miracle. Suddenly Jun stopped.


“I’m really sorry, Matsumoto kachou ... I’m really sorry...” Ohno kept on repeating that. He raised his head slowly to look at Jun with tears on the corner of his eyes.

“I-I’ll do my best. Please don’t fire me. I’ll fix this, everything... II will also learn how to wear contact lens. I... I’m really sorry Matsumoto kachou ,” once again Ohno bowed deeply. Jun sighed at him and look at another way.

Honestlyhe did not really mean to make this man cry.
“Go away from my room. Do what I said and...” he looked at Ohno again, he can see that the man is looking at him with eyes full of confusion. “...and don’t forget about your promise. I don’t care if I have to fire you next time. Remember that!”

Ohno was still looking at him with a confused face, teary eyes, wet cheeks & nose. But that somehow made Jun’s heart jump a little.

“What are you waiting for?! Go away from my eyes! NOW!!”

After he heard Jun screaming he went back to reality. “Ah! Gomennasai. Hountou nii. Excuse me...” and he ran away from the door.

“AND DON’T FORGET TO CLOSE THE DOOR!! YOU IDIOT!!” Jun’s screaming made Ohno go back to

close the door.

“I’m sorry. Really... I’m so sorry,” he said as he closed the door and ran back to his chair.




“I heard about that,” Aiba tried to start the conversation because Ohno didn’t talk. Even a single ‘hello’ to him since they met for lunch.

“Heard about what?” Ohno asked him as he ate a spoon full of food into his mouth. Chewing them happily.

“About Matsumoto-san who-”

“Ah~ Umaiiii ! This food really has a great taste,” Ohno said with happy face. Aiba sighed.

“Look, Ohno-kun. I-”

“You have to try this food too, Masaki.”


“I don’t wanna talk about it.”


“I don’t want to talk about my job when I’m with my food for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even my snack time,” Ohno said again as he took another spoon to eat.

“Okay...” and once again they ate their lunch in silence.

“Where did you get the news?” suddenly Ohno’s question made Aiba click his tongue.

“You said you didn’t want to hear anything about job when you’re with your food.”

“I was just asking where did you get the news?”

 “Gossips can spread like a dandelion seed blown by the wind” Aiba said as he drank his water.

 “Ah... souka .”

 “I think I can help you about-”

 “No, thank you.”


 “I’ll call you if I need any help. Now, excuse me. I have to back to my work before lunch time finished. You know I’m still not good with directions, I can get lost in my own office. And you know what it will be next, right?”

 Aiba nodded. “Your Matsumoto-san will really, really get angry.”

 “Yes. And... he is not my Matsumoto-san. Jyaa nee , Aiba-kun” he left the canteen while Aiba continued to stare at Ohno.

Ah... I hope he can do his best, Aiba told himself.


Someone was knocking on his door when he was having his lunch. Actually, it’s disturbing him.

 “Yes! Come in!”

 The person stepped inside the room with a bright smile.

 Konnichiwa ~ Jun-chan~” he said in a teasing tone.

 “Ah. Buchou *What brings you here? ” Jun asked as he stopped eating and stood up and bowed deeply.

 “Tsk! Don’t be so formal. Just call me Sho, like always!” he walked to a chair in front of Jun’s table.

 “Sit down, sit down! And continue eating, nee?”

 “What is it, Sho-kun?” Jun sat down and continued eating.

 “Ah~ I see. You must be in an ‘angry-mode’, right?” Sho answered with a question. Jun sighed in frustration. He placed his chopstick down and looked straight to Sho.

 “What is it, Sho-kun? If you don’t answer me, I promise I’ll-”

 “What? What will you do?” Sho cut him, asking him like he was threatening back his bestfriend. Jun—once again—sighed in defeat.

 “I heard about...” Sho said as he take one of Jun’s meat in his bento * with his fingers.

 “About what?” Jun only can look at Sho.

 “About you. Angry. In the beautiful morning. Throwing your petty tantrums to someone who’s actually... hmmm... how should I describe him? Cute?”

 “Well, he can’t do his job properly. That’s why I get angry.”

 “Nope...” Sho licked his finger which was covered with sauce. “You actually like him...” he continued as he licked another finger.

 “Wh-what?! Like? Him? How could you make such a ridiculous conclusion like that?!”

 “Hmmm... I just know it. Believe me, you... actually, deep in your heart... you like—no!—maybe love him,” Sho said as he take another meat in Jun’s bento .

 Jun snorted, “Impossible.”

 “Why are you always just concern about one employee when you have ten? You always get angry at him, onlyhim,” Sho said again before he ate the meat.

 “Actually, I also get angry at the others, too” Jun ward Sho’s words.

 “Ah, aah~? Nope. I know how many times you get angry to your ten employees, Jun-kun,” Sho licked his fingers again.

 “Ouh? Really? Did you count? And for God’s sake if you don’t stop licking your fingers, I promise I’ll bite those fingers” Sho can sense from Jun’s voice that he seems challenged and frustrated.

 “You just can’t resist seeing me so sexy while I lick my fingers...” he said as he took out his little notebook and started to search for something. His face lit up when he finally found it.

 “Here, let me read it for you. At 9th April, you got angry at Ohno-san because he is late one minute. At 10th in same month, you also got angry at him because he was wearing weird clothes-”

 “That’s obvious, he was late the other day and he wore weird clothes. We are working in an entertainment world, Sho-kun. Entertainment world! We can’t work withwith lame fashion!” Jun tried to avoid Sho to continue. But it Sho wouldn’t stop reading his list.

 “...and today you threw your petty tantrums at him and made him cry. You really are crazy.” Sho closed his notebook with a triumphant look on his face. But Jun remembered something.

 Yes...That was true. He made Ohno cry today. He can even remember how the first tears touched the floor. It made him stop at once.

 “I just can’t understand.” Sho shrugged “If you keep him only for throwing your tantrums like that, I’ll just get him to be my personal assistant. I can see a really great potential in him Jun. It’s okay. I’ll receive him with open hands,” Sho kept on making Jun feel guilty.

“Well, I guess I have to go back to my office now. Bye-bye Jun-kun. Don’t forget to think about my offer, nee ?” he stood up and walked away. But before Sho could open the door someone opened it from outside and accidentally hits Sho’s face until he fell flat on the floor.

“OUCH!!” he groaned as he held his nose.

“SHO!!” Jun ran towards him and looked at his face. “Are you okay?”

“I-I’m okay... I’m fine,” he said as he kept his palms on his face, especially his nose.

“Oh, my! I’m so sorry, Buchou-san . I didn’t know you were-”

“HOII! You have to be careful when you open the door! It’s Sakurai-san you hit! Our manager! Did you ever think that he could fire you so easily?!” Jun yelled at the person who opened the door. He realized it was Ohno, again.

“I’m really sorry Matsumoto-san, I-”

“It’s okay. It was just an accident. You don’t have to yell. It’ll only make my head spin.” Sho successfully stopped him from scolding Ohno.

“I’m really sorry about this, Sho-kun” Jun helped Sho to stand up.

“It’s okay, really. I have my first aid kit in my office...” he paused and looked at Ohno. “Maybe I can borrow your employee to help me, now...” he said again as he looked at Ohno who was trembling in fear of getting fired.

“Ah! Ohno-san! You have to help Sakurai-san for what you did!” Jun’s yelling made him only nod.




“Once again I’m really sorry...” Ohno said as he took another tissue to pat on Sho’s bleeding nose.

 “It’s okay. See... it’s not bleeding now. Thank you for your help”

 “But, I-”

 “Say, I have great offer for you!” Sho suddenly changed their topic.


 “I would like you to be my personal assistant, would you?”


 “You can do some of your work in your house. I need someone who’s always here, with me.” Sho looked into the latter’s eyes who’s also looking back at him with a confused face.

“Look... I know you have a good things, you have a talent as a good employee. I know you can do something good for our company with your ideas. And with you beside me, you can help me and share your ideas for a better future of our company. You don’t have to hear Jun—Ah... I’m sorry—Matsumoto-san’s angry voice everyday. You can increase your ability. You deserve it...” Sho said as he took Ohno’s hands and squeezed them.

“I... I... I...”

“You deserve it, Satoshi...” he said as he look at Ohno’s name tag. Sho leaned closer to Ohno’s ear.

“You can do better here... with me,” he said again with a deep and dark voice. And that voice is like a magic spell.

“Sho-kun, is Ohno still with-” Jun opened Sho’s office door without knocking, looking for Ohno. But what he saw made him stop. He can see Sho leaning so close—so close—to Ohno.

“Matsumoto... san...” Ohno said as he turned to look at him.

 “Ah, Jun-kun. I’m sorry. I’m already finish with-” Sho said as he sat up straight.

 “I’m sorry for disturbing. Excuse me, Buchou ” and Jun stepped outside and close the door. As the door closed, he walked fast back to his office. He didn’t know why he was acting strangely when he saw them. His heart was somehow beating so fast. It’s like he ran in a marathon.

 And was he hurt when he saw those two?




The another day, Jun keep his mouth shut. Only got angry when he reached his limit. Everytime his eyes caught Ohno, he avoids him.

“Konnichiwa , Matsumoto-san. I want to give this documents from-”

 “Can you please tell Mayumi-san to take the documents here?” Jun cut him. Ohno seems like he wants to say something but he kept it.

 “I understand, Matsumoto kachou. Excuse me” and he close the door.

Why can’t I face him like always I do?




And Jun really avoided Ohno for two months . He didn’t throw his tantrum at Ohno like always. He seems to be more silent more than being angry now. He only does that now if he can’t control his emotions.

Actually, it makes Ohno’s days feel more comfortable. He can do his job better than usual. Now he can understand about what they call happiness and peace in their job.

But that’s only the first month. When Matsumoto was still avoiding him, he thought “ Did he do something to make Matsumoto kachou avoid him? Was he sooooooo mad at him?”

“Nope. I think he’s not angry at you” Sho said as he listened to Ohno’s story.

“Really? But why is he avoiding me? It’s like he doesn’t want to talk to me... Ah, maybe he doesn’t even wanna to see me, too” Ohno said while thinking again.

“Maybe he’s just tired being angry at you?”


Is it really about that? I guess I did some BIG mistake on his eyes.




Knock! Knock!

“Yees! Come in!” Jun said.

“I’m sorry for disturbing, Matsumoto-san...” Ohno opened the door. He can hear Matsumoto click his tongue with an annoyed face.

“What?” he asked without looking at Ohno.

“Is it okay if I come in?”

“Didn’t you hear me say ‘Come in’? Or should I say it again?” Jun seems more pissed off now.

“Ah... I’m sorry,” Ohno closed the door behind him and walked in front of Matsumoto’s table and stand there.

“What is it? Is it so important that it really made you come here?” Jun still didn’t look at Ohno, it made Ohno more and more afraid if he really did something wrong to his boss.

“I just... I just want to ask if I had did something wrong, Matsumoto-san? If I did , please tell me...”

“No. You didn’t. Now can you please leave?” Jun answered it quickly.

“But Matsumoto-san, you seemed to avoid me until now. And I’m afraid I-”

“You didn’t do anything. Please, leave.” Jun cut him and turned his chair around to another direction, so he didn’t have to face Ohno.



“Why don’t you look at me now? Even with all of this changes? Why you don’t look at me?” Ohno asked him again and again. Jun clicked his tongue as he turned his chair around fastly. Ready for yelling at this man as he stood up from his chair.

“Why you—” suddenly he stopped. Yes ... he stopped. Because what he saw was not the usual Ohno. The usual Ohno who was always wearing thick glasses. Made him look like an idiot in front of Jun’s eyes. The usual Ohno who always go everywhere with a sloping bag and tapes. The usual Ohno always wears weird clothes.

But not this Ohno. He wasn’t the Ohno who standing in front of him now. Who Jun always yells at.

No. It wasn’t him...

This Ohno didn’t use his usual thick glasses. Didn’t wear weird clothes, nor his weird bag too. This Ohno looks so fresh without his glasses. His chubby cheeks look so cute to squeeze and pinch. His clothes suits him so much, a stylish denim long sleeves, with an open first button with jeans and a gold necklace. He was even wearing a trendy watch.

No... this Ohno just like he always want to see. But not with his teary eyes like this.

“Is it because you doesn’t like my changes, Matsumoto-san?” Ohno asking again, make Jun back to himself.

“No... it’s not.”

“Then what?!?!” Ohno force him again. Jun gulped. Ohno’s angry face not look so scary with his teary eyes, but too cute now.

Jun face palms himself, hiding his face.

“Eh? What happend, Mastumoto-san? Are you hurt?” Ohno walking towards Jun, afraid if his boss have ache.

“Why you are so cute even without glassess?” Jun said between his palms.

“Eh? Cute? Even... without glassess?” Ohno repeat, seems confused now.

“You are really idiot! Don’t you understand I really like you?” Jun finally can face him now. Ohno can see Jun’s cheeks blushing in red. Really red just like a fresh tomato. And now, maybe he also blushing because of Jun’s words.

“What? Like?”

“I really like you since the first time you join my division. But I dissapointed when I see you in weird clothes.”


“That’s why I always asking you to changes your style! Ouh, God!” once again Jun facepalms. “You are really slow!”

“Ah... I’m sorry, Matsumoto-san. I’m slow” Ohno said as he bow for apologize. But... after a few seconds...

“EEH?! WHAT?! So all this time? Actually you like me?!” Ohno seems just realized it.

“Yes, I am. I really like you. But all these time you are to slow to understand it! Goddamnit! You are to slow Ohno-kun!”

Ohno giggling.

 “What so funny?” Jun asking.

 “You calling me “Ohno-kun”, Matsumoto-san.”


 “I like it. I like when you call my name like that.”


 “I like it... your voice when calling me” Jun staring at him dumbfounded. That smile, Ohno’s smile. It’s different, it’s warm.

 “I’m sorry, but I know you with Sho-kun, right?” Jun give a pouty lips, shruking in a cute way in Ohno’s eyes.

 “Who said that, Matsumoto-san?”

 “I saw you with him... kissing with him...” Jun looking straight to his eyes. “There is no way I could steal my best friend’s boyfriend.”

 “Wh-what? We are not kissing!” Ohno seems blushing in red, jump in surprised because Jun’s statement.

 “Of course, you are! You guys so close. I can remember how you blushing with a blank eyes like that! How could you-”

 “NOOOO!!!” suddenly Ohno screaming, make Jun stop.

 “There is no such things. He asking me for transfering into his division. I just blank like that because amazed by his voice. I can’t describe it, but his voice somehow reallyhypnotist me. Only that. And there is nothing can make me transfering from your division. Never,” Ohno said as he stay away from Jun who staring blankly to him

 “What...?” Ohno asking while Jun keep staring at him.

 “Why you didn’t want transfering from my division?”

 “Because... eerr...” Ohno seems confused how suppose he answer that question. “...because I still like to work in this division. Yes! That the reason,” Ohno nodded.



 “You like me too, don’t you?” Jun asking to him.

 “Eh? Wh-why? You are my boss. There is no such things like that. And-and... we are man... so-so...” Ohno answering him awkwardly. He do best for stay away from Jun. He quickly give a deep bowing.

 “I-I’m sorry, Matsumoto-san. I-I’ll back to my work...” Ohno make excusess and as fast as he can to run quickly to the door. But Jun’s hand move more fast than Ohno’s feet.

 “Don’t you dare to go from me!” Jun threat him.


 “Don’t you dare to stay away from me! Again!!” Jun screaming as he take Ohno back to him.

 “I’m so sor—“

 Suddenly he can feel something soft on his lips. Maybe Jun pull him to strong until he can feel his waist hurt, but his lips... his lips is the most that he feel. so soft, warm and gentle. Ohno in Jun’s arms can relaxing as he feel that, until he can close his eyes. Enjoying that kiss.

“Don’t you ever, dare to go away from me...” Jun said after he pull himself from that kiss, but not really stay away so Ohno still can feel his breath there.

 Ohno gasped, but nodded after that.

“So, you really llike me don’t you?” Jun asking him again, still being stubborn is his habit. Ohno nodded again, blushing.

“Since first time you help me with my work...” he said in tiny voice.

“Even after all my screaming, yelling-”

“Shouting and all of your tantrums. Yes... I still like you...” Ohno continue Jun’s words still with his shy voice.

Jun smilling.

“You...” he cupped Ohno’s cheeks and kissing him again. This time full of passionate and Ohno seems okay with that. Even he return the kiss with his way. And how they giggling after that kiss, make them feel how awkward and happy in same time.

“You always cute even with that glassess, too” Jun said again.



Note from author :
 let me put the picture that inspired me to write this fic

Haiii~ Yumi desu~
So... This is my first time to post my fanfic from dreamwidth. I hope this is okay.
and please don't afraid to leave your comments if you want. I'll not bite you if you use a good words ^ - ^

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Title               : Hidamari no Kanojo / Girl in The Sunny Place / Her Sunny Side
Director         : Takahiro Miki
Release date : 12 Oktober 2013
Genre           : Romance, Fantasy
Cast              : Jun Matsumoto sebagai Kosuke Okuda,
                       Juri Ueno sebagai Mao Watarai,
                       Tetsuji Tamayama, Masaki Suda, Koji Ookura,

Ini film genre romance kesukaanku. Berbeda dengan fans Arashi lain yang jatuh cinta sama karakter Domyouji di Hana Yori Dango, aku lebih suka karakter dia yang calm like in this movie. So… as far as I watch Japan Movie, ini film pertama Jun yang ku suka. Soalnya kadang aku agak kurang suka sama beberapa karakter yang dimainkan Jun karena agak “aneh” *You know lah what I mean. Hehehe… /digaplok fans Jun/*

Film ini based on a novel. Sampai sekarang masih nyari juga itu novel karena katanya sempat diterbitkan dalam bahasa Indonesia. Menurut yang udah baca novelnya *para senpai fans Arashi* lebih enak baca novelnya.

Film ini diawali dengan pertemuan seorang anak laki-laki—yang tanpa sengaja terpisah dari ibu dan adiknya saat berjalan-jalan—dengan seekor kucing kecil berbulu abu-abu di pinggiran pantai. Si anak (Kousuke kecil) berusaha membantu si kucing yang terjebak di sebuah lubang dengan mengulurkan sebuah omamuri biru karena merasa ia dan si kucing bernasib sama *sama-sama tersesat*. Kousuke membawa si kucing bersamanya hingga ia bertemu dengan ibu dan adiknya. Tetapi si kucing kemudian melompat dari tangan Kousuke *ni kucing nggak tau terima kasih*/abaikan/.

Beberapa tahun kemudian Kousuke sudah bekerja di sebuah perusahaan advertisement kereta. Di hari pertama presentasinya dengan sebuah perusahaan pakaian dalam wanita ia terlambat hingga dimarahi oleh seniornya. Dan siapa sangka disana dia malah ketemu sama cewek kenalannya dari SMP di tempat ia harus presentasi.

Singkat cerita, setelah ketemu, mereka sering kontak dengan modus pekerjaan /nice modus, Om Jun!/. Dan intensitas pertemuan mereka makin sering gara-gara atasan Jun menolak board iklan yang udah didesain sama perusahaan Mao Watarai (yang diperankan Ueno Juri). Mereka mulai cari-cari bareng board iklan dengan tema sama yang diiklankan di berbagai jenis board yang bahkan lebih parah dari gambar yang udah didesain oleh mereka. *wkwkwkw… tetep aja ada yang “aneh-aneh” nya kalau si Om Jun yang main*/digaplok lagi/

contoh board advertisement dari mbak Mao

Unch~ moduuuusss~

Suatu hari, Mao dan Kousuke jalan-jalan balik lagi ke kampung halaman mereka, Enoshima. Ceritanya sih kayak jalan-jalan sambil nostalgila *eh? Nostalgia*. Mereka seru-seruan bareng sejak awal berangkat di kereta, ke akuarium besar, nyari kue manju, lari-lari di escalator, berdoa bareng di kuil, ngegantungin gembok cinta di pagar sambil sedikit ngobrol bareng setelahnya sampai Kousuke ngajak Mao ke tempat dimana si kucing yang dia selamatkan lari darinya. Hehehe… tapi lucunya ada yang ngikutin mereka sepanjang jalan-jalan. Senior Mao yang kebetulan *keliatannya* suka sama Mao ngikutin jalan-jalan Mao & Kousuke.
Secara mendadak Mao ngajak ketemu orang tuanya saat itu juga. Mau nggak mau Kousuke ngikut aja *habis ditarik-tarik sih~*.

Nggak tahu kesambet apa, Mao tiba-tiba ngomong “Kami bakal menikah” di depan orang tuanya. Otomatis, orang tuanya dan Kousuke kaget. Tapi-tapi… tapiiiii~ yang aku suka Kousuke ternyata juga seriiiuuuusss! ( > < )

Ayahnya Mao akhirnya ngajak ngobrol serius Kousuke, soal Mao, masa lalu Mao dan hal-hal lain soal Mao. Udah berasa diinterograsi gitu Kousuke, tegang loh ngobrol sama calon mertua dadakan. Sementara Mao ngobrol sama ibunya soal Kousuke dan ibunya. Dan kelihatannya mereka berdua dapat restu untuk menikah *YEAY~~!*.

Setelah mendaftarkan pernikahan mereka memutuskan untuk pindah ke suatu apartemen baru dan hidup bareng sebagai suami-istri. Scene pasangan baru di unit baru apartemen mereka ini paling imut kalau kataku. So sweeeeet banget. Kemana-mana berdua, kemana-mana dibawa bahagia. Apalagi pas bagian mereka lagi santai berdua sambil tiduran pas Mao nanya setelah nggak sengaja liat bekasan luka di tangan Kousuke. So sweet lah pokoknya.

So sweet~ mereka serasi bangeeeeettttt~ kyaaaaaa

Entah kenapa setelah beberapa waktu berlalu, kesehatan Mao memburuk. Badannya jadi kurus dan rambutnya mulai rontok. Kousuke sampai marah pas tahu soal itu karena Mao nggak cerita apa-apa ke dia /kan sebagai suami ya khawatir kan/. Akhirnya Mao dibawa ke dokter. Walaupun kata dokter sepertinya kondisi Mao nggak ada apa-apa, si dokter agak khawatir juga soal Mao.
So, Kousuke balik lagi ke Enoshima. Ketemu sama keluarga Mao. Disini, ayah-ibu Mao cerita soal Mao (lagi). Ayahnya cerita kalau Mao itu diketemukan dalam keadaan (sorry) telanjang tanpa ingat apa-apa. Akhirnya mereka yang mengadopsi dan memberinya nama Mao.

Ketika pulang Kousuke udah disambut sama kejutan dari Mao, pohon natal besar dan apartemen mereka udah terang benderang sama lampu-lampu natal. Tiba-tiba Mao ngajak liburan keluar negeri. Ya ampun… suaminya kan kerja ya. Tapi Kousuke janji bakal bisa liburan dalam waktu dekat.

Kesehatannya yang nurun bikin Mao sempat pingsan di tempat kerja. Seniornya (inget sama yang ngikutin dia pas jalan-jalan ke Enoshima?) sukarela nganterin dia pulang. Tapi alih0alih diantar ke apartemen tempaat dia tinggal, Mao malah minta ke Enoshima.

NAH!! DISINI KALIAN BAKAL MULAI NGERASAIN GENRE FANTASINYA!! *ealah, Capslock jebol*. Mao pergi ke tempat kucing yang diselamatin Kousuke lari. Dan ngobrol sama ibu tua *aku nggak berani nyebutnya nenek habisnya masih belum nenek-nenek juga. Wkwkwkwk* dan percakapan mereka agak-agak menjurus. /harap gunakan imajinasi kalian di bagian ini pas nonton ya/

Senior Mao makin khawatir soal kesehatan Mao. Terutama saat dia dengan sengaja ngikutin Mao pas dia nganterin ke Enoshima dan curi dengar obrolan Mao dengan ibu tua itu. Akhirnya dia ngedatangin dan ngajak Kousuke ngobrol serius sambil ngembaliin omamori biru yang jatuh waktu ngantar Mao. Dia ngakuin kalau suka sama Mao dan pingin Kousuke bener-bener ngejaga dan merhatiin Mao lebih dari yang bisa dilakukan. /ugh! Cinta tak berbalas yang sungguh mengharukan. Senpai wa sugoi!/

Kousuke akhirnya nanya ke Mao mengenai omamori biru yang diterimanya dari Shindo-san. Dia nanya bagaimana Mao bisa punya omamori itu (soalnya omamori biru itu persis sama dengan omamori yang dibawa kabur kucing kecil waktu Kousuke selamatkan*. Mao baru mau ngejalasin, eh…! Tiba-tiba ibu tetangga sebelah udah teriak gara-gara anaknya udah ngegantung di pinggiran apartemen /ya ampun bu! Anaknya kok nggak diawasi?/ buyar sudah keadaan tegang antara Mao dan kousuke. Ugh…

Buru-buru Kousuke berusaha nolongin anak itu. Sementara Mao nelpon anggota team rescue. Sambil nunggu, mereka berusaha buat ngangkat Shuu. Tapi sayang, Shuu malah lepas dari pegangan ibunya dan jatuh. Kousuke udah terlanjur kaget tapi ternyata… Mao udah megang itu anak di tanah. Iya! Di TANAH! Mereka berdua mendarat dengan selamat.

Gara-gara kejadian itu, Kousuke makin shock. Belum lepas dari shock soal omamori kucing, ditambah istrinya tiba-tiba bisa melopat dan nyelamatina anak orang dari ketinggian beberapa lantai /ya iyalah! Aku juga pasti shock, om!/ sampai nggak mau kaget pas disentuh sama Mao. /kasihan Mao… hiks…/

Esok paginya, pas Kousuke tidur, Mao mulai bikin sarapan. Nyambut Kousuke yang bangun juga tetep senyum. Tiba-tiba dia bilang mau keluar buat ambil Koran harian. Tapi kok Mao nggak balik-balik ya. Buru-buru Kousuke keluar nyari Mao, tapi dia udah ilang nggak ada di depan apartemen.

Dia nelpon ke rumah keluarganya Mao, tapi justru yang ada orang tua Mao malah nggak kenal sama Kousuke, nanya apa Kousuke salah sambung dan bahkan sampai bilang kalau mereka sama sekali nggak punya anak perempuan. Nah loh. /KEMBALI GUNAKAN IMAJINASI KALIAN/*jebol lagi capslock*. Kousuke lari ke kantor tempat Mao kerja. Tapi justru sama. Disana nggak ada yang namanya Watarai Mao bahkan seniornya Mao juga nggak ingat sama Mao.

Akhirnya tujuan akhir yang Kousuke ingat cuma tempat kucing kecil yang dia bantu lari, ke tempat ibu-ibu tua dengan banyak kucing tinggal, Enoshima. Sampai disana dia ketemua sama si ibu dan langsung nanya soal Mao. Di sini mungkin udah mulai masuk akal, percakapan diantara Kousuke dan si ibu mulai membuka satu demi satu hal yang jadi misteri. Soal sisa hidup Mao dan mengapa  orang-orang disekeliling Mao mulai lupa soal Mao.

Dengan segera setelah mendengar penjelasan si ibu, Kousuke langsung lari ke tempat dulu dia menyelamatkan si kucing, di pinggiran pantai berbatu. Dan ketemu! Mao ada disana, duduk sambil memandangi lautan. Hal pertama yang diucapin Kousuke pas ketemu Mao itu malah lucu, “Mao, kamu yang makan Brian kan?” /Brian itu nama salah satu ikan mas mereka/.

Mao pun ngejelasin kenapa waktu itu Mao /Mao sebagai kucing kecil/ lari dari Kousuke. Dia bukan lari tapi mau bikin permintaan. Permintaan untuk untuk berubah menjadi manusia.

Kousuke ngajak Mao buat naik sepeda bareng, untuk mengabulkan permintaan Mao yang kepingin naik sepeda bareng pas mereka ke Enoshima buat jalan-jalan. Menit-menit terakhir sebelum ingatan Kousuke dan semua tentang Mao terhapus mereka lalui dengan bahagia sambil kembali mengunjungi berbagai tempat saat mereka masih kecil. Ke sekolah, ke tempat bermain tempat mereka sering main. Memori mereka kayka flashback, semua memori ikutan ngilang.

So sweet tapi juga sedih.

Naik sepeda bareng berasa dunia milik berdua... unch~

Kehidupan Kousuke berjalan seperti biasa sebelum ia kembali bertemu Mao. Dia juga tetep ketemu sama Shindo-san dan presentasi di tempat yang sama tapi nggak ketemu Mao. Dia juga nggak sengaja ketemu sama ayah-ibu angkatnya Mao tapi tentu saja mereka nggak kenal sama Kousuke. Pokoknya segalanya serba kembali ke kenormalan tanpa Mao dan memori tentang Mao. .

Tapi ada beberapa bagian menuju akhir dari film ini agak ngebingungin sampai sekarang. Di pesta yang diadakan kantor Kousuke, sempat mengalun lagunya Beach Boys - Wouldn't It Be Nice (lagu kesukaan Mao) dan Kousuke malah nangis. Nah! Apakah ingatan Kousuke tentang Mao benar-benar menghilang?

kan... kan... nggak tega liatnya. huuuaaahhh!!

Ketika Kousuke jalan pulang dari kantor, dia ketemu sama kucing kecil yang lari ke arahnya /sumpah kucingnya mirip sama yang Kousuke tolong alias si Mao wujud kucing/. Ini kebingungan kedua, nih kucing si Mao apa bukan nih?


Setelah dipegang oleh Kousuke, si kucing malah lari ke arah perempuan di seberang jalan. Dan ternyata si Mao. /yang bikin aku bingung, dia masih pakai kalung cincin pernikahannya dengan Kousuke lloh!/. dan si Kousuke senyum sumringah ketemu sama perempuan ini. Nah! Kebingungan ketiga! Ini si cewek alias Mao masih ingat soal Kousuke apa nggak? Apa si Kousuke masih inget ama si Mao dengan cincin itu? Apa… apa… apa???! Banyak pertanyaan berkutat di kepala

keliatan nggak cincin dijadikan kalung?

uwaaaahhhh!! nggak kuat mak! Guanteeeengggg senyumnya!

Okay~ sekarang masuk ke kesan dan apa yang biking aku suka dengan film ini adalah :

Pertama, udah pasti karena actor dan aktrisnya. Jun Matsumoto yang main *teriak-teriak/Abang JUUUUNNN~/*. Matsumoto-san bagus banget main difilm ini. Selain karena memang mukanya yang unyu-unyu khas cowok baik-baik dengan tatanan rambut dan mata nggak bersalah begitu, alasan lainnya karena dia anggota Arashi /nggak nyambung ya? XD/

Ueno Juri. Hehehe… seneng liat dia main di Nodame Contabile. Makanya aku nggak heran pas liat rambutnya acak-adut difilm ini juga. Karakter Mao juga dia perankan dengan sangat baik. gadis lugu nan imut, pas banget sama dia. Wkwkwkw…

Kedua,  karakter yang dimainkan Jun itu innoncent and calm. Contoh cowok baik-baik yang pikirannya lurus-lurus aja, nggak aneh-aneh. Keliatan banget pas dia nolak ajakan senpainya ke Cabaret Club. Jarang loh nemu cowok yang diajak kesenangan duniawi nolak. Wkwkwk…

Ketiga, alur cerita yang konfliknya nggak aneh-aneh alias nggak tajam banget. Beberapa orang bilangnya ini film alurnya datar banget, tapi justru malah itu yang aku suka. Alur cerita yang adem itu yang malah menambah titik kesuksesaan film ini dimataku. Soalnya nggak banyak cerita yang beralur datar tapi feel-nya dapat kayak yang satu ini. Walau datar ngena. Hehehe…

Keempat, lighting dan pengambilan gambar. Uwiiiiihhhh~~~! Suka! Sukaaaaa banget! Dimana Kousuke dan Mao kelihatan jadi berkilau dengan pengambilan gambar yang super duper khas, dramatis, dan bikin adem dengan lighting yang WAH! WAAAAHH!! SUKAAAAAAA!!!! /capslock jebol lagi. Maafkan…/

Pengambilan gambarnya pas, tepat, kereeeennnn! Argh! I LOVE IT! Bagus-bagus!! Tiap menit ada aja yang bisa di screen capture. Pokoknya aku suka. Soalnya bagus.. ah! Amazing!

nungguin kereta bareng malam-malam

Kelima, backsound dan lagu yang diambil buat theme song-nya. Yups! Jangan lupakan kekuatan backsound juga bisa jadi pengaruh tersendiri. Gara-gara film ini juga jadi suka sama lagu The Beach Boys - Wouldn't It Be Nice. Ouh, God! Kekuatan lagu is awesome!! Nambah charming buat para karakter yang dibawakan oleh para actor dan aktis nya.

saya pribadi suka banget sama film ini karena 5 alasan diatas.

After all... ini fim wajib ditonton buat yang suka dengan romance beralur cerita datar-datar tapi gyuuuuut di hati. apalagi kalau suka sama arashi terutama Om Jun yang berkarakter calm and innoncent ini. soalnya beda banget sama Shitsuren Chocolatier yang karakternya calm tapi kelakuannya... ennggg... /urut dada aja dah/.

hahahaha... apa sih yang nggak buat Om Jun. mau karakter kayak gimana juga boleh lah, bang. the best!

kir-kira gimana menurut teman-teman yang lain. apa yang jadi daya tarik dari film yang satu ini?
apa beda-beda tipis denganku...
ditunggu di komentar ya~  ( > _ ^) v
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long time not see my baby LJ. huaaaahhhh! I miss my LJ.

as you know because of some issues about LJ, many of Arashi page moving to dreamwidth. this is really surprising me. shocked me really much, because I'm still new here and this have to be happenend to soon for me

so if you wanna know where I'm moving, I'm moving with the same username to dreamwidth.
let me know if you want to add me as friend.
hehehe... I'm still confused how to used it too so~ yeah... maybe the entries will same as LJ. XD

i'll keep my best to keep update here so this LJ will not dissapeare. well... I don't even know what will happend next. 
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 there are so many fans pages that have to move to DW. and I have to keep looking at my LJ so I can always update about their news and membership things...

so~ what should I do while waiting and keep staring at my LJ now? XD
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Yeay~ finally I make account in DW. hiksu~
It is because LJ already not https, nee(?) and there are so many Arashi LJ Community that move to DW.
So... I have to follow them too.
There is no reason for me to not following Arashi's news. hehehe

I have to learn how to use this. Still confused with LJ and now have to learn DW too. XD

If you want to be friend of me, let me know it. I'll not bite you. ^ - ^

Yoroshiku Onegaishimashu~

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Title : Just For You
Pairing : a little Yama (Sho's centric)
Length : one-shot
Rating : G
Genre : fluff, angst(?) *I'm not sure what genre this one, gomen m_ _m
Warning : un-betaed, it would be so much mistake in grammar and wrong words. I'm really sorry m_ _m
Summary : Sho back to his old apartment


“Tadaima…” I mumbled as the door opened by me. I step inside the apatement. My old apartment.

No… it is… our apartment.

I wonder why all this time I can’t come here. The only place where we share same memories. Old and new memories. And trying to figure our future dreams while built it together.

Maybe because all those memories that my feet can’t bring me here until now. I wonder…

“Hatchuuu!!” I sneezed. My nose feel so itchy. Ah… of course. This apartment, no one who clean this place. Of course the dust is everywhere.

“Mou… and now I have to clean all of these…” I mumbling again.

Today is my day of. And my mind keep thinking about him.

The way his smile… I miss him.

The way he laughed so hard when we are together… I really miss it.

His fragrant and his warm and gentle hand… I want to feel it again.

But there are nothing left. It is only this apartment and our memories inside this place.

Nothing left…

I remember it clearly, the day when I found out his misery. With the pain that he suffered. All these times… he keep it as secret from me. Never told me even once. He keep smiling. Never showed me his true face when he hold back all those pain with himself.

“Why you didn’t tell me, Satoshi? Why?!” I keep asking him without notice my voice already raised at him. But he keep his calmness while drink his tea.

“No way I can told you about this.”

“But… but I’m your partner life. I’m your husband, Satoshi!”

He look at me with his smile. “I just want to spend my life without worrying such those things. I don’t want my dearest person think
“poor you” to me. I don’t like that,” he said.


“Can we didn’t talk about it? Can we spend all the rest of my life together in happy and beautiful way? Like we always do?” he suddenly cut me and asked those questions. His eyes looking at the window but I’m sure he looking so far away from what I know.

“Satoshi…” I call his name. my voice become more gentle and soft now. I feel so guilty to never knew about him so much for all these time we being together.

“Can we, Sho-chan?” he asked again. This time, he turn around to me with his teary eyes.
I gulped.

“Yes… we can,” I said as I sit beside him and hug him. Tightly. I don’t want the death separate us. No…

“We will life our live with happy ever after. We will… I promise,”

After he gone, I didn’t have any courage to live in this apartment. So I live at another place. I choose my parents house for awhile. Left all about him behind me without even brave to turn around. Lucky me, my family didn’t asking much about my circumstances.

Then someday, I realize that what I’ve done can’t make him back. No… nothing can make him back to me. Even worse, all what I’ve done it only make me miss him too much. It burden me. It is so hurt.

“You can’t forget about people you love. It only make you remember and miss them so much than you know,” I remember Aiba said that to me when I asked him about my mind.

“But… what should I do? I even… can’t meet him again…”

“Then… just remember about him.”

“Why? It only make me feel sick.”

“Because you didn’t want to forget about him,” he look at me with a gentle eyes.

“Didn’t want to… forget?” I repeat him.

“Um. If you want to forget you will not do these. You’ll destroy all about him. Sell all of his stuff. Maybe even you will burn all your pictures with him. But see?” he pointed to my phone. “You even still set your phone wallpaper with you and his face. What should we call it if not want to forget?” he said again.

Almost done. This apartment almost clean. It is only the bedroom left.

Just when I opened the door, the dust once again make me sneezing a lot. I wonder if I can’t stop.

Then I heard some giggled

“Hihihi… you always sneezing like that Sho-chan…

I turn around. I think I heard someone. And I think I really know that voice everywhere I would be.

But there is no one, of course.

“I hope you will life in happy and have fun for the rest of your life.”

I heard him again. This time I smiled.

Yes… I will, Satoshi. I will…

Just for you, I will…


Mar. 15th, 2017 08:24 pm
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It's already March and i don't know what to do... hahahahahaa.... 😂😂😂

I'm worried fot my middle test and internship program for this middle year. Ouh God... how wish I could pass everything with good things

I'm also trying to make another fic but it always ended with me watching Arashi. Arashi's magnet is amazig, nee? XD

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For everyone who in Arashi fandom must be know about this. Hehehehe...

I am one of the people who get shock since I am very respect him.

May I describe how is my feel right now?

It's like I am watching my older brother getting close with someone and I still can't used with her. I can't accept her because I am feel jealous she can be so friendly with him.

But I know I am wrong. I know he deserve a good and better life with someone who he love very much. I can't make sure myself what should I do and feel.

It doesn't mean I am not agree if he have her as his wife it is just I have a time to get used.

That what I feel.

That mean I didn't.. once again I DID NOT DEBATING if I accept or not about their relationship, i am disgarer or agree with their relationship since I believe every fangirl are have different way to react and Sho with Ogawa have their mind and life too.

It is like I AM DEBATING IN MYSELF about what should I FEEL right now as fans here. It like a war inside my mind and my heart.

Not mean I WANT TO TAKE A WAR with ANOTHER FANGIRL. I just need time to used with the reality with stay away for a while from Arashi and everything that related with Sho or Ogawa until my mind and heart strong enough to face the reality that I am nothing to do with their live.

Hahahahahaha... Feels like I wanna crying at corner my room because my brother will married soon now.

Jya nee~

Bye bye

I have to used with these reality (once again after Ohno rumor) 😂😂😂😂😂

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Title : Cold + You = Warm
Pairing : Juntoshi (Jun and Ohno)
Length : one-shot
Rating : PG
Genre : fluff
Warning : un-betaed, it would be so much mistake in grammar and wrong words. I'm really sorry m_ _m
Summary : the night when Ohno sleep over in Jun's house is a cold night and far away from his heated floor make him (of course) feel cold


It's cold. And Ohno is in Jun's house for sleep over this night. He sit on couch, curled himself like a ball while keep staring at TV. Even he know his eyelids can't take it anymore he keep watching it.

Jun come from kitchen while holding two mugs contained hot tea.

"Here," Jun offered one of the mug to Ohno. Ohno staring at the mug at first. Considering the cold that he felt already frozen himself but can't move since he believe he will frozen in a second after he shifted from his position. Still he want to take the hot tea, just to feel the warm from it. So Ohno shifted and take the mug.

"Ahh~~ it's warm...." Ohno sighed as he bring the mug closed to him, wraped it with his palms. Jun smiled at him, he is cute when he sighed in relieved like this.

"Already sleepy don't you?"

Ohno nodded after sipped his tea. He know he already sleepy but still staring at TV just to re-watch Jun's drama.

"I should be at my home now. Laying on my heated floor," Ohno said while he pouting and looking at the floor.

"Well... I'm sorry for that."

Ohno looking around the room, "We have these bonsais. To many bonsais. I hope they can make me warm too."

Jun chuckled at him.

"Why not sleep then? After finish our tea? It can make you forget about the cold," Jun said.

"Hmmm... okay then. After this tea."

So the silence embracing them while the TV keep playing Jun's drama. Sometimes Ohno will shifted when he felt cold. Bring the mug close to him and sighed with a relieved face once again after felt the warm from the mug. Sometime Ohno's fingers feet looks playing along to make himself warm.

Jun know it. He know it must be cold. But Jun found it too cute to stoped. He want to continue torturing his boyfriend like he didn't know or care. Until Ohno himself said he want somethings to warm him.

"Jun..." Ohno called him.


"My tea. Is finish," he said again with a short words. Jun take Ohno's mug and gone to kitchen for washed them and back again. Ohno still on his position. Sit with embracing his feet with bring it close to his chest, make close to his body. To make sure himself warm.

"Want to brush our teeth first? Then we can change to our pijamas," Jun tell him while sit near Ohno. Ohno can only nodded, rubbing his eyes with his back hand.

They brushed their teeth. Changed to their pijamas. And climbing to Jun's king size bed.

But Ohno staring at the bed after he touch the mattres with confused face.

"Eh? What happend Satoshi?"

"It's cold..." then he look at Jun, "I hate it."

"It'll not."

"But it is, Jun-chan..."

"Here..." Jun opened his arms. Welcoming and inviting Ohno into his embrace. Ohno at first keep pouting until Jun pull him to the bed and inside his arms.

"How?" Jun asking, combed Ohno's hair who being comfortable inside Jun's arms.

"It's... warm. I love it."

"See... it's not really bad right?" Jun covering their body with a thick blanket and placed another blanket behind Ohno's back just to make sure it is warm enough for his Riida.

"Cold plus you is warm, nee..." Ohno mumbling, still inside Jun's embrace. Actually it's clear for Jun to heard him. But he want Ohno to repeat that words again.


"It's... cold and... you... is... warm..." Ohno mumbling again, this time he already lost his conciusness deep inside his sleep. And Jun see Ohno's eyes already closed when  he looked at him.

"Hmmm... I'll make sure you'll only need me when it's cold. Not the heated floor" he tighten his embraced to Ohno, make Ohno shifted a little but still in his dream.

Then Jun joined Ohno into dreamland.


Note :
Inspired from VS 嵐 opening when they talk abput what they do when it cold. Anyone watch that too?

I love how Ohmiya feel so proud for their heated floor and laughed at Ohno's comments about what he weared when it is cold. 😂😂😂

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