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 Title : CM

Pair : Ohmiya, Sakuraiba a little junba
Genre : fluff, humour, friendship, love one side(?)
Rating : PG
Length : one-shot
Warning : uhm... engurishu-desu. Unbeta-ed 😢
Summary : Jun heard his name between Aiba and Sho's fight because the CM. (Well.. i love that CM) 😂




“What is your problem actually, Sho-chan!”a trembling voice shouting in the room, made Jun’s feet stopped. He blinked. Looking at the door that now right in front of him.

“I don’t care!! Just drop the contract now!!”Jun can hear Sho’s voice yelling at someone inside the room. And now he can heard a sobs voice too.

“B-b-but… it’s not even your business Sho-chan… please… don’t be so mad… please….” Now Jun can clearly heard Aiba’s voice cracking.

What? What actually happened in there?Jun’s mind tried to find the answer.

“I don’t want to see Jun so close to you again! Just like in your CM!!”

Wait… contract. Me and Aiba?

Finally he got the answer.

It is about CM. The last CM he and Aiba appeared together. Actually he love to have Aiba in same CM with him. That mean he can be together even if it is just for work. He love being together with Aiba...

With a hard grip on knob, he opened the door and step into the room. The two older members look at him. But Aiba quickly look at another side and do his best to wipe his tears.

“Hello…?” Sho said.

“There is not your business Sakurai-san. Leave him alone with his contract!” suddenly Jun raised his voice. Aiba and Sho's eyes clearly looks surprised.

“Ah… so you heard our conversations. Bad Jun…” said Sho with his deep and dominated voice. Jun gulped in afraid while Aiba already lean more into couch. He didn’t want to involve in this kind fight with Sho.

“There is no way you can stop Aiba-kun from his contract with me in same commercial! I’ll do everything to make him stay!” Jun said again. He can see Sho smirked.

“Really?” then Sho glance at Aiba who closed his eyes tightly. Afraid of Sho’s eyesight.

“Why should Aiba-kun have to follow your order? Are you his master?” Jun finally asked the forbidden question. He can see Sho’s cheeks blushed and now is Jun's turn who smirked.

"Or are you in love with Aiba-kun?" now Aiba’s eyes snapped opened.

“W-what are you talking about?!” Sho asked back but his voice betrayed him. Well… everyone know Sho like Aiba so much, but these two are too idiot to realized it. Even Jun knew about it since he also love his Aiba-kun.

“Well… then. I will prove something now…” Jun steps slowly towards Aiba and kneeled down in front of the confused man who staring on his eyes. While Sho just look at the scene with knitted eyebrows.

“Aiba Masaki-kun… I want you to know something that I already hide from you since long time ago…” Jun said still looking into the sunshine-man.

“And w-what is that?” Aiba shifted on his spot, feel confused and nervous.

“That I like you… so much… more than just best friend,” Aiba can heard there are so much love inside Jun’s voice now when he said that words. Aiba can see Jun’s eyes crystal clear with out lies. That make him hold his breath.

“Don’t joke around, Matsumoto Jun! There is no way something like that can happened. You are a man! Aiba too is a man! Come on, Aiba! I’ll drive you to home!!” suddenly Sho hold and take Aiba from his seat, take Aiba’s bag and drag the taller man with him out from the room. Leaving Jun who still kneeled on the floor.

A few seconds later, Ohno and Ninomiya come inside with shake their head.

“Sho sometimes are crazy. I’m not understand why he can’t say his feeling towards Aiba out of loud like you did all this time… so he can be like us. Nee~ Satoshi...” said Nino who take a seat beside Ohno. The fishing leader just nodded and look at Jun with a poor-this-baby-eyes to Jun.

Jun smiling. He turn around, flip his hair, tuck a few hair behind his ear and seat on Aiba’s spot previous with a very elegant style with flip his hands front of his chest.

“Because he can’t be awesome like me,” Jun said in proud voice and proud face. But inside his heart a little pain come.

Meeeeh…” Nino tucked his tongue while Ohno chuckled at these young members.

“And what now, Jun-chan?” asked Ohno who finally asked.

“Hmmm…” Jun looked at Ohno.

“Maybe I can fall in love with you, Riida…” said Jun again with a smile and seduces face. Made Ohno blushed and can’t look straight to Jun’s face.

“Try it and I’m sure your head will not in the place next morning, Matsumoto Jun,” Nino threated Jun while his hands hug Ohno’s body. Like to protect his boyfriend from being taken by Jun. Jun chuckled.

“Eh? Hmm… but actually I don’t mind. Because Jun is kawaii…” said Ohno in shy voice with avoid Jun’s surprised-yet-confused eyes.

“WHAT?!” Nino screaming next to his ears.

Hooraa~ Oh-chan is okay with me, Nino!” Jun laughing at Nino who keep yelling at Riida.


Note :
Did you see their new CM. They are rare pair but still a cute pair after all~~
And here's a litte gift, a screenshot of Junba pair. 😍😍😍

Sankyuu for read ^ - ^

Junba CM




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