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May. 9th, 2015 11:33 pm
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Title : Too Much
Pairing/group : Ohmiya (Arashi)
Length: Oneshot
Rating : PG-15 (maybe... I’m not sure)
Genre : fluff, romance (maybe, else.. --__--)
Warnings : (Self-beta) This is my first english fanfic. English not my mother language. Honestly, I still confused about english, but I really wanted to post them Immediately. So this fic, actually, I make them full with foolish thing. I’m really really sorry for (alot of) the grammar mistake.
Disclaimer: I only own the plot of this story.
Summary : Ohno hide his feeling to Nino until Nino ask him to teach make some cookies (Ohno's POV)

I don’t know how to tell him that I really want to be with him. Just sitting next him can make my heart like racing for one hundred laps. Everytime when our eyes meet, that can make me hard to breath properly. Everytime our skin touch each other, it’s like... I’m gonna die because I’m so happy. I don’t know. When I say happy, in my heart that feeling so big. Bigger than just general happy.

This morning I got some phone call from Nino. He asked me to make some cookies. I think that’s really strang since I knew he doesn’t like being far from his games. But I agree. I think this is my chance to get closer to him. Maybe we being best friend in 15 years or maybe more and we close like a brother. But, I want to be closer with him. More close and closer to touch him freely until I can touch his heart.

I was prepare the ingridients and all the thing for our cookies when I hear the doorbell ringed.

“I’m coming!” I said as I ran to the door. When I open it, there is Nino. Standing there with his bright smile like usual.

“I bring some beers for you Ohno-san,” he said, handing me the beers.

“For us, Nino,” I said, take that beers from his hand. He just chuckle and follow me to the kitchen.

“Wow...! you already make prepare for it,” he look admired when checking my prepare in the kitchen.

“Of course. I already prepare these since you said want to make cookies in my home,” I looked at him, “ I can’t make you disappointed, right?” then I saw something in Nino’s face. Maybe it’s just my imagination but somehow I can see his cheeks flushed.  He blushed.

“Well, Ohno-san. This is your chance to show me your skill. I still remember long time ago you said want to open your bakery shop and now we have to see how much your ability. And so, I want to taste it before your cookies get famous. It will be expensive, right?” I chuckle. He know how to hide his feeling from his blushing.

We start our process. We take some large bowl to mix every ingridients. Suddenly, Nino said he want to do this by himself. So, I just give him some instruction. But, everytime Nino pour or put the ingridients, I always think he put it too much.

“Nino, don’t pour it the flour too much,” I said when he pouring the flour too much.

“Nino, don’t pour the sugar too much.”

“Nino, don’t put the butter too much.”

“Nino, don’t pour the water too much.”

“Nino, don’t...”

“STOP it, Ohno-san!” suddenly Nino shout at me. I realized Nino look so pale and sweaty.

“Eeh?” I’m so confused when see him like that. It’s unusual.

“I said stop it, could you?” he said it again as he sit at the floor kitchen with his face down to te floor.

“Everytime I pour the ingridients you said too much this, too much that, too much! Enough, Ohno-san! You... who ask for this,” Then he glare at me. His eyes look so depressed but calm at the same time. I can’t tell what kind of that sight. But what I know, that must be something terrible.

“I will show you what the taste of “too much”, Ohno-san,” he said as he stand again on his feet. Then he step closer to me and touch lightly with his fingertips and pinch my chin softly. At the first I think he would be angry to me. But the next is I can feel something wet but also soft on my cheek. He lick my cheek with eyes close. Is he teasing me?

Then he open his eyes and make one step back to see my face. He smile at me. But his smile very different like he always give to me. His smile like teasing me. Then he grin to me. That grin, I always remember that grin. The grin of the devil Nino.

“You know Oh-chan, your taste is too much sweet on my tongue. That’s to bad, isn’t it?” he whispered at my ear. I can’t breath properly. My body is trembling. This feeling... I never feel this weird feeling. What is this feeling?

“And do you know... what from you is too much, Oh-chan? Right now... you too much trembling...” he said it with his fingers travelling on my arms. Teasing every inch from my skin. He take aside me, still teasing me. “Just like now...” once again he whisper again.

“Nino... what are you...”

“Kazu, Oh-chan...”


“Right now please call me, Kazu. And don’t too many question. I already  tell you I will show you what the taste of too much. This is your lesson, Oh-chan...” he grinning again. And he kiss my neck softly and the next time he suck my skin with his little lips. I like how his lips touch my skin. Somehow it feel so gentle and so much passion on it.

“Nee~ Oh-chan,” he call me between his activity on my neck.

“What... is it Kazu...?”

“I want to... taste your mouth...”

I think, it’s my turn to make him pleasure about me. But that’s just in my mind. He already kiss me. In some purpose, i didn’t open my mouth, just to know how much he really want me. As i expected, he never give up to little thing like this. He teasing my lips again and again with his tongue and his sweet lips until I can’t handle it anymore. I open my mouth, let his tongue inside me. His tongue just like his dance. Great, active, sweet and I swear that’s really full of passion. I can’t resist that. I can hear he moan softly. Somehow that make me want him more. I let his tongue and mine dancing until we break our kiss to reach some air.

He look at me. Title his head to once again see my face. His eyes so deep with some expression. I can see his face sweaty, that’s make me want to kiss him more. More deeper than before. More passion than before. More sweet than before. And I really want to touch his skin, more than I always do to him. He come close to me. Let his lips close to my ear.

“Too much thinking,” he whisper. After that, he bite my earlobe softly. What can I do just let soft moan out from my lips when Nino lick it.

“Too much stared at me, too...” he said when he kiss me again.

Eh? Wait?! Stared?! HOW??

“H... how did you...?” I ask when we broke our kiss. He look at me. That grin again!

“How did I know? Again Oh-chan, too much asking. How I know? Well, we already being friend, best friend for 15 years and maybe before our debut. And how did I know?” Nino said it with his teasing voice.

“Cause I know you, Oh-chan,” he said as he stroke my arm. “... I can feel you...” he leaned his kiss at my lips. “I can feel your eyes... follow every my movements...” Nino’s fingers play at my neck, making another sensation with my body. “Just let me finish my lesson for you about this taste, Oh-chan...” Nino whisper as he kiss me again. Because he knew all this time I always watch him, this is not time to be shy anymore. Not time to hide my feeling to him. I pulled his waist so he can’t go away from me. My another hand landed on his cheek. I let my feeling take control for this time. I give my best to let him moan than before. I like his soft moan. Our kiss become deeper than before, passion than before and also to much feeling inside our kiss.

He broke our kiss and leaned some kiss on my neck and cupping my skin. What Nino doing make another weird feel inside me. I just moan. I feel and remember this thing so I can’t forget about it.  And he stopped.

 “Oh-chan... how the taste?” Nino whined softly, he titled his head again as he ask me. I staring at him with soft glance. I can see him waped our saliva on his lips. That’s looks so sexy for me. Especially when his eyes staring back at me with that passion glare.

I titled my head too, pretending like thinking something. Then I smile at him. I brush his cheek which is already turn into red and feel warm, or maybe already hot like a boiled water. But Nino’s cheek feel soft. It’s nice I can feel his cheek.

“Hmm... the taste is... too much passion, Kazu,” I murmured on his ears. He just grinning.

“Then... shall we finish our cookies?” Nino ask with his finger brush my lips. I nodded, agree with him.

“We should finish this mess thing...” I said as I look around the kitchen. “Maybe after that, we can finish my lesson?” I look at him, winked my eyes. Nino chuckle again. He is cute.

“No more too much?” he ask.

“Well... we never know about the future, right? Just finish our cookies and we will know soon.”

After all... we can finish our cookies after Nino’ lesson to me. I can see how Nino so excited when the cookies come out from the oven. I can see how much Nino smile at me when he taste that cookies.

“How is the taste, Kazu?” I ask him while watching him eat the cookies.

“Hmm? What taste?”

“The cookies?” I ask again. Nino staring at me with his eyebrows raised.

“The cookies?” Nino imitated the way I ask before. “The cookies too much love, Oh-chan.” Then he pause for a moment. Change his eyes into puppy eyes and look at me. “Is that bad, Oh-chan? Too much?” he asking me with lower voice. Like a child who afraid to his mom.

I shake my head. “Nope. That taste is perfect,” I said. I brush his cheek softly.

“So... Do you like it?” once again Nino asking with his puppy eyes and lower voice.

“Um...” I nod. And I approach him. Whisper on his ear, “of course I do”. He look so happy. Then Nino hug me.

“Then, too much is not bad, right?”

“Hmm... I think too much sometimes can be good, too.”

“Good! So you already learn about it.”

“Maybe next time I could teach you how the make some art? How about painting?” I look at him. I can see he blushed at that moment. Then he chuckle.

“Well, if I want to take that lesson I will call you then, Oh-chan,” he say with shy smile.

Date: 2015-05-20 03:43 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
stop by at your journal and found so sweettttt..

of course too much is not bad..because you already love each other too much..XD..but i hope they didn't have to wait for 15 years to said it to each other..eughhhhh..but at least they get together..yeayyy..

thank you for making this <3

Date: 2015-05-20 11:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Wuah... thank you. I'm still new with writing some fic. ( ^ - ^ )
I don't know why they have to wait for 15 years to said that. Perhaps they are embarrassed to admit it. (I don't even know where is this idea came from). Hihihi...
Your welcome <3 And thank you for read and commenting (o⌒∇⌒o)

Date: 2015-05-31 05:31 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Waouh 15 years it's too long! Maybe they waited all this time for be sure about their feelings, because they're in the same group and also best friends.. So for not break all of this, they've took their time *3*
Thanks for sharing, see ya.

Date: 2015-05-31 11:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

Wuah... you surprise me. Hehe... XD
Yes, as you expected. They waited for be sure about their feelings. That will be mess between them if one of them didn't have same feeling, right? if you rejected that will be hurt. Hihihi... 
Thank you for commenting here, dear. See you, too..  ( ^ - ^ )


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